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MDA People Are Good People

Thank you Cosmic! Every little bit helps. I am going to email you a donation form so MDA can send you a receipt of your donation. Just email it back to me with the info filled out.

In fact, that's what I am going to do for everyone who donates. I will email you a donation form, fill it out, email it back to me and you will get a receipt and can deduct your donation from your taxes.

I'm also going to put a link on the side of my journal unti the walk, just as a reminder. Thanks to everyone who donates. MDA is an awesome oganization, doing what they can to make people's lives better. MD is an insidious disease. Actually, there are over 40 recognized forms of MD and they are all insidious.

Imagine if one day you could no longer do the things you now take for granted. Not just walking, running, and and actual physical activity, but combing your hair, putting on clothes, rolling over in bed, taking a bath, brushing your teeth. MD affects the muscles your body needs to do these mundane, day to day activities. Even lifting a fork to your mouth becomes something you can't do when you have MD.

Every year, Bob loses more of his ability to do these things. Almost 3 years ago we got married and didn't know he had MD. 6 months later, he was diagnosed. 2 years later he's in a wheelchair and on permanent disability. 3 years later, he still struggles with common everyday tasks. MDA makes sure he sees a doctor specially trained in MD. They pay for part of a wheel chair that cost more than his and my brand new car together. They have get togethers that encourage friendship and community. They have support groups to insure no one feels alone and everyone has some kind of support. MDA is an amazing organization. But it is one that often goes unnoted and ignored unless you happen to be affected personally.

That's what happened to us. Oh sure, we might donate $10 here or there every Labor Day to the telethon. But other than that, MDA was well below our radar. Until the diagnoses.

I didn't mean to go into all that. It just kind of flowed. Thanks for "listening". It's been a difficult 2 1/2 years, but we are lucky we have the support system that we do. MDA included.

I had to go to the dentist Thursday night after work. I'm not a big fan of the dentist, though I'm also not denist phobic. It's more of a pain because I just don't like taking the time to get my teeth cleaned. But this time, I had to have cavitites taken care of. 2 cavities, on my front teeth. Blah.

My dentist is nice though. I swithced this year because going downtown to see my dentist was taking its toll on me. My former dentist was, up to this point, my most favorite dentist ever. He was charming, and kind, and funny, and would tell me stories of his family of 7 charming, kind and funny children. I loved him, his hygenist and his receptionist. But I hated his location and operating hours. I liked them when I worked downtown, but now I work in the 'burbs and it wasn't such a good match anymore.

I found a new dentist in the 'burbs and she is funny, kind, and charming in her own way. She broke her leg at a work function and was telling me about hobbling along for the next 5 weeks. Her hygentist was sweet and we shared stories of our siamese cats. Plus, they give away the greatest freebies. I got lip balm with SPF, another toothbrust, and 2 flosser thingys, as well as some new mouthwash samples for Bob.

Getting the fillings wasn't so fun. The numbing gel they gave me before injecting the novocane tasted horrible and made me gag. Then the Novocane was injected and it not only numbed my front mouthal area, but my nose and tongue too. Then the fillings and bonding stuff smelled like industrial nail polish remover. All in all, it was OK, but not the best time I ever had. Unfortunately, I have to go 2 more times this month. Once for more fillings and once for a cleaning. Yay me.

This morning I realized I can never send Bob to get my monthly feminine hygene products. Here's why. I am an Always gal. I use the same product every month and have for some years now. I use the super thin, super long, with wings pad. But always has so many stupid versions of their pad, I have bought the wrong one myself on many an occation. Then they began color coding them. So I knew, I should always buy the light peachy colored one. I also thought, that would be an easy way to send Bob out to get some, should the need ever arrise. Low and behold, this month I was going to send him to get some. We needed to pick up a perscription at W@lgreens and as he was going to get this, I was going to ask him to get my monthly supply too. Somehow, our plans changed and I was sent to pick up the stuff. As I'm waling the feminine hygene aisle of W@lgreens, I notice that there is NOT light peach colored pads. Now, there is an orange sherbert/salmon, almost electric orange kind of color on the pads I use. Great. They changed the color again. Not that it's so different from before, but it's different enough that had I sent Bob as was my desire, he would have either come home with the wrong pad, or thoughorly defeated in his quest for the correct feminine hygene product. I think Always does this on purpose. I think their marketing department is run by men who are sick of being sent out to pick up their women's monthly supply of feminine hygene products. This is their way of relatiating and making us do it ourselves so it gets done right the first time.

Anyone watch Celebrity Poker Showdown? I called it! The last 2 players at the table were Lauran Graham and Maura Tierney. And Maura won the whole shebang! Now that's good television people.

8:53 a.m. - Saturday, Jul. 03, 2004


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