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Electrical Appliances Should Not Be Smoking

Special thanks to Lobsterchick for this design. Thank you Sandy! You rock! It's clean, it's the theme I wanted, it's easy to read...I LOVE it!

I HATE the constant horrible taste in my mouth. I am told it's normal and will evntually go away, but it's just gross. My breath must be just as bed, but thankfully, no one has been forward enough to mention it. Gum and mints are my best friends right now.

Today I felt kind of lethargic and queasy. I took Supe to see his Hematologist. There is good news! Finally! All his tests came back normal and his levels today were normal as well. Turns out, his blood gas issues stem from his breathing problems after all. He will need to do some breathing exercises and occationally get his levels checked to make sure all is where it's supposed to be, but thank GOD he doesn't have cancer, luekemia, liver, spleen, prostate, or bladder cancer. He doesn't have Polysythemia. Thank GOD! It was nice to have some good news for a change.

Once we got home, I made some salsa for a get together I have tomorrow. If you like salsa, you will LOVE this. My mom got the recipe from a resort she stayed at in Mexico. Here's the recipe:

5 tomatoes (7 or 8 if you use Roma)

1 Valdalia/sweet onion

1 chili (1 is enough for most palates)

Cilantro, Salt, Pepper to taste

3 Limes

Cut all veggies up small or use a food processor. Be careful with the chili around your eyes and any cuts you may have. Mix them up in a large bowl and squeeze the juice of the limes all over the mixture. I put it all in the fridge overnight so the flavors mix together and then serve with home made tortilla chips. Bake flour tortillas at 350 degrees until crisp, break into pieces and eat with the salsa. Yum!

Anyway, after making that, I did the laundry and then I just say around and relaxed...still feeling kind of blah.

Later, my sister in law came over and brought a HUGE basket of flowers from her and my mother in law. It is one of the most beautiful basket of flowers I have ever seen. It is comprised of 4 or 5 flowering plants all placed together in an arrangement called English Garden. I hope I can keep them alive. Not only did they get me these beautiful flowers, they made sure they were "cat friendly". SO thoughtful! Thanks Mom and SIL!

Oh! I forgot to mention that when I did laundry, one of the machines broke. We have 2 washers and 2 dryers. I put my first 2 loads in and went on my merry way. When I got back, the load in the first washer was still wet, the softener ball had not opened and ejected the softener and my clothes were still soapy. I though maybe I had had an unbalanced load. So I put more coins in the machine and started it all up again while I pulled the other load out and reloaded the 2nd machine. While this was going on, I began to smell something acrid and burning. I looked over at the first washer and it was in its first spin cycle and the machine was SMOKING! This is NOT a good thing to be happening. So I opened the lid and took out my sopping wet, soapy clothes and put them in the 2nd washer in order to get them FINALLY washed. So, laundry took twice as long and twice as much cash. I had to call the washer service company and put an out of order note on the machine. What a pain.

Tomorrow Supe has to go see his pain clinic doctor AND his neurologist. I am taking him to the Neuro, but am going to see my co-workers while Supe is at the pain clinic. After that, no more doctors for a while.

Next week...last week at home. After that, I'm back to being a hard working girl. I am actually looking forward to it. I am getting a little stir crazy being at home so much. I think if I had to stay home much longer, I would end up painting the apartment or some other home improvement project. Although we are limited to what we can do in a rental. But I did rearrange the furniture and weeded out our CDs and books. Things are much more organized around here and I am home to enjoy it.

************************************** A Year Ago Today: June 10, 2003, Getting Back Into the Groove and Good Things From God

How did this happen? This is my 104th entry and I didn't even mark the 100th with anything fun and monumental. 104 entries! Wow! Some with photos. That's huge for me.

Well, I'm back into the grind of work and all that comes with it. I didn't sleep well Sunday night so I came to work all groggy and tired. I was in bed and asleep by 8pm last night. Woke up, wide awake, at 5am this morning.

Today all the managers from MN and the home office consultant are all in the office. As the hosting office, we were expected to provide morning sustanence, which meant I had to go to Einstein and pick up bagels and then head over to Carribou to get coffee. Around noon, my boss came in to ask me if I'd be around for a while. I said I would and he said he would be back to ask me to make lunch reservations...but I haven't seen him since. So, either they just went to lunch on their own, or they are working on empty stomaches and coffee guts.

Tonight Bob and I are meeting with his sisters and their spouses (I think) to go over the plans for his mom and dad's anniversary party. We have to get from the West metro to the East metro in rush hour traffic in an hour. Not sure it can be done, but we are going to try it.

I forgot to tell you this! Before we left for vacation, we had written a check to a friend of ours in a dire financial situation. We were going on vacation, so we gave her what we thought we could afford and still get by with on vacation. We figured our friend needed it far more than we did at that moment. When we got back from our vacation, there was a card and a note from someone from my parent's church along with a check for the exact same amount we gave away! I don't know these people...had never even heard of them. But they knew of us from their relationship with my mom and dad and had asked for our address when Bob was in the hospital. I guess they were hanging on to the check because her daughter was having some difficult times. But It's so weird that we would decide to help someone in need and then get that exact amount back from someone else who wanted to help us. We put that check in a savings account we have started for a house.

Also, we received a statement from the hospital from when SB stayed there. An almost $50,000 charge is only going to cost us $3100! That's a lot of money, but not compared to $50,000! We are good about sending $40.00 here and $60.00 there, so they will work with us. But what a relief that that stuff is all going to be covered by insurance. There was a fear that it wouldn't because they were assuming SB's problems were pre-exhisting due to his MD. But this was completely unrelated.

SB spoke to his new friend Van last night. He is a man who is SB's friend Jimmy's roommate at the nursing home. Jimmy is there due to a blood clot in his head that rendered him completely paralyzed from the nose down. Van is there because he has lung cancer and a large brain tumor. Before we left on vacation, SB prayed for Van. We prayed for him while we were on vacation too. SB called him last night to see how he is doing and he said the brain tumor is gone. Completely gone. The doctors have done several scans and tests to find it and have looked over his old tests and scans to see if they made an error, but it was there and now It's not! Amazing!

SB was supposed to meet with his MD doctor on the 2nd. We were on vacation and no one ever called us to remind us of the appointment. He only sees this doctor once a year, so a reminder call would be a good thing. When he first called, they told him the next first available appointment would be in January. He was pretty upset, but they called him back and can get him in in August. That's a lot better. So, August 7th is the new date.

SB was doing laundry yesterday and the mother of a boy with with MD in our building saw him there and said in her estimation, he should have round the clock home care. She saw him struggling with the load of laundry and thought that he was losing strength and tone. From that, she thought he would need specialized care. But he doesn't. He can get around and is ambilatory. He drives, he can do everything for himself...although admittedly some things are difficult for him. He may have to rest between tasks, but he's still able to do almost everything. He was very disheartened by her observation. I am sure she meant well, but why do people who mean well, rarely do well to lift other people's spirits?

Thanks for reading.

11:29 p.m. - Thursday, Jun. 10, 2004


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