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Still A Loser

I drove to Coon Rapids today in order to get myself weighed at the bariatric clinic. As of today...323.5. My very first weigh in recorded my weight at 361. So far, that's 37.5 pounds lost total. Also, my gut doesn't rub my steering wheel when I drive now.

On a not totally unrelated note, I am completely additcted to the Food Network! Expecially 30 minute meals with Rachel Ray. I can't eat anything I see on the channel yet, but MAN am I building a recipe repitoirre! I LOVE Food Network Online too as they give you the recipe you just saw on TV and can add it to your virtual recipe box. Can't wait!

In the meantime, food for me is still hard. Yesterday I had cream of wheat in the morning, which went really well. For lunch I wanted something different and others had told me that scrambled eggs worked well for them. So I loosely scrambled 1 egg with a little milk and cheese and while it went down well, it didn't sit well with me afterwards. I just felt blah.

Part of my frustration with this surgery is you have to eat really slowly, chewing every bite 25-30 times. I don't mind that, but by the time I have taken 2 bites, the food is cold and has to be reheated 1 or 2 times until it's gone. THAT is frustrating.

So, the rest of the day I didn't do much. But by 7pm, I began to feel better again and spread some peanut butter on some whole grain toast. That too went down really well, but again, did not sit well after. But I didn't have to worry about it getting cold, which was nice.

Tuna and chicken salad goes down well and sits pretty well. The only problem there is, what to you eat it on? Most people use low fat crackers. I don't like the transfat in most crackers, so I bought whole grain cocktail bread and use that. I can eat about a slice and a half and toast it in my broiler. It works really well and tastes yummy. Today I took some sliced turkey breast lunch meat and topped it with some low fat swiss cheese and broiled it in the broiler and it was yummy and so far is sitting pretty well. Protein is the most important ingredient in my diet, so I have to eat more of that than anything else. I also started my vitamins this week. Although I need to find a chewable calcium citrate tablet. Don't know where to get that yet, but I will be looking.

So, I had to cancel my counseling appointment tomorrow as I found out my insurance does not cover that clinic or counselor. So, I am back looking for an in-network counselor and am having a very difficult time. One lady sounded perfect, but she's not taking any new patients right now. Another clinic looked great but they aren't taking new clients either. Another clinic...I just got voicemail. So, I will keep looking there as well. Talk about frustration.

So, that's about it for today. In lew of more are some fun photos for you to enjoy.

This is Lake Superior on the one sunny day we saw it. Beautiful, no?

Is this the ocean? No, my friend! It's Lake Superior the very next day.

Here, a furry friend wants to come in and see Daisy.

Here is Daisy, checking out the furry visitor a little more closely.


A Year Ago Today: June 16, 2003, Our weekend and Monday Morning Moanings

Oh It's definitely a Monday!

We had a great weekend! Saturday we ended up taking Baby Squirrel to the Wildlife Rehab and Rescue. He ate and drank water and went back into his bed so he was easy to box up and take in. When I brought him in, everyone fell in love with him. I hope they can either rehabilitate him or that someone makes him their pet. I know It's humane to euthanize him if there isn't hope of rehabilitation, but it makes me sad to think about that. All the kids got to say goodbye to him before we left, so that was good:-). They wanted to know why we were taking him in and we said we were taking him to a place where they could teach him to be a squirrel. They seemed OK with that.

After we dropped off Rocky, we went to the other part of the building where they house the Humane Society and looked over their kitten selection. They had TONS of kittens. I fell in love with several, but Bob is the one who gets to pick the next cat, and he didn't see any that tickled his fancy. We also looked at the dogs and other animals up for adoption. Did you know that you can adopt birds and bunnies and rats and guinea pigs from the Human Society? Well, you can!

We got back home and hung out for a bit before I went to my friend Lori's house for some girl talk. We had a good time. I always like hanging out with her. She has a 15 year old daughter who is a dream! Sweet, sweet girl. Not your typical sassy teenager. We drank wine and ate cheese and crackers and just dished it up. I got home around 11 and went to bed.

Sunday was church. We had a WONDERFUL service. It was Father's Day and It's hard for Bob for the same reasons Mother's Day is hard for me. It's hard for him for other reasons having to do with his own dad, but he did really well. The service ministered to him and they had a time of ministry for men who lacked the love and affection they yearned for from their own dads. A man named Chris came up to Bob, looked him dead in the eye and grabbed him in a full on bear hug. He spoke as though the Heavenly Father was speaking right through him and just spoke tender words of love and affection to Bob as though he were his son. It was powerful and so dramatic. Bob was embarrassed at first but really appreciated it. He's never had that and it really ministered to him.

After the service, we went to Bob's sister's house because it was his nephew's 18th birthday. We ate cake and shot the breeze. It was a nice time. The weather was amazing and it was nice to be outside with family.

We got home and I quickly vacuumed, cleaned up the kitchen and made hamburgers on the grill. Bob sat outside talking to Jorge. We LOVE Jorge. He is a great kid. Very gentle and soft spoken. He talks of horrific and scary things in the town he grew up in in Mexico, but to us he is nothing but sweet and gentle. We really like him. He misses the Squirrel though.

I was in bed by 10 but read until 11:30. I woke up sooo tired this morning. But the book is so good!

Aaaaand It's Monday. SM has been on me since she got in. I swear last week CM and SM asked me to make lunch reservations for 8 for Tuesday. I don't usually mess that kind of information up. But this morning they came in and told me to cancel TODAY's lunch plans. Okaaaay. So, I cancelled Tuesday's lunch plans. Whatever. SM is sooooooooooo hyper. She can't just come into my office and ask me a question. It comes out as if the world is ending and if I don't respond in kind, she tends to get more cranked up. I try to not to feed into it, but sometimes she just drives me crazy. She just walked into my office and said, "Amy, we seen Finding Nemo this weekend." She is a professional woman in her 40's and she is always saying seen instead of saw. It just drives me crazy. Of course basic grammar errors from anyone makes me crazy. But she's old enough to know better and in a position of management and It's just sooooo common.

I hope the rest of the day coasts by. Not much is going on this week or this weekend. I ordered some prints from snapfish and hope to get a couple of photos albums today and that will be my project this week.

Thanks for reading.

3:33 p.m. - Wednesday, Jun. 16, 2004


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