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Weighing Less and Less Every Day

After having a really good lunch of roast beef, mashed potatos and green beans, I came home expecting to have a nice dinner. Think again. Actually, I had a good dinner...but the next 2 hours were miserable. I don't know what I did. I cut up some teryaki chicken really small. I measured out some baked beans and potato salad. I ate the tiny pieces slowly, chewing each one into tiny, tiny, slushy pieces. But I still either ended up eating too fast or eating too much because, though nothing was stuck, I heaved and heaved until my tiny stomach was empty. Blah! And poor Bob. He just wants to help and love me and I'm all, "Don't touch me. Stop touching me and let me heave!" He actually left and went to the gas station to hang out with the guys.

Wow! You guys are super generous! Bob and I have collected almost $300 in pledges so far, with more on the way. I don't know that we will meet our goal of $1000.00, but we might meet $500.00. Yay! Thank you everyone! Formal thank yous coming soon.

I went to Target last night to check out their bikes. There was one there that I really liked and it was only $70.00. Bob and I are going to go to a church yard sale tonight that has advertised bikes for sale. Hopefully, I should have a bike by midmonth.

So, I got weighed last night. I now weigh 315 lbs. I am only 4 pounds away from losing 50 full pounds. And I am only 16 pounds away from never weighed 300 pounds again. Can't even imagine. I want to document this and told Bob he should take a photo of me every month. We took the 1 month photos a little late, but after this, every month, there will be photos. Below are the first photos from the day of my surgery and my one month, 2 week anniversary. Enjoy. It should go without saying that I HATE these photos.

Front View

Horrible, horrible side view

Newer Front View

Newer Side View

Look for more closer to July 24th.


A Year Ago Today: July 07, 2003 Our weekend and the Interview

The Interview went really well. Really, really well. I got to the appointment a little early. I was there for over an hour. I met the woman Iíd be working for, Mary,and we just talked and talked and talked. Every time Mary asked me a question I would answer and then we would end up chatting. It really was a good interview. She gave me an application and asked me to fill it out and send it back to her. She said they are looking for someone, not just to fill a spot, but to be part of their little family. Someone who will fit in and help out all around. She said their motto is work hard and have fun. It really seemed like that was the case. Right behind her, she had a glass case filled with every kind of marshmallow peep you could imagine! She called it her Peep show! She really was a lot of fun.

On the way back home, I timed how long it would take to get from their building to my apartment...4 minutes! No highway. In fact, I took the main road from my apartment to the frontage road and there I was! Too cool!

I sent in my application today with a page of references and I hope to hear by next week. I talked to my administrative manager today and told her about the interview. She said if I was offered the job, I would need to stay long enough to train my replacement. I said that would be OK except that with CM and SM and how they leave everything to the last minute, I am not staying longer than 3 weeks notice.

Today was stinking busy. Mondays tend to be busy anyway, but the Monday after a holiday weekend is really busy. Many phone calls from people who got mail over the weekend and did not know what it meant.

We had a nice holiday weekend. Thursday was the interview. Then Bob and I went to the store and ran some errands. We had pizza for dinner. Friday we slept in and then Bob and I got ready and went to a pool party of a friend of ours. Our friends with the marriage problems were there together. It was somewhat weird and somewhat awkward. He was acting like there were not any problems and she was sad and low. She and I played in the pool though and had a good time.

After that, Bob and I went to the campground where his sister and brother in law and their kids were camping. We set up our tent and had a yummy dinner. Then we sat around talking for a while. After that were fireworks! Yay! Then a campfire, then bed. We slept like crap! Noisy birds! Then the sun ended up baking me through my side of the tent. I finally got up and went to the bathroom to wash up. I had intended to read, but was still so tired. I got into Bobís truck and ended up falling asleep for another couple of hours.

Eventually everyone was up and at íem so we had breakfast and then just hung out. Bob played Yahtzee with the kids and Kristi and I had a great talk while her husband slept. It was just all so relaxing and fun. We ended up leaving around three. We got home and unpacked and did laundry.

Sunday Bob, Lori, Lyndsey and I all ended up oversleeping. But it was nice to sleep in. Lori and Lynds went to Loriís sisterís house in WI and Bob and I got ready for a barbecue with our neighbors Becky and Nathan.

We had a nice time. This is the first time we have had them over, although we talk to them all the time in the yard, at the walk, etc. Nathan has MD too. Although his version of the disease is called Ducheneís and the reality is that he most likely wonít live to see his 25th birthday. He is 15 right now and is confined to a wheel chair.

Anyway, we had a goodtime with some yummy food off the grill and good company. They ended up leaving around 8pm! I went to bed early but not before I finished Pamieís book!( It was really good. Check it out for yourself.

Oh! Loriís car died! When it rains it pours. Her starter was replaced about 5 months ago and it is dead now. She had her car towed to our parking lot and she and I will be commuting the next couple of days until her car is fixed again.

Tonight we got home and Bob had made Spaghetti sauce for dinner. I put on some noodles, made a salad and baked some breadsticks. We had a yummy dinner, all of us together and it was fun.

After dinner Lori got her car towed to the mechanic she uses and Lyndsey and I went swimming in the pool. At first I didnít think I would go. I was all dressed and ready but some shady young men entered the pool area, flung themselves down on the loungers and smoked. They didnít swim, were fully dressed and never met anyone from our building. After a while they left and drove off. I donít think they live in our building.

After they left, we went swimming and had a good time just goofing off in the pool. I feel so self-conscious about my body that I do not like to go to the pool when there are many people there. Last night we were the only ones using the pool and it was nice. I need to just let go and allow myself to have fun and not worry about what everyone else is thinking. Bobís the same way though. The two of us are a couple of self-conscious body doubles.

Thanks for reading.

7:19 a.m. - Wednesday, Jul. 07, 2004


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