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More Changes In Me

I forgot to mention another change since having the surgery. In church on Sunday, I was able to stand for the whole singing of choruses part of the service. In the past, I used to have to sit down after a couple of songs due to the severe pain in my back. But not this past Sunday! Woot!

Did I mention that Bob has been seeing a pain specialist for his pain? Today he is going to swim therapy. On Friday he was perscribed some new meds...Methadone. I looked it up on WebMD last night and that is some pretty powerful stuff right there. But it's working. In the past, he used to have to take more pain meds than he was perscribed because it wasn't working. But NOW he is taking less than perscribed because it works so well. Some of the side effects can be nasty, so we are watching out for those. But the good news is, he has had 3 relatively pain free days in a row and we can't remember the last time that has happened. He is still sore from his fall out of bed the other night, but other than the rug burns on his shoulders, nothing seems to be wrong. He does, have sore ribs, but no bruising, so we aren't too concerned there.

Man, June is flying by! This weekend is Father's Day, next week I am back at work, and then there is a family gathering at my uncle's place and then my Dad's 60th birthday. Then it's July already. Before I know it, summer will have sailed by. We have GOT to get out and do some stuff. We are going to Bob's sister's cabin in July. We are also going camping with his other sister's family. In August, there is a pool party for WLS people and their families at a gal's house not far from here. So, there is stuff coming up. I just hate for summer to be over with nothing to show for it.

There is a girl in our building that none of the other kids seem to want to play with. Last night she was riding her bike around the courtyard and stopped to talk to Bob through the screen door. She asked him if we have any board games and would he play Uno with her. It was about 8:00 and we had JUST sent the other kids from the building home, otherwise we might have stopped to play some games with her. Bob felt bad telling her no, but he made sure she knew we would play games with her later this week. Poor Claire. She's so lonely and bored and no one will play with her. Man do I remember those days.

Late last week Bob called the medical supply company we work with for his oxygen. They sent us a bill for our portion of the medical equipment after insurance was billed. It was a hefty sum and Bob called them to have them come pick up their equipment because we couldn't afford it any more. They said they would talk to the manager and see what they could do. We got a call yesterday from them saying they would wipe the bill clean and would only be billing insurance and would not bill a remainder to us. So we are keeping the equipment. Sounds to us like they would rather have the money they make from the insurance company than none at all. But it's handy to have this stuff here, so we're not complaining.

Got my first paycheck since Short Term Medical Leave kicked in. It was about $300 short of what we're used to me pulling in, but still enough to pay our bills. Thank God for paid STML!

I am still trying to keep my flowering plants alive. We face North and don't get any direct sunlight, so it's hard to know if they are getting enough light. But I have them out on our patio and water them daily. There is a hydrangia, miniture roses, a violet, some daisy mums, and a couple of things I don't know what they are as they weren't labeled. I don't know if I should repot them or what. I am hoping to bring some of them to work with me where they can get plenty of sunlight, but don't know if direct west view sun is good for them either. Man, gardening is hard. I hope they don't die.

I have to say today that I miss food. I do. I miss tacos and brats and lasagna and chocolate cake and sandwhiches and chili and roast and corn on the cob and watermelon and apples and grapes and ice cream and pizza. I miss it all so much! Also, I have an appointment with a counselor on Thursday.

10:38 a.m. - Tuesday, Jun. 15, 2004


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