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It's Friday, It's Friday, It's Friday!

Happy Friday to you all.

In response to the questions in my comments, my boss is tall and willowy and reed thin, so I don't think she is watching me because she is jealous. I just think she likes being the boss of ALL areas of our lives.

Have you seen this? It looks like they are dating. The bottom right photo looks like they are going to kiss. I don't usually read Drudge, but someone pointed it out to me this morning and I agreed with their assessment that maybe the Johns are exhibiting a tad too much chumminess. Also, I head their talk about the haves and the have nots. How much money are they worth? I'm just saying.

Yesterday I had a banker call and ask, "this customer made their 2003 and 2004 contributions to their IRA already this year and they were wondering if they could make their 2005 contribution today?" it 2005? Then no. "Well, can they make it on Jan 1?" Will it be 2005? Then yes. Seriously people. How hard is it? Also, I don't talk sassily to our bankers, though it might appear here that I do. Not to say I don't want to, though.

Yesterday at work a woman that works on my floor but not in my department told me I am looking really good and she can totally tell I am losing weight. THEN one of my co-workers say me and he said, "Hey Slim! How's it going?" Can I tell you how good that felt? So GOOD! But then one of the managers ordered pizza for lunch. She said I should at least try it. Pizza is another hard food for me. When it came, there was TACO pizza! It smelled so good but I didn't dare try it right now because it had lettuce, hamburger, and tomatoes. I just thought it would be too hard. But I was so tempted and it smelled SO good. I did grab one piece of pepperoni and just ate the pepperonis and some cheese. It didn't sit very well after, so maybe I should stay away for a while.

So it's Friday and tomorrow is our 5K walk to raise money for MDA. As of today, Bob and I have raised $460! Thank you to each and every one who has given to this worthy cause. We know there are so many places you can spend and share your money with out there and we are humbly blessed that you would send some of your hard earned coin this way. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Of course, there will be photos either late this weekend or early next week. The bad news is it looks like it will be hot (around 90) and humid and there are a chance of thunderstorms and rain. So, it could be a very interesting day. I am still looking forward to it. We just have to hook up with a lot of water, an umbrella, and some shelter, just in case. Thanks again every one!


A Year Ago Today: 9:11 a.m. July 09, 2003 030709_53.html My Brotherís in Town and Scary Crushes Had a good day yesterday. Work was busy but at least the phones were somewhat quiet.

We put an ad in the Sunday paper because we have openings for agents. Usually these ads garner about 25 responses, tops. This time, Iíve taken 80 messages! In 2 days! Thatís the job market here in the Cities.

I picked Lori up from work and we drove home together. Itís been nice carpooling. She found out that her carís ignition switch is the problem and the cost will be under $300. So her whole next paycheck is going towards getting her car fixed and back on the road.

My brother was in town last night. He came over and we had a great talk. He and Bob have some stuff in common from their youth...although Bob did a lot more stuff that I consider stupid. But the best story my brother told was one I had never heard. He said he was about 14 or 15 and had been experimenting with cigarettes. He said he had a pack hidden really, really well. He had put them in a box of blank tapes. Put that in a box. Put that box on the top shelf in his closet, waaaaaaayyyy in the back under some other stuff. So it was well hidden. One day he went to get his cigarettes out only to find a note inside them from our DAD! Now, this is the surprising part. If the note had been from our surprise there. But it was from Dad and it said something like, "There better be a good reason for having these...just know that I know." So weird. Dad wasnít so much involved in our discipline and punishments when we were growing up. That was more Momís area. My brother said Dad never said a word to him and has never mentioned it since. We really had a good laugh over it now. How slick is our Dad? It didnít stop Huff from smoking though. He just went out, got a new pack of cigs, and left that one where it was. He always did know how to work the system. He had other good stories, but they are his stories to tell and not mine. Itís kind of fun to talk about that stuff now that we are all on the other side. Now that we are grown up and at least resemble responsible adults. One thing for sure, Huffís boys are going to have a really hard time getting away with anything in their rebellious years.]

Thanks for coming by Huff! I had a good time catching up with you. Hope you did too. You are welcome to stop by anytime. It was nice visiting without the distractions of the boys...but next time bring them and Belle too! Love ya!


A Year Ago Today: to continue with the boy crazy saga. I donít know why I was so boy crazy. Itís not like I had boys hanging on me at all. But I really, really liked them.

When we moved to southern WI, I changed my pattern of having crushes on blond, Nordic boys. All through the 8th grade, I had a huge crush on Rick P. He was tall and had dark hair and blue eyes. He played basketball and he was in my beginning acting class. He never looked twice at me.

I carried that crush into my first year of high school. My friend Mary and I had crushes on several members of our high school basketball team. They fascinated us. We would even take photos of ourselves next to their homes/vehicles/whatever. It was silly, but we were young.

I also had a crush on Pete B, who was a senior. But only because I saw him in the school musical and I had a thing for musicians. He was bright, funny and cute, if a little geeky.

There was one crush I had that was very unwise and, looking back on it, kind of scary. There was a guy in the grade ahead of me that was a friend of a friend. When we hung out, there was a kind of sexual chemistry/energy type thing going on. I was aware of it, but innocent of its potential and power. One day I knew I was going over to this guyís house with my friend. I wore my tightest jeans and a low cut tight T-shirt...on purpose. This guy (Rob) took us down to the basement where he was building a darkroom for his photography hobby. We looked around appreciatively. Then, my friend had to use the bathroom so he went back upstairs and left Rob and I downstairs alone. Nothing really happened. We talked and Rob showed me around.

It was one of those times when, if we had been alone, I am sure something would have happened. But my friend came back downstairs and kind of broke the mood. But on our way back up the stairs, my friend went up first, I was second and Rob was bringing up the rear. As we walked up, he grabbed my butt and when I turned in shock to him, he grabbed my chest. That was that. Nothing ever came of it (Thank GOD!) and I never really hung out with him again. I got scared and didnít like the grabbiness. I was scared of my feelings and scared of the repercussions. I backed way off and just stayed away. I never wore those jeans again and ended up giving that shirt away...or throwing it away. I rarely ever wore clothes that emphasized my curves on purpose again.

I heard later...many years later...that Rob had been arrested for raping a girl.

I had lots of friends that were guys. Many of them were kind of sketchy. I was the girl they called when they were having girl problems. I was their "sister" who would talk them through. I would get rides home from school in their cool cars. I would talk to them on the phone at night. But it never went beyond that. I was the good girl. All that kind of stopped when I started dating Andy at the end of my sophomore year.

Thanks for reading.

7:18 a.m. - Friday, Jul. 09, 2004


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