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Today's Cravings Will Begin With The Letter C

Still waiting to hear from Katress re: the new design. I am impatient, but will wait about another week before I go looking for another design. What I want is a clean, white space with blue butterflies. That's basically it. If any of you have the talent, time and inclination, let me know and maybe, just maybe, you will receive something from your Amazon wish list. Yay! I am of the "less is more" school of thought. I like purples/greens/ color schemes and am looking to start my diary over just like my life has been started over after this surgery.

8 days out from bariatric surgery and only 16 more days to real food.

Have I mentioned that people told me I would be all hormonal after the surgery? They weren't wrong. You see, women store their estrogen in their fat cells for the most part. If you are a large woman with a large stomach and suddenly your stomach starts shrinking...your estrogen is going to start being released into the wild like crazy. That's why my surgeon requires 2 forms of birth control for 2 years because pregnancy after this surgery is usually immenent.

Anyway, I have become a big cry baby. Not that I wasn't before, but now...I am crying over scenes of Full House and commercials for god sake! My husband made what I thought was a negative comment and I just burst into tears right in front of him. The dialog in my head was, "What? Why are you crying? He didn't mean it that way. Why are your crying? Stop crying you big baby!" But I was powerless to stop.

Also, the hormones? They affect the sex drive. Oh yes they do. I won't say more, but let me tell you they DO AFFECT THE SEX DRIVE!

Today's craving has been for Chinese food and chocolate chip cookies. Maybe I'm craving through the alphabet and today's cravings are "C" foods.

You know, before the surgery when I could eat anything I wanted...I did. I gave in to every food craving I ever had. Except for shellfish and avacado because I'm horribly allergic. Besodes the shrimp and gaucamole though, I would never deny a craving. What was up with that? Are normal people like that too? I never realized it before now. This is good to know.

Oh! A milestone update: I actually slept partially on my belly last night! For those of you who are back or side sleepers, that might not mean a lot. But I am a belly sleeper. I have been my whole life. Even so, I got probably the worst night's sleep since coming home from the surgery. I'm not sure why I was so restless, but I woke up still feeling tired and worn out.

I also had another weird dream. I dreamed I was wearing my wedding dress. I was just wearing it...out as though it was normal to wear a wedding gown to a party or picnic. And inevitably, I spilled a whole pot of coffee on it and instantly dissolved into a pile of tears and tragedy. Weird, no?

Oh, just so you know. It's still raining! Shouldn't someone be coming by and warning us of the end of the world and pointing out sanctuary in an ark by now? Sheesh! What does it take to see some sun once in a while? The sidewalk outside our apartment is a river. Water is flowing down the path, making it look like a water park ride in the making.

Is it weird that my hands feel thinner when I clasp them together?

Tomorrow is the big weigh in at the surgeon's office. It will be interesting to see how much weight has come off in the last week an a half. On surgery day last Monday I was 350 even. Can't wait to see where I'm at now. Maybe it will be motivation for me to keep sucking down these liquids every day. Oh, but it will be a sweet day indeed when I can suck on some mashed potatoes!

I just have to say that I am daily delighted by my sweet siamese cat, Daisy. She makes me laugh every single day. She is so unintentionally funny, you can't help but chuckle at her antics. The other thing about her is that she is the most self amused cat I have ever seen. She will find a bottle cap or a milk jug ring and play with it by herself for 20 minutes or more. Her favorite game is to knock it under our coffee table/bench thing and then run from one side of it to the other knocking it back and forth. She will do this as long as whatever she is knocking back and forth stays where it is and doesn't get scooted under the couch or until something else distracts her. It is funnier in person than written about here.


A Year Ago Today: June 01, 2003; Vacation Preparations

OK...last entry before vacation.

Yesterday was full with vacation preparation. We slept in and did stuff around the apartment. I went on a cleaning frenzy because nothing overwhelmes me more than to come home to a messy place. So, we will come home to a clean, clean home. Unless the cat decides to punish us and make messes of her own while we are gone.

We took off around noon, got some lunch and made our first stop. Bob wanted to get his nephew, Jason, a special graduation and 18th birthday present, so we stopped at the coin shop. While he shopped, I drove the truck around the block and happened to see a sign for KITTENS! I drove to the place and saw 3 girls sitting on their front step with a box of kittens. Too cute! I went back to get Bob and he immediately nixed the idea of getting a kitten before the vacation. I know. I knew he would. But still, KITTENS! But he promised when we got back, we would get a kitten. Yay!

The next stop was Sears. He had a coupon burning a hole in his pocket. He said WE would use it to get something for US. But this is one huge Sears store and they didn't have electric cart thingys so by the time we had walked half-way back, he was already tired. He saw a display for a free chess set if you made a men' fragrance purchase. So, That's what we did. He bought Cool Water and got the free chess set. Yeah, I can see how that worked out for US, considering I don't know how to play chess. Oh well. It was too far for him to walk back to electronics.

We took off and went to Wally World. It looked busy. We parked in the handicapped space and walked in. All their electric scooter/cart things were being used so Bob sat in a wheelchair and I pushed him. Not exactally the ideal arrangement, but it was better than nothing.

We got our fishing license, a floatie for Bob, a couple large tubs for our trip, beach towels, batteries, a tote, an air pump, and a couple of radios. We got ourselves a portable CD boombox and we got a small portable radio for Bob's friend Jimmy's roommate at the nursing home. Bob made friends with him and found out he's a believer, but didn't have a way to listen to KTIS. So we got him a radio.

After the disaster that was Wal-mart, we went to Bob's sister's house to get wood for our trip. We had a nice visit and got lots of good wood.

Then it was back home to pack. Maisey knows something is up. She was acting funny.

So now we are packed and ready to go! Yay! Hope the weather is nice and that I get to see some Northern Lights. That would be the icing on the cake. We're off!

Thanks for reading.

1:37 p.m. - Tuesday, Jun. 01, 2004


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