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Fire Drills Are No Fun

So at midnight last night, Bob and I are getting ready for bed, turning off lights, getting undressed, etc. That is when we hear our building fire alarm go off. Bob goes to check it out and sees all our neighbors outside, so I get dressed, pull the cat carrier down for Daisy and grab Maisey to get a harness and lead on her. We all tromp outside to see all our neighbors sitting around in the cool night air. Some are there by themselves, some are there with their loves and kids and some are their, like us with their beloved cats in carriers and on leads. It took us 5 to 10 minutes to get organized and out the door. We could have burned up if it had been a real fire.

We stood around for 15 to 20 minutes before a police car cruised up. The police man checked things out and radioed for the fire department. When the fire trucks roared up, Maisey FREAKED and there was no calming her down. Bob had wheeled to the back of the building to see if there was a fire in back. I walked to the parking lot with Daisy in the carrier and Maisey in my arms to see if I could find Bob and our car keys. I thought if I got Maisey in my car, she would calm down a bit. She HATED the air break noise from the fire trucks and cried and cried.

Soon after, a fireman came by and told us we could go back in. Maisey was still freaking and cried all the way back to the apartment, even though I was holding and petting her.

We got back in our apartment at 12:50, exhausted, but too wired now to go to bed. So, it was well after 2 before we went to bed.

This morning was church. We managed to get up and get ready and get to church without too many problems. Staying awake during the service was another story, though.

We got home and called our dads to wish them a happy fathers day.

As we sat around chatting, we heard one of our neighbor girls screaming the blood curdling scream of an injured child.

Bob scooted his wheelchair outside to see if he could help. When he got there, he found Claire on the sidewalk, her bike on its side and Claire's mom and dad trying to calm Claire down. Bob said her mom was holding her wrist and Claire was yelping and hollering. Bob told her to let go as he suspected it might be broken. The woman let go and Claire calmed down imediately. Bob told them to get her to a hospital to have it checked out but he said they seemed reluctant. Whatever...Claire is a bit of a crybaby/drama queen, but HELLO! Her parents seem a bit dim/ditzy. Hopefully, she's OK. We didn't hear any more from her the rest of the day.

So, that's all the excitement from here today. Can't wait until it warms up so we can enjoy a bit of sun again. Hope this next weekend is nice as we have an open house and family picnic to attend.

Tomorrow I'm back at work after about 5 weeks off. Hope I can get back into the swing of things quickly. Also, I see the nutritionist on Thursday. So, more info to help me get the most out of this surgery and another weigh in!


A Year Ago Today: June 20, 2003

We came sooo close to getting a new kitten yesterday. Bob wants a white kitten and I happened to find one at a pet shelter in Buffalo, MN. I called to see if she was still available and when I called, she was. But a woman from Farmington was driving all the way up there to see her. They told me to call after 5 to see if she was still available. I called, and the kitten had been adopted by the woman in Farmington. Boo hoo. Actually it works out as it ends up that we are having houseguests for the next month or so.

Bob and I have a friend who is a single mother with a 15 year old daughter. Recently she has fallen on hard times. She lost her job and no longer has the money to pay her rent. She has her daughter to take care of and is unsure about the future. She has been looking for a job full time and is going to have to move out of her apartment due to lack of funds. I don't think she is getting unemployment either...but I'm not sure about that.

We have offered to let her and her daughter stay with us for the next month or two. All of us women will sleep in the ONE bedroom we have, while Bob will sleep on the hide-a-bed in the living room. (Remember from yesterday's entry, we have 2 rather large beds in the bedroom.) She is hoping to have a job in the next 3 weeks and be in their own place again by labor day. It is going to be tight quarters for the next month or two. They also have a cat, so Maisey is going to be tested in the sibling department.

My only worry is their cat. She is shy and nervous and has been known to pee when upset. Maisey is already not allowed in our bedroom for the same reason. I work really hard to eliminate cat and catbox ordor from our home because I HATE that smell. I hope and pray we do not have a problem with that during this time. Thank God it's summer and we can open windows and go outside to get some space if we need it. But we can't just let them get tossed out. We can make due for a couple of months if It's for the sake of our friends. They would do the same for us.

This is one of the things that scared me to death when I ventured out on my own. I was scared that I would make some mistakes and lose my home, car, etc and have to live on the streets. At one point in my life I did lose my job. But God was good. I always ended up with money enough to pay my rent and basic utility bills. After 3 months of looking for a job my parents came to my rescue and asked me to move from my home in Northwestern MD back to their place in Southern WI. I did and lived with them for 5 years until I moved to the Twin Cities. I faced my biggest fear and things worked out just fine. So, in response, we want to help our friends face their biggest fear too. Lord, I hope they don't stay with us for 5 years though! LOL. Since It's summer, we will be gone a few weekends and that will be nice for us all.

So anyway, project kitten is postponed until we are houseguest free.

I got my new dress last night. Oh it's really quite beautiful. It's a deep red with some dark green and gold in it. It's a sleeveless tank dress with a shortsleeve jacket. Bob really liked it and said it was money well spent. I feel like a princess in it and am glad to have something new to wear to the upcoming musical production and to the wedding of some friends in August.

Last night Jorge and Carla came over to our apartment and hung out for a long time. It was really fun to have them over. They played with Maisey and checked out our fish tanks and just were generally good kids. I had to kick them out at 9 so we just have some time together before bed. Man, we like those kids! They like to practice their English with us as their parents don't speak English at all. That makes it hard for us to tell their parents how much we like their kids and how good we think they are, but we do hope to meet them one day soon. Carla just got over the chicken pox, but is feeling better. She has beautiful dimples when she smiles and the most beautiful long dark hair. She's 8 and Jorge is 10.

We are not sure what we are doing this weekend. We were going to go get a kitten, but that has been postponed. I teach Sunday school this and next weekend, so traveling is out of the question. We will come up with something I am sure.

Some lady tried to run me over in the Byerly's parking lot! Seriously! She was at the stop sign, I was crossing the road to get to my car and she turned her car directly into me! I had to run RUN! to get out of the way. What is the problem with people today?

You never know how much you use your big toe (or any toe for that matter) until you hurt one of them. When we were on vacation, I dropped the cooler on my right big toe and my nail cracked in half and ripped off. Of course now the nail is growing into the skin of the toe creating a lovely ingrown toenail and it hurts! Whenever I pick up my foot to walk, my big toe rasies into the toe of my shoe and pain shoots down the length of my toe into my foot. Owie!

Because I obsess about my hair, I give you: THE FRIDAY FIVE!

1. Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight? Long or short?

My hair in naturally wavy. It was ringletty curly when I was little, but as I grew up, it just lost a lot of the natural curl. But It's too wavy and has too much body to try to wear it straight.

2. How has your hair changed over your lifetime?

When I was little, it was super curly. Then my mom had it cut in the popular pixie cut. Then it was the "Hamel" haircut which grew out into the "Tenile" haircut! Then it was the feathered look. Then the "bob". OH! I forgot that in 5th grade I had my first perm ever. I am somewhat experimental with my hair in that I grow it out and cut it off all the time. I grow it out and then chop it off trying to find "The perfect hair cut." Right now it's short (ear length), layered, with long bangs.

3. How do your normally wear your hair?

See above. I wash it and scrunch it with gel and air dry it and then brush it out later. It's wavy and fluffy and somewhat cute.

4. If you could change your hair this minute, what would it look like?

I would want red naturally curly hair, similar to Nicole Kidman's. I LOVE her hair. She is my hair crush.

5. Ever had a hair disaster? What happened? YES! When I got my first ever perm in 5th grade, my mom took me to the local beauty school to save money. The girl set it in too small of rollers and left it in too long. It turned out HUGE and frizzy and all the kids in school called me Roseanne Roseanna Danna for the rest of the school year. Also, in high school, I wanted blond streaks in my hair. My brother, who had red hair as a child and darker hair as a teen put peroxide in his hair and it turned blond. Thinking we had similar genes, I tried it and my hair turned ORANGE! I went to my boyfriend's junior prom with ORANGE hair!

Thanks For Reading

(ED: Today (6-20-04) I have long hair, no bangs and wear it wavy/curly or in a ponytail.)

10:15 p.m. - Sunday, Jun. 20, 2004


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