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What Makes a Difference?

Today I am craving the chichen enchalada casserole (or "hotdish" as all good Minnesotans are supposed to say) I make. In fact, I'm craving it so much, I bought the ingredients for it. Didn't make it though. I DID make some yummy egg salad though. And yes, I ate it. I think my body needs some food of substance. Man, it's only been 15 days since the surgery, but I did so well on the egg salad, I think I may just add softer new foods and see how that goes. I really want some chichen salad and will try that tomorrow.

The only thing is how weird everything tastes. Not only going down, but there is an after taste to everything too. Yucky! Whenever I wake up in the morning, the first thing I have to do is brush my teeth and gargle with mouthwash. Blechy! I hope that goes away soon.

I was talking to Supe last night and confessed to him the thing that makes me the saddest about having this surgery. I can never gorge on food again. Isn't that the saddest thing you've ever heard? It even made me cry when I told him. I can still eat. I can still eat almost every food there is. I just won't be able to stuff myself as full as I can possibly be...and fuller. I actually caught myself saying, "What was I thinking?" over this. Hello! How sick is that? I gotta get a therapist as soon as possible.

All this struggling and striving to get through and the good news is, I have lost a total of 36 pounds since beginning this journey. 36 pounds! Freaks me out to think of it. Yesterday I went to zip up my spring jacket and it zipped easily without me having to suck my gut in at all. And it fit very loosely. Also, my shorts are loose and my wedding rings are loose as well. So, there are noticible differences. And I have to say those differences make all the difference in the world. ************************************** A Year Ago Tomorrow: June 09, 2003, Vacation is All I Ever Wanted!

We are back! Vacation was wonderful! I will update more specifically later, but the gist of the matter is that we had a great time in the great North.

We packed on Saturday and packed up on Sunday. While I was loading the truck, SB got teary. He said he hates that I have to work so hard and he was looking ahead down the road a few years and was wondering what I would have to do for us then. I told him we only take one day at a time and that I love him and don't mind doing the loading as long as he did the driving.

We got to the cabin around 5 and checked in. It was cute. We had beautiful weather all week. We went shopping, went to the International Wolf Center in Ely, drove the Echo Trail several times, went boating, fishing, and just had an all around relaxing time.

The North woods is so amazingly beautiful in so many different ways. There are trees and trees and trees. And a million different flowers. And lakes and streams and rivers. There is also wildlife. We saw so much wildlife and were left hungering for more. We saw tons of deer, every day. We saw a wolf, a fox, loons, herons, vultures, ravens, and racoons. We heard the loons, frogs, and peepers. We didn't catch any fish, but we saw a couple of painted turtles. It was a great time. We also saw HUGE beaver lodges and an animal den of some kind.

We slept late every day and every night stayed up late. I saw the Northern Lights for the first time and it was amazing!

There were bugs...and bugs...and bugs. The army worm season has started with a vengence. They were everywhere! The June bugs were out at night and our cabin was home to large black ants and several spiders...not to mention the snakes that lived in the rocks underneath. But we made due and had a great time.

It only rained one day...Friday. Thankfully we had brought some games so we played Yahtzee and Rummycube and enjoyed the time indoors, listening to the rain on the roof and the waves lapping onto the shore of the lake.

We got several souveniers to remember our trip. Somehow we started collecting snowglobes that commemorate special moments. Bob gave me one for our first Christmas and one when we were on our honeymoon. So this trip I got us a snowglobe to remember it. There are lots of fun shops in Ely and I enjoyed exploring them all. My favorite one is called Country Simple Pleasures and they have a websight! Here was my other favorite place to shop: They have stuffed loons that call when you hug them which is my favorite trinket from the trip.

We came home a day earlier than we first planned and it felt so good to be home! As good a time as we had, it was so nice to be home, unpacked and able to relax before having to jump right back into work.

We actually went on a date night last night. We went to see Finding Nemo and had some Asian food too. It was a great little movie! Very cute. We were the only adults there without children! But it was fun.

We got home and our friends Lori and Lindsay came over to drop off our keys. They ended up staying until 11:30! We went to bed soon after but I couldn't fall asleep. So, at about 12:30, I got up. SB called to me and said he couldn't sleep either. He said he kept hearing children's voices crying and calling for help in his dreams. So we went to the living room and prayed for a while. Then we both went to bed and fell asleep, but it was after 1 by then. So I'm starting my work week on a not so great sleep start, but otherwise, it's good to be back in the groove again.

Thanks for reading!

8:07 p.m. - Tuesday, Jun. 08, 2004


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