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Go 2 entries back for more about the surgery...Exactally A Year Ago Today

Go 2 entries back for the latest on the surgery.

Exactally A Year Ago Today: May 29, 2003; Orange Kittens and Les Miserables

Two more days of work and then VACATION time! Yay!

Yesterday one of the maintenence workers came to our apartment door and offered us a 2 week old orange kitten. Sweet Baboo had to decline because of our vacation. At 2 weeks old, they have to be nursed every hour and kept clean and warm. It would be too much work to take the kitten on vacation, but oh man I wanted that kitty! I guess the mommy was hit by a car or some such thing. I think a tiny kitten would be easier to introduce to Maisey than an older kitten or cat. Maybe it will still be available when we get home.

Yesterday we were sitting outside on our patio, enjoying the weather. We had Maisey on her lead and she's really doing much better. But all of a sudden we started hacking and coughing because the guy in the apartment above us was smoking and somehow all the smoke was drifting down to our patio. I understand the need to smoke and I am living in enough reality to know that people will smoke. But I hate it when their habit infringes on our enjoyment of the outdoors. The same thing happens when I am in my car with the windows rolled down. Inevitably I will be at a stop light enjoying the the warm spring weather and all of a sudden I will catch a big gulp of the cigarette smoke of the guy in the car ahead of me. Blech! But I guess in the big sceme of things, It's not such a huge complaint.

Today is the first of 2 training days of the temp who will be here while I'm on vacation. It's 8:45 and he's not here yet, but hopefully soon.

The night before last I had a weird dream. I dreamed I was watching Les Miserables but it wasn't following the story and I was all confused. The weird thing about this dream was, I don't know the story of Les Miserables. I've never seen the play, read the book or seen the movie. I know the characters' names and the general outline of the story. I don't know where the heck that dream came from.

The water in our building is going to be turned off from 9am to 3pm today. Hope my husband doesn't need it for anything!

Ron, the temp, finally showed up. There is construction on every road here in the Twin Cities and the roads outside our office building are no exception. Seems That's what slowed him down. We are training with me on the computer today and with him on it tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that last night we got a thick envelope from our insurance company. We have grown to dread these letters because they list all our hospital and doctors expenses and then say they need further information before they can process the claims and then we find out they deny the claim. Well, this envelope had page after page of medical expenses with a wonderful phrase underneath..."A check in the amount of xxx will go out on May 17th to xxx. This is a correction from a previous claim." Hallelujah! Every expense is covered. Even Sweet Baboo's sleep study. Of the $7,000+ that was billed, we will owe $180.00. I think we can handle that! Oh such a relief.

Also, I called SB and told him if the kitty is still available, I want it. He kind of sighed, but said he knew I would and was going to tell me I could have it if I wanted. I called our apartment front office and told them to tell the maintenence lady that if she still has the kitten, we want her. I will take her on vacation with us and nurse her myself. Yay! Only now, they probably already found a home for her. But we shall see.

Finally...what do you do when you want to write about something that is heavy on your heart, but you know it might offend the people who know you who read this? This is my space to process through stuff that happens to me and around me. I am struggling with a couple of issues that I know if I write my feelings on it, might hurt friends and/or family and put them on the defensive. It's not my intention. I don't think ill of them or judge them in any way...I am just struggling with my own thoughts on a matter that they have already come to terms with. So I will continue to struggle internally until I can figure out how to write it out without offending. This is my journal but I am not one to purposefully cause conflict nor do I want what I write here to be a cause for alarm or defense.

Thanks for reading.

7:03 p.m. - Saturday, May. 29, 2004


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