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Go back one entry to read the latest about the surgery and recovery.

This is just to catch up on my Year Ago entries. Skip it if it doesn't interest you. It's mostly for my benefit anyway. Thanks!


About a Year Ago Today: May 23, 2003;

Not Much Of An Entry Due to Holiday Excitement

I leave for Madison today! Yay! I feel bad leaving my husband without his truck. He does have my car at his disposal, but since he is not good at driving a stick, he probably won't take it out at all. I told him this was the best time to learn to drive it. He can use our building's parking lot and I won't be in the car with him to inhale and squeel over every little gear grind and flooding. He said he'd think about it. If he gets super desprate...I am sure he will use it.

I get to leave work early today which may not be as early as I would like, but still. I have to go and deposit a check for one of our agents who is on vacation through next week. We didn't think the check would come until Tuesday, but It's here now, so I have to drive all the way back to Eden Prairie before I can leave the cities. Blech. Traffic will be horrible, I know.

Last night SB took me out to dinner for a date night before our weekend separation. The company was good though the food left a lot to be desired. Oh least I didn't have to cook anything.

When we got home we sat together a bit and then he called his sister while I packed. We watched a little TV and I started to fall asleep so I got up to go to bed. He was sad, but he stays up LATE and then sleeps late too. I hugged him and as we nuzzled, he said, "Drive careful and come home safe. I NEED you." The way he said it just melted my heart. I told him I would be very careful and would be home by 4 on Monday. Then I went to bed.

No big dreams last night. This morning I packed up our grill and my suitcase and headed for work. SB got up with me and saw me off. I got gas a a bite to eat and was at work for an hour when SB called to tell me he missed me. Cute!

I called my dad and got directions around the construction. They are repairing bridges and have the road all ripped up and down to 1 lane in each direction which will mess with the holiday traffic. So I hope to pass by all of it!

I am looking forward to this break. I need a haircut and Dad is going to look at our grill and see if It's worth saving or not. If it is, we are off to Farm and Fleet for parts! Yippe Farm & Fleet! Farm impliments and tools! Also, cheap stuff we don't really need but will want to buy because It's there and we have money! Fun! Actually I am looking for beach towels and a floating thing to bring to the cabin for our vacation.

I am too excited to write today. Will update next week! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and drive safely!

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6:50 p.m. - Saturday, May. 29, 2004


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