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Mmmm a meat and watermelon casserole!

I swear if I had to stay home longer than June 21st, we won't have anything left in our home.

Yesterday I went through all our videos, CDs and books and I am making a run to Half Price Books on Monday. The rest of this weekend, I will be going through everything else in our apartment to see what I can get rid of and take to Goodwill. My usual mantra is, "If we haven't used it, thought of it, or missed it in a year...out it goes." But sometimes I succumb to the "But what if we need it later?" question and keep whatever it is I'm contemplating tossing. I just hate clutter and our place is so small, it accumulates so quickly.

The day before yesterday I reoganized our china/crystal cabinet and hung some baskets on the wall nearby. It looks so pretty, I can barely pull my gaze away. Truly, I have a problem. It's so so sad that I didn't find my calling and make my living professionally reorganizing other people's homes like the Clean Sweep team. I could be making hundreds of dollars doing what I do best...OCDing on tossing out other people's crap.

I also watched Love Actually for the first time yesterday afternoon. I have to say I liked it, but I didn't so much need the "movie" stand-in plotline or the old, wasted singer storyline. Also, though the guy in love with his best friend's wife was kind of sweet, it too could have probably been cut. I love the little boy in love storyline as well as Colin Firth's. But who doesn't love COlin Firth? Anyway, I would give it 3 1/2 stars. I would watch it again with those other story's cut out.

Our cat Maisey has been LOVING the warm sunny weather we've been having these past 3 days. We put the harness on her and clip her to her lead and leave her outside for hours. She adores it. She does not, however, like having the restriction the lead has on her. But we clip her to our shepherd's hook which has wind chimes on it. So if she tries to go farther than the lead allows, the chimes tinkle and let us know to check on her. Although we can see her clearly though the sliding glass door anytime as well. Mostly she sits in the grass sniffing the air, watching for bugs and just enjoying the outdoors.

So, the surgery. Yesterday was good. No real cravings, just trying to keep myself hydrated. I've been drinking a lot of water and gatorade. Today, however, I am craving fruit...specifically strawberries and watermelon and meat...specifically steak or hamburger. I would give my left boob for a good, juicy hamburgery today my friend. I don't think Supe would appreciate it, but at this point, I don't care. Don't come between a girl and her sirloin.

Last night my friend Deb came over with her daughter and her daughter's friend. The girls went swimming and we chatted. It was so nice. They were only here for a couple of hours, but I enjoyed their visit nonetheless.

Oh. Here's a nice little story. Last winter, my mom gave me some money to buy yarn to knit her a scarf. The yarn was a little more expensive than what we thought, so I chipped in the remainer and got to work, dilligently trying to knit this scarf out of funky, confetti-type yarn. It is not the easiest of mediums to knit with and I found myself having to pull stitches out over and over again. Finally, I got so fed up with it, I put it away in disgust. After my mom brought it up a couple of times, I thought that my time at home after my surgery would be the perfect time to pick it up again.

Think again! I started out great! I managed to keep my stitches even and didn't drop any or add any. Until last night. I am knitting with 3 strands at a time and somehow ended up droping one strand somewhere along the line and was only knitting with 2. When I tried to rip out the stitches to the point where I had originally dropped the one strand, the whole thing got all tangled and was impossible to separate. Here's how mature and professional I am. In complete frustration, I slammed my knitting needles to the ground, swore, and threw the yarn as far as I could. Then I stamped to my room, slammed the door and sobbed into my pillow for a full ten minutes. What is with that? Hi! I'm 13...not 36 apparently.

Anyway, no stupid knitting project is going to get the best of me. I plan on taking it up again today and show it who is boss. The boss is ME!

Today Supe and I are going to a movie. Not sure which one, but we need a date. I hope the popcorn smell doesn't overtake me and cause me to become a stark raving maniac.

Here's a photo of Maisey enjoying the outdoors:

12:29 p.m. - Saturday, Jun. 05, 2004


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