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Yay! It's Friday!

I was asked in my comments yesterday how I thought my visit with the nurse went yesterday. I thought it went well. I like this nurse. She shoots straight. She doesn't give me the sugar coated version of things, but she is kind, friendly, and open to researching things she may not know. As I stated before, I had not been taking a calcium supplement because I could not find a chewable calcium citrate. We talked about the debate between citrate and carbonate and in the end, she decided she would do more research on the subject, if I would at least consider taking a calcium carbonate in the meantime. Sure thing!

Another thing we discussed is my timid disillusionment with WLS since my surgery. I have just felt that the past 5 weeks have been forced anorexia. I researched the heck out of this surgery and didn't see that coming. My nurse agreed with me to a point. It is similar to forced anorexia except for the pushing of protein. I need 40-60 grams of protein a day and THAT'S what makes the biggest difference. I just need to find a supplement I like that will supplement my protein intake right now.

So, I would say it was very positive and quite informative. She also said that she will be interested to hear how I'm doing 6 months out. She thinks by then, I will have gotten the hang of the habits and will have lost enough weight that things will be much better. I hope so, but probably agree with her. The best thing is that she said I could call anytime to get info, support, help, and answers. That makes me feel 100% better.

In other news...We have noticed that our brown tabby, Maisey slaps her siamese sister on the head whenever she gets disciplined. For instance, Maisey likes to go outside. When she's NOT outside, she likes to beg and whine to go outside. This includes trying to climb the screen door. (she can only try because she lacks the claws it would take to actually climb the screen.) When we catch her trying to do this, we firmly say her name and tell her no. If she persists, we give her one good squirt with the water bottle. After that, she will stop and run away, but not before she finds her sister, Daisy and smacks her on the head. Talk about projection!

I am sitting here waiting for lunch. It is 11:30 and I actually feel hungry. I can't, at this point, tell if it's head hunger or actual physical hunger. But I want to eat. If there were chips or snacks nearby, I'd be partaking.

Will I always, always fixate on food? Will I always be so obsessed? I know I'm an addict and I had this surgery so I could find a way to curb my addictions to food. I wish there was a surgery for my head. I wish they could cut out the part of my brain that fixates so emotionally on food.

Bob did not sleep at all last night. His schedule is all wonky now for some reason. He has not been sleeping at night, but he can't stay awake all day, so he eventually succombs to sleep and ends up sleeping all day. His new pain meds ROCK but they also constipate him. So, he has a few things to deal with. He is going to see his doc again on Monday and see if there are some things they can change or add to better help him sleep and poo.

Yay it's Friday! Nothing going on tonight, but busy the rest of the weekend. I have to clean and do laundry tomorrow morning. Then an openhouse for the man who married us in the afternoon. (He got his Masters in Theology.) Then Sunday is church and the paternal family gathering.

Have a good weekend all!

--------------------------------------- Edited to add: OMG! I was just at lunch and chatting with some co-workers when one of them, who knew about the surgery, asked how the weight loss was going. I said I had lost 40lbs. Then another co-worker said, "40lbs! Wow! I knew you had lost some weight, but I didn't know it was that much." Wheeee! Someone had noticed. I still don't, but this is the first, non-family comment I have heard about noticing my weight loss. -----------------------------------

Edited to add one more thing: Today, for the first time, something is majorly stuck. I had lunch an hour ago (this will teach me to chat and eat at the same time.) and I have had the mucusy spit...but I have also thrown up...3 times. It's not like normal vomit. It's frothy. There's no bile. But the peice that's stuck has not come back up yet. NOT fun. Especially when I'm supposed to be on the phone. The whole time, I was on the phone with a banker who had 80,000 questions. Thankfully I could put her on hold on the pretense of answering her question. But blah! THIS is NOT fun. If it doesn't go down soon, I will have to go buy a Coke and trickly it down with the hopes it will eat through whatever is stuch and take it down with it. I'll update to let you know what happened.

--------------------------------------- Final edit. Finally! The food is down. The little bit of Coke worked. And it only took 2 hours. Man! This is a painful lesson in making sure I take tiny, tiny bites and chew, chew, chew. Now I have an almost full can of Coke I have to get rid of. Bummer. Thanks for playing along with me today.

10:32 a.m. - Friday, Jun. 25, 2004


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