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One More Bite Is Too Many

I didn't go to work today. Suffice it to say, too many complications.

As I sat down at the computer, I looked outside at the pool. There, lined up in a sun glowing line were 6 blonds in tiny bikinis...all basking in the warm summer sun. There were other women out there, but none as impressive as the bevy of blond bathing beauties. Do I have to admit I was jealous? NO? OK then.

Yesterday was fun. We went over to my aunt and uncle's house for a paternal family gathering to celebrate my father's birthday, his younger brother's birthday and my grandma's birthday. They are all with in 3 days of one another. It was the first time since my wedding that my grandma got to be with all her boys at one time again. (She has 6.)

We got there and my parents were there with my nephews. We hadn't even parked the truck and they were already on the porch yelling for us. Too cute!

There was a spread of food like you wouldn't believe. My aunt is a hostessing marvel. There was london broil, brats, hot dogs, hambergers, pasta salad, potato salad, fruit and veggie platters, broccoli salad. I was able to eat tiny little bites of almost everything...but it just wasn't enough. I missed being able to eat until I couldn't eat another bite. In fact, later in the afternoon I went back into the kitchen and dished up more potato salad, which probably would have been fine, but I ate it too fast and it either got stuck or my stomach was too full and I had to deal with about 10 - 15 minutes of gagging and vomiting in my aunt's bathroom. NOT fun.

Later, my uncles took my cousins and my nephews for a walk to the Lake Harriet pavillion. Bob wanted to go, but he didn't want them to wait for him and push his chair. He thought they would feel like they were babysitting him. So he wheeled on after them, but never did catch up to them. So he had to wheel his manual chair all the way back by himself. Poor boy. But he would have saved himself a lot of work if he had just called out to them to wait and take him along and I don't think anyone would have minded at all.

Later that afternoon, he was getting ready to go outside for some fresh air and in the front entry way, his tired legs gave way and he fell right on his back. He knocked the wind out of himself and couldn't tell me that he would need help getting up, but just not at that moment. My uncles were right there willing to help him up, but he refused and just sat there. I thought he was being obstinate and was embarrassed. Eventually, he crawled out to the porch and my uncles went out and ended up helping him up anyway. What an ordeal.

I love seeing my family, but was missing my cousin, who is close in age to me, and my brother and sister in law. Still, it was a very nice family get together, and very nice to see the uncles and an aunt that I very, rarely see.

I thought I might go to mom and dad's hotel and swim with the boys, but I didn't know how late it was. So, when they called to say they were at the hotel, I had to pass on driving down to spend more time with them.

The time together was just too short. I was not ready to let them go and felt out of sorts the rest of the night and this morning. Knowing they were so close, but not really being able to see them, was really hard. I don't understand what happened over the years. In my teens, I couldn't wait to be away from my folks (and they me, if truth be told.). But now, I enjoy their company so much and really, really miss them when they are gone. I hope people who live near their folks appreciate what they have, because living far away from them sucks big time.

Anyway, last night, Bob went do the store to get something and when he came back, he saw a fish tank in the garbage. A 10 gallone tanke with everything! Airater, heater, rocks, plants, and hoses. Everything! He has been really wanting a new fish tank for a long time. He had he has 4. Although he did put one small one into storage and moved the fish from there into the new one. He is a fish fanatic and this is just what the Doctor ordered. God knows our hearts and provides even what we think might be trivial. Bob is so happy with his new tank and will ride by in his wheel chair and just let out a little squee of delight in his new fishy habitat. He is a little boy in a man's body.

So, overall...a good, though hectic and hard weekend was had by all.


A Year Ago Yesterday: June 27, 2003

Job Interviews and the Weekend Alone

I have a job interview! Weird, as Iím not out looking for a job at all.

My sister-in-law works for a LARGE company. This company has a finger in every pie; banking, insurance, mortgages, investments, etc. My SIL works in one of their insurance divisions. She saw an opening and thought I would be a good fit so she forwarded the info to me. Looking it over, I too thought it would be a good fit and thought I'd look into it anyway. I contacted the Manager who, in turn, asked me to forward my resume. I did that and then didnít hear anything for a couple of days. But low and behold today I received an email from the manager who wants to meet with me on July 3rd at 10am! Whoo hoo!

Actually, Iím not going to get all excited. I wasnít looking for a new position but I know this large company has better benefits, is closer (about 2 miles from my apartment) and has opportunities for advancement and promotions; something I will never see here. So, it could definitely be a step up. Part of their benefits include health coverage for fertility treatments and financial aid for adoption! AND their health care is paid at 100% after co-pays! Not 80/20! That is unheard of in this day and age of cutbacks and downsizing. Too cool! So, we'll see what happens. I HATE interviews with a passion. I feel so crappy about least how I look...that I hate putting myself out there for inspection. But at least I know that my skills and abilities are top rate and would fit right in for this job. Also, most people would not think this a benefit, but the hours are 10am to 7pm and I really like that. Even though the place is a couple miles from my home I will miss out on the horrific rush hour traffic that is our joy to live with. Also, I like to sleep late in the morning. (Something that will end once the chillens come along, I know.)

The pay is better, the benefits better, the office closer, and the opportunities for promotion and advancement unlimited. So, Itís hard not to get excited.

Last night Jorge came over and we invited him and his sister to join us for pizza. Jorge went home to ask permission and came back with his sister and their mother. She is sooo nice but speaks NO English. It was kind of awkward, but thoroughly enjoyable. Jorge and Karla translated when needed and we just had a very nice visit. We really like those kids:-) Weíre not so sure why they like us so much, but we aren't complaining. Bob told Jorge that he was going out of town for the weekend and Jorge got kind of sad. But then Bob said he could come over Monday night and Jorge perked up. He counted the days on the calendar and said he would see Bob on Monday. So sweet!

I managed to get all the contents of our closet moved over to one side in anticipation for the arrival of our friends Lori and Lindsay. We still donít know for sure if they will be staying with us. Lori is meeting with her landlords today to talk to them about her situation. The church is also aware of the situation, but donít know if they have contacted Lori to work something out. So, in the meantime, our closets are uncluttered and space is available for them if they need it. Should be interesting.

Bob is meeting with a counselor today. He is meeting the counselor we saw for pre-marital counseling. He's a good guy. Bob's been feeling depressed lately and thought the counselor could help him with seeing things more clearly. Bob is really struggling with negative thinking and with feeling like he is worthless because he has lost so much strength and muscle ability. I tell him, until Iím blue in the face, that he is more than muscles and physical strength. But maybe counseling will help him with that. I sure hope so.

Last night on the way home I passed a cute little house for rent. Itís about 2 miles from our current apartment and looked like a nice place. I called on it and found out it rents for $1600! Itís a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 story. There is a detatched garage and a large yard. But it so doesnít seem worth $1600. Man, if we had that much cash for rent, we wouldnít be throwing it away on someone else's house. We would buy our own. I canít believe housing prices in this area. Out of reach and out of control.

I am bach'in it this weekend. The hubby is on his way to the relatives cabin and I am on my own! Not that I have big plans or anything. I want to finish a photo album I started. I want to rent a couple of movies. I teach Sunday School on Sunday and am invited to a "spa" party Sunday evening. So I have stuff to do, but it will kind of fun having the apartment and space to myself. Especially since we may soon be cramped out with 2 more people. Yay!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!

3:43 p.m. - Monday, Jun. 28, 2004


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