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Happy Birthday Jason and Deb! And happy Flag Day too.

Let me just say this at the beginning of today's entry: People, please leave your comments for THIS diary to me, OK? If you wonder about what someone else wrote to me, please address them at their individual email or diary. I am OK with whatever people write as long as it is constructive, honest, and helpful. Have a good day.

So, yesterday was an interesting day on all fronts.

Bob (yes, Bob...though he still is my sweet baboo and Superhusband to me, he is also Bob.) and I went to church as we had alter team ministry. It was good to be there. So many people really care for us, and we care for so many people there. We had good fellowship. So many people came up to us to tell us they are praying for us and for me and Bob, that's the best thing anyone could say to us.

After church we were driving home and for kicks, I turned into a driveway about a 1/2 mile from our home. Down this particular driveway is a condo community. We drove back there and LOVED the condos. They are set in a very woodsy setting off Minihaha creek. They all have screened porches and bay windows and are just darling from the outside. Bob said he wouldn't mind living in something like that. As we talked about it, we wondered aloud about owning a condo for a few years and then moving to a house, but renting out the condo. Not sure if all condo communities allow that, but it would be a great assett if allowed. Anyway, I got online to see if I could find out more about that particular condo community but came up with nothing. So, we'll see what happens. I did find a few condos for sale online with prices in the low $70's all the way up to our required max, $140. So, that may be the way to go. Bob is working on getting his student loans in order so we can see about pursuing this.

The rest of the day, we just spent hanging out. Bob hung out by the pool to catch a little sun and I took a nap on our couch, enjoying the quiet.

Later last night, we were eating and I happened to eat something I shouldn't have. Or, maybe I just didn't chew it up enough. Or...well, who knows. But the food in question got stuck. For about an hour. I didn't tell Bob about it because he already worries about me and when he worries, he is non-stop talking, questioning, suggesting. I just sat there quietly praying, swallowing, and burping until the food finally went down. It was the MOST unpleasant experience to date I must say. Nothing like actual experience to bring full food behavior modification into play. After it was done, I told Bob what had happened and he went into full worry, question, suggestion mode. By then, all was well and I was calmly able to answer his questions and encourage his suggestions. The thing I love about Bob is he never says, "I told you so." He never says, "What were you thinking? You are so stupid!" He just loves on me and tells me in his gentle, loving voice that there are some things I will maybe have to wait to eat until the opening to my stomach is a little larger and stronger. Sweet, sweet man.

At bedtime, he rubbed my back and sang loves songs to me. Then he went to bed. A little later, I hear this great crash against our closet door and wake up in a panic. It was dark so I said, "What was that? Who's there?" and it was Bob! He had fallen out of bed! When he falls, he has such a hard time standing up. This is the first time he's fallen out of bed that I know of. He hit his head, bruised his ribs and both shoulders have rug burns. I was so scared that he wasn't really OK that even after he went back to bed, I sat up and watched him for a while. He knew I was watching him, so he got out of his hospital bed and came into our bed and lay with me. At some point during the night, he went back to his hospital bed, but by then, everything seemed to be OK. Man what a fright! This, after him having one of his best pain free days ever! Sometimes I feel as though there is "someone" out there looking for ways to hurt Bob. Can he not just have a good day once in a while without anything bad happening to him? Sheesh!

The sun is out again today. Maisey is outside on her leash. She LOVES it out there. I just had to go untangle her from a tree though. She HATES been lead by the leash and just lays on the ground so we have to drag her around the tree. Sometimes, she spots a squirell or a dove and goes into full on hunting mode. She will lay flat in the grass, her eyes completely fixed on her prey. Her butt goes into the air a little bit and just before she pounces, it will wiggle. That's our sign to go and grab the leash so she doesn't pull the shepherd's hook she's clipped to, fully out of the ground. Otherwise, she will run at her prey and once the leash looses slack, she is snapped back by the leash. Nothing is more humiliating to the hunter cat than being snapped back by your boundaries. But other than that, she loves being outside. Silly girl.


A Year Ago Today: June 14, 2003, Benefits and Baby Squirrels

Oh goody, a Saturday entry!

Happy birthday Deb and Jason!

We had SO much fun last night! The benefit for Reaching Arm International started at 7 and we got out at 10. It was jam packed with amazing music and eloquent guest speakers. It rocked the house. As I was sitting there enjoying the band L.A. Connection, I thought...this is just like those fancy benefits you see on TV, except here we are. It was awesome. Bob and I both got a little verclempt seeing the true stories of the orphanages and kids who have been adopted through RAI. We want to be a part of that so badly now. It's in our hearts to stay.

We also got to see people we love but haven't seen in a while. It is such a blessing that these people don't leave our lives forever, but slowly circle in and out. It's so refreshing to meet their aquaintences again and again.

Bob and I also got to meet one of the nicest men working in radio today. Chuck Knapp. He was the master of ceremonies and is just the funniest, most humble, kindest man you could ever hope to meet.

We paid a pretty big price to get tickets for the benefit. We actually had the money at the time the invitation came around. And then, last night, Bob put a nice check in the offering plate, because, again, we had the money. God provides and we give. It feels good. Plus, even if we didn't really have it, we still have it. Compared to these kids, we are rich. So what if we can't pay a bill one month, we can catch up next month if we have to. Fortunately, we don't have to, but still. I don't think we truly understand the concept of what it means to have NOTHING.

A boy shared his story. He is 17 now and was adopted out of Russia when he was 10. He and his 2 sisters lived on the streets and would steal and shoplift and beg in order to get food to eat. The rest of the time, he said, they just got into trouble. He says now he has parents to tell him what to do, so he doesn't get into trouble anymore (That brought a laugh from the audience). He just had a grateful heart for being where he is now. He said he had no doubt he would be dead if he had been left on the streets of Russia.

It was truly an amazing and wonderful night. I hoped they raised a kagillion dollars and that they do it every year.

The baby squirrel is alive and well. He sleeps in the little bed/box we made for him. He burrows all deep into the blankers and curls into a ball. This morning I feed him peanut butter on carrots and a dish of water. He drank, ate, drank and ran off. He'll be back this evening. I found the address and phone number of a place that will take him in for rehabilitation. We wouldn't mind caring for him all summer, but we wouldn't be able to save him from winter, so It's better he gets the training he needs in order to learn how to survive on his own. He sure is cute. We call him Rocky because he is a gray Squirrel, but also because he has overcome all the odds and is a winner:-)

The pool is finally open. We have an outdoor pool in the courtyard of our building and It's been closed for repairs forever. This morning I was watching the squirrel and the only ones using the pool and the sun deck were men and boys. No women at all. What is with us girls? Are we so completely body conscious that we won't even appear in swimwear at all? Weird. Oh...a woman just went in there, but I think she's the wife of one of the men and she is just laying out in her shorts and halter top. Oh! Another woman just went in with her boyfriend. But she's a pretty skinny chickie, so maybe she's OK with it all. We'll see how the summer pans out.

I am looking forward to a day of reading and relaxing. Later, I am going to my friend Lori's house for some wine and girl talk. Yay!

Thanks for reading.

11:19 a.m. - Monday, Jun. 14, 2004


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