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Lean Mean Cleaning Machine

I am feeling a lot better today thank you. To add some clarification, I only drank 3 tiny sips of Coke yesterday and only so it would eat through whatever it was that was stuck in my new stomach opening. It worked. I took one extra sip after to see what would happen and it burned all the way down. So I threw out the rest. Thank you guys for caring so much! It makes my little heart so happy.

I got home last night and Bob was sleeping. So I just hung out on the couch for a couple of hours. Then I got motivated and began to pick up our apartment and reorganize some stuff. I filed our growing stack of filing. I put stuff away. I was an organizing maniac. Of course, Bob got up at 11 and I was ready for bed.

This morning I got up and began my weekend cleaning frenzy. I even dusted! I hardly ever dust. I vaccumed all the seating in our place as there was cat hair EVERYWHERE. I even took out the Resolve stain remover and spot treated our carpets. This is one clean place, let me tell you.

Oh! Last night I also began a very industrious project. The last fire alarm we had prompted me to think we wouldn't always have time to grab all the photos we might need to save. So, I began scanning all our wedding photos into our computer and then saved what I scanned to our Snapfish account so that even if we do happen to lose our photos some day, we could order them from Snapfish. I only managed to get through 25 photos. It's going to take me a while to finish the project.

Fire used to be my biggest fear as a child. I have no idea why. Maybe it was something I saw on TV. But for many, many years, I kept a suitcase or a box in my closet filled with my very favorite things so if there was ever a fire, I could just grab it and go. Of course it was very inconvenient because they were my FAVORITE things so I had to keep getting them out and putting them away. Now, instead of a box or suitcase, I have Snapfish!

Later today is the open house for our friend. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there. We are celebrating our friends getting his Master's Degree. We haven't spent very much time with him and his family, but before we got married (almost 3 years ago) we used to spend a lot of time together. In fact, he married us. He's ordained. We were his very first wedding. It's a nice little connection to have and we have to admit being proud of it. But it will be good to be back in their presence again, even if it's just for an afternoon.

My dad called and said he found a free gas grill tank at a neighbor's garage sale and did we want it? Yeah! Ours was stolen over the winter and we haven't replaced it yet. My folks are going to be here tomorrow for the paternal family gathering, so they will bring it with them and ta da! Now I can grill tiny little hot dogs, hamburgers and brats. Hee.

I found out that Bob stopped taking his pain medicine. He told me today he is feeling like he's going through withdrawals. Not good. I asked him why he stopped taking them and he said he felt like they were killing him off slowly. I reminded him he HAS to talk to his doctor before going off his meds. He said he didn't feel like talking to him yesterday. Great. He's a grown man and I can't make him do anything, but sometimes he drives me batty with his set independence. I know his doctor probably has experience with the complications and side effects Bob has been experiencing and could help him, but not if Bob refuses to call. So, now we're in for a weekend where we are busy the whole time and he will be in pain. Maybe that will learn him to call his doctor first.

Have a great weekend.


A Year Ago Today: June 26, 2003

My Day Off and The Full Monty!

I had the day off yesterday and it was such a good thing.

I slept in until 8:30, got up and took a bunch of stuff to our storage room. Then loaded up my car with the Goodwill stuff. I was out the door by 9:30. Goodwill rocks because all you have to do is drive in and they unload it all, give you a receipt and then you drive off. So convenient.

After that I went to my car dealer to get my oil changed. I pulled in and told the guy that my passenger headlight keeps going out, so he told me he would check on that. As heís ringing me up, he mentions that Itís time for my 30,000 mile check up. Did I want to take care of that today for $400? Who has $400 laying around for car maintence?

As I sat in the waiting room, I was paged and was told that they were out of the headlights for my car and they had to drive to White Bear Lake to get them, could I wait? Yes. So I was there much longer than I expected. And even though I asked for them to vacuum and wash my car, they didnít and I didnít want to wait anymore.

After that I went to Toys R Us to get a baby gate for our bedroom door. I found a 2 for 1 special for $20.00. I figured we could put one on top of the other to keep the cat out. I hope that that will work. (Ed to add: It didn't.)

After that I went to the Laundromat to wash and dry our comforter. This Laundromat was new to me and at first I was so confused. I had a pocket full of quarters but these machines took cards. There was a machine that dispensed cards but it didnít take quarters. I went to the desk and asked if they would change my quarters back to dollars but they wouldnít as they weren't in a roll. So he made me use my credit card to buy the card to use in the machines. I ended up spending about 12 bucks at this place for just this one comforter. Finally, that was done and I was on my way back home.

I got home and Bob was just finishing the laundry. We were talking and just generally enjoying each other until I happened to just mention that I need to go and get pretty for my "date" with his sister. It was as if I had told him I was going out with his best friend. He got so jealous. He said, "you never say that before going out with me." I have no idea where did that come from. Then he made me feel as though, in the future, I have to dress up in order for him to think I am pretty and attractive. I think he was thinking I take him for granted and just go as is when we go out. I will have to think that over and do better if that's the case. It was a big huge long discussion about stupid stuff and insecurities and it took 45 minutes from my prep time. But in the end it just came out that both of us are insecure little kids that are still totally in love with each other.

Once I was able to get back to my pampering, I shaved, showered, and made up. I wore my new red dress and felt very cute. Bob was appropriately appreciative of the ensemble and off I went.

I met Bob's sister at her house and we drove (in the driving rain) to downtown Mpls to Sawatdee for Thai food. Yum! It was so good. I had the Pad See Yew at a hotness level of 2. (appropriate as I was feeling a hotness level of 7) It was so good. We shared spring rolls and were properly stuffed when we left.

She drove us to downtown St. Paul to the Ordway. We parked at the Rivercenter parking lot and had to walk up a gang-load of stairs. I am not in shape! I was winded and tired after that and still had to walk 2 blocks to the Ordway. I am a wuss.

We got to the playhouse and it was packed. We had fabulous seats. The Mezzanine turned out to be the next section up from the floor, but not a balcony. We could see everything just fine and nice and close.

The Full Monty was fabulous! So funny and I even cried (like the sappy baby I am) at one point. They have the funniest songs about things like being a big black man and manly friendships. I ordered the soundtrack off Amazon today. Just so much fun. We did get the full Monty, but lights blinded us at the same time, so the result is that the audience really didnít see anything but silhouettes. But it was a funny and very entertaining show and I recommend it to anyone.

We got out of the show around 10:50 and I was home by midnight. Made for a short night and I am BEAT today. I came in late so I could get a couple extra hours of sleep, but I still feel so zombie-ish.

On a completely different note, we had some huge storms blow through here Tuesday night. There were no fewer than 6 tornados in our state and a big one blew through Buffalo Lake...right down their main street. Power is out all over the metro and many big trees have been toppled and pulled up by the roots. Thankfully our power never went out. Now itís unseasonably cool. Only 67 today and very windy. It is nice to finally open up the windows again and makes for delicious sleeping weather.

Jorge and Carla were over the night of the storm to play with Maisey. Also, Jorge is so excited that Bob is helping him with his fish tanks. Bob ended up giving him his newest tank and fish. So cute. They are cute kids and so well behaved.

Bob leaves for the brother-in-law and sister's cabin tomorrow. He will spend the weekend there catching fish. I will stay at home waiting to hear if Lori and Lindsay will indeed be moving in with us. I have made closet space in our bedroom and bathroom. It will be tight quarters and Iím still praying for a last minute miracle. But we will make it work and will do it willingly because we love them and donít want them to be out on the street.

So Itís been a busy couple of days. I hope that things will slow down soon, but I doubt it as every weekend in July is now booked with activities and such.

Oh! I almost forgot. Bob's sister sent me a blurb about a job opening at her workplace. Her workplace has much better benefits than my workplace and there is opportunity for promotion and advancement, which there isnít here. I sent my resume over and now am just waiting and seeing what happens. The pay is more. The hours are 10-7, M-F and benefits include 100% health care coverage, dental, vision, life insurance, help with home buying, help with adoption costs and fertility treatments...etc. So, we'll see what happens.(Ed to add...I got the job!)

Thanks for reading!

12:02 p.m. - Saturday, Jun. 26, 2004


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