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Electricity and Water Do Not Mix

So, I'm back to work and it's as if I never left. It all came back to me after a couple of calls.

Working sure makes the days go bay faster, I will say that. But I'm still not adjusted to the back to work schedule and have not been getting enough sleep. I have been staying up too late at night.

Knowing this, I tried to get to bed early last night. My sweet husband came in and rubbed my back for a bit, relaxing me to the point of sleep.

Not much later, our smoke alarm went off...and went off...and went off...etc. I got out of bed and saw a steady stream of water running out of our alarm onto our floor. I ran to the kitchen and got a bowl for the drips while Bob called our maintenence pager line. He left a message and then went upstairs to see what our neighbors were doing to warrent such wetness.

Meanwhile, the alarm is still going off, water is still coming out of the alarm and it's still hardwired to the ceiling. Remember, kids, water and electricity don't mix.

Bob came back down frustrated because the neighbors either weren't home or weren't answering their door and the alarm was still going off. He finally got fed up and pulled hard on the alarm until it stopped going off. Basically, he broke it. So, if an electrical fire had started later in the night, we wouldn't know because the alarm was busted. So, our hope is that they take care of that today and they take care of it for good. This is the second time in a week. We have lived here almost 2 years and have never had a problem like this before and now in a week, it's happened twice.

I got up early this morning to prepare for the radio interview with Ian. I was supposed to get a call around 5:40. At 5:46, I had to wonder if they forgot. No, they were just late. But it didn't leave a lot of time for the update. It was basically just a quick chat about life after the surgery.

It is never long enough. Doing those tiny little interviews makes me miss my days as a radio gal. My jobs in radio were my favorite jobs ever and I miss it. But with all the advancements in radio since my last job (1998), I almost have to go back to school to get back into radio just to catch up. *sigh*

Tomorrow is my one month post surgery check up and weigh in. I need to talk to the doctor about why 1 meal out of three, food gets stuck. Maybe I am not taking small enough bites. That seems unlikely since I take the smallest bites my front teeth will allow, but I will keep trying to take smaller bites. I know of several women who have had to have enoscopies and stretching of their openings for this very reason. I am hoping it doesn't come to that.


A Year Ago Today: June 23, 2003

Today has been crazy busy so this is the first chance I've had at updating.

Not a really busy weekend. We ran errands and hung out. I had coffee with my friend whose husband is being the huge jerk. It was a very nice time with a wonderful woman. Itís just not fair. She does not deserve what has been happening to her at all. Her husband is due home from visiting his mother this weekend. My friend is moving out for the summer and not sure what she is doing after that.

Sunday I taught Sunday School and I have a couple of new kids since they turned 4 since the last time I taught. It was really fun. Cutie pie kiddos, for sure.

Bob and I went out to eat for lunch and then rented videos. I FINALLY saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Loved it! Then we watched Drumline. Fun movie! Rent it!

Can I just tell you how much I HATE insurance companies? Need I also remind you that I work for one? You would think that it would be easier for me to get Bob's and my medical bills paid so much smoother because of my insurance company background, but you would be so wrong! I called on 3 bills for Bob today and for every one, the rep said they needed an Outline of Coverage from his old insurance company because of a possible pre-exhisting condition. I tried to explain that none of the tests had anything to do with his MD...that they were all mystified as to his symptoms and illness and that was why the tests were ordered. But my explanation came to nil. I ended up having to call his old insurance company (and can I then tell you how much I hate phone menus!!!) to ask for the outline of coverage thing-y. The snotty lady on the other end told me that they had already mailed one in August when his coverage ended and it is now our responsibility to get a new one from his previous employer. Did I ever mention that we have filed a greivence towards his former employers for the way he was treated and let go? Yeah, so that will be an awkward conversation. I have to go home and see, if by some miracle, I can find that outline of coverage in our files. (Please God!)

All of this after last Friday when I was trying to track down a payment for my gallbladder surgery. The insurance company says it was a problem with the hospital billing and they needed more info. Hospital billing said it was a problem with anesthesia. Anesthesia said it was a problem with anesthesia billing. Finally, a lady in andesthesia billing said she had a woman who could help me, but of course, she was out of the office for the day!

Thankfully she called me first thing this morning and told me she would call the insurance company herself and see what the major malfunction was. I am hoping it is all resloved now as I havenít heard from her again.


Thanks for reading. (Ed to read...I STILL work for one, but Thank God all we deal with is Annuities, Life Insurance and Credit Life.)

6:40 a.m. - Wednesday, Jun. 23, 2004


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