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Sugar Free Marshmellows Cost Alot and Aren't Worth It.

I received my sugar free marshmellows yesterday and I have to say I am disappointed. There are only about 18 in the bag and the resemble circus lite pink circus peanuts more than marshmellows. I wonder what the sugar content is in a regular marshmellow? If it's low enough, it might just be better to go with 1 roasted regular marshmellow rather than these pale pink disasters.

Last night Bob and I got our fishing and camping stuff out of storage so we can pack as we go about our days this week. Here's how anal retentive I am, I organized all Bob's fishing tackle. But, surprizingly, he let me. I took everything out and then put it all back in organized groupings. Hooks all went in one compartment, bobbers in another, sticky bait-like things in another, sinkers in another, and so on. Then I labeled them all for easy access. He still won't be able to find anything he's looking for though. His mess is a mess, but he knows it intimately.

I forgot to mention that the Cloud 9 Flats do all have 1 window that cranks open. Woo. 1 whole window. Again, not for us.

My tummy is still a little on the queasy side today. Still having trouble finding food that seems appetizing. I did have yummy yogurt for breakfast and a protein drink for lunch. Not sure what I'll have for dinner though. Bah. But am still taking vitamins and drinking lots and lots of water.

Oh and guess what? I finally got a bike! It looks just like this except it is purple and silver. AND I got it at Wal-Mart for a price that was ridiculously within our budget. And I love it! I went for a short ride last night with Bob and it just feels so good to be on a bike again. I do think I have to change out the seat though as my seat is a tad too big still for the seat currently attached to the bike, but we'll see. I love it, I love it, I love it. Bob likes it too and is so jealous of my ability to ride a bike. At one point in the night, he wanted to try and get on it. I let him over my better judgement but when it became clear he couldn't even get on the bike, he gave up defeatedly. Poor baby. But he rides in his chair and I bike and it works out really well. We are going to take it with us to the cabin this weekend and I can't wait to try it out up in the wild. I got a bike, I got a bike. I looked it up on the Schwinn websight (that's where I found the photo) and it would have cost WAY more to buy it from an actual Schwinn dealer. In fact, it costs much more than half what I paid at Wal-Mart, but mine still has a lifetime guarantee. Yay!

I have wanted a Schwinn since I was a little kid and had to buy a Coast King from Coast to Coast. It was what I could afford at the time. But I loved my bikes as a kid. In fact, my parents used to let me ride my bike to school as a gradeschooler. This may not sound too "whoopdedo" to you, but I mapquested my route from our first home in the boondocks to my elementary school and it was 4.8 miles. I road that a couple of times in 5th grade. Then, in 7th grade, I rode my bike to Jr. High and that was 5.13 miles. I remember the trips seeming kind of far, but man! That's some kind of bike ride. There is no way on God's green earth I would let my own kids do that all by themselves these days. No way!

So, anyway, I have a bike and I am not afraid to use it. Yay!


A Year Ago Today: July 14, 2003 Can We Go Back to the Weekend Please?

Yeah. Today is going to be a doozy. I can already tell. My bosses came in this morning (not until 10am, I might mention.) and SMís desk phone didnít work. Which actually means she did something to it because everyone elseís phones were working and once she left it alone, it worked fine. Then CM came in and told me that last week he went to a regional meeting and didnít have a hotel room and didnít I call ahead for him? I told him I had called the regional administrator and she took note of his hotel room needs and booked him a room. He responds with, ďDonít tell me that, because it didnít happen.Ē Ummm. On our end it did. We had a confirmation number and everything. He just thinks that because it breaks down, it has to be my/our fault and not the fault of the hotel/computer system/person on their end who ďtookĒ the reservation. OK. Then, he asks me if Iíve been getting the newspaper tear sheets for the ads weíve been placing in the Sunday paper. I say no and he says well somebody has because heís been getting paid for the ads. Well thatís good news, but it hasnít been me. He says that is my responsibility and that I need to find a paper to get the ad out of. Soooo, now I have to subscribe to or buy the paper in order to get HIM reimbursed. Yeah. I so did not want to come to work today. But itís the end of our mid-month and week, so itís important that Iím here.

OKÖso itís later in the day and itís really turned out to be a craptacular day. Everyone at work is crabby today. SM keeps asking me why Iím doing things one way when what she means is that Iím doing it wrong. Even though she and her husband are the ones who ďtrainĒ me on how to do stuff around here. Right now we are beginning to interview the respondents to our ad from last week. The ad that was in the paper. The paper that I am supposedly supposed to buy and cut said ad from since CM has decided itís not his job to keep track of it. Even though he and SM have a daily newspaper subscription. Yeah. So today was our first interview. The first interview we have had in over 2 months and even then, we were doing it much differently. At that time, we were inviting 3-10 people to come in at a scheduled time to view a video, fill out paperwork, and ask questions. We were calling them employment seminars. Apparently we have stopped offering the employment seminars as this gentleman came in today all on his own. CM and SM showed up 5 minutes AFTER the applicant. I had him filling out paperwork. SM said I was to show him THE video. Itís a video introduction to our most well known product. I have it on DVD but it must have walked away since the last time we showed it because it was not in the computer and it was not in its case. CM gave me a new one, but said I should show him the video instead, along with a second video explaining how to ďplay on our teamĒ. The second video was missing too. I settled our applicant in to watch the first video and went to alert CM as to the absence of the second video. He got all huffy and said, ďWell, itís been a while since we asked you to do this, but I would have thought you would have remembered how to do it on your own.Ē Ummmm yeah. I did not even know we had this appointment until noon today when they went to lunch and told me I should go to lunch too so Iíd be ready for our appointment. Then they did not tell me it was not an employment seminar but was, instead, just a one on one appointment. The TV and VCR were in the wrong room and the DVD and video were missing. So, itís all my fault. Just like it was all my fault CM didnít have a hotel room in Madison when he got to the seminar. Yeah, days like today really make me hate my job. I know every job has its ups and downs and I know every job has its quirky days and bosses, but MAN what I wouldnít give to get out of here. I should have called in sick. Blah!

On to better topics. Our weekend was fun with a capitol F! I left work early and went home to load up. Bob and I were on the road by 5:30 and to the cabin by 9. We drove through some pretty tempestuous weather but it brought some amazing scenery with it. We stopped at a roadside rest area in Garrison and took in the local color. We had to wait 45 minutes for his sister and brother in law to show up, but we passed the time by taking pictures of local flora and fauna and by making out. Hee. We got to bed late and I woke up far too early Saturday morning. Bob and Dan and their friend Roger were going fishing and I wanted to go, but it was the guysí time. Instead, I read a new book: ďAnd the Shofar BlewĒ by Francine Rivers. It was really good. It reminded me of the book I finished not too recently: ďThe Sunday WifeĒ. Both book dealt with pastors on their way up the ladder and the issue of pride. Both pastors built their churches on the backs of others and ignored their families in order to attend to the issues of the church. But there was grace and forgiveness and ultimately reconciliation in the Shofar book. In the Sunday Wife, there was just closure. Both were good books but I really liked the Shofar book better.

After lunch Bob took a nap while Dan and Kelli mowed and I read. After that we all went fishing. It was fun! Dan and Bob caught more fish than I did, but I caught my share of Sunnies and Crappies. Dan caught a big Northern. After fishing, we had dinner and a campfire. We all turned in by midnight. Sunday we all slept in. It was too windy to go out fishing so after lunch we packed up and took off. The bummer was we did not hear loons once. We did see Mom and Dad and baby loons on the lake, so they were there, but we never heard them. The frogs on the other hand were VERY loud and boisterous.

Once we got home and unpacked, I did some laundry and then Bob and I went swimming in our pool. No one was there so we had it to ourselves for almost 2 hours. The whirlpool was heavenly. I ended up doing some water aerobic type things in the pool and tried to swim 5 laps but pooped out after 3. I really need to do some more physical things in order to get my stamina up. I hope the pool is free in the evenings as that would be an ideal time to use it.

After the pool I took a shower and got ready for bed. Bob and I talked until Lori and Lyndsey came home. Then it was bedtime. I didnít sleep well at all. It took me a while to fall asleep and then I kept waking up. I finally got up at 6 and went into the living room and snuggled with Bob on the hide-a-bed for an hour while Lori was getting ready.

It looks like they may be with us a bit longer. Lori went to a woman from churchís house to talk to her about moving in. It turns out that this woman thought it would just be a short-term thing where as Lori was thinking it would be a tad more permanentÖ at least 6 months or so. So, they are with us at least until the end of August unless something else pops up in the meantime. Not that it is going badly. Itís not. Itís just crowded, Bob really really hates sleeping on the hide a bed, and canít wait to get back into his own room and his own bed. Not to mention the lack of something/something thatís going on (Or not going on) in our bedroom as it is. We really miss THAT!

I want a Dad van. Bobís brother in law Dan has a beautiful Dodge Grand Caravan. I really like it even though it is a van. Bob and I were talking and he said I could look into getting a new car since we are still making payments on mine right now. I looked up vans on the Internet and found I could get a Kia Sorento for about $5000 more than my new car cost in 2001. It got a high safety rating and some good reviews. I emailed a local dealer and they can get me some cash back and will give me good $ in trade for my car. Why do I want a van? Several reasons. One, so we have a way to haul Bobís scooter when the weather is bad. Also, we might be able to get a lift into it so we arenít hefting it. Also, itís a better and more comfortable ride for Bob. Right now my car is so small and tiny, he feels cramped and in pain when we gets into it. Finally, my car is a stick and he canít drive a stick. So if we ever need to switch vehicles, he gets the shaft. We could use a van to haul stuff when we go camping and whatnot too. When I talked to him about it later, he said he was thinking and it might be better to just start looking for a house instead of getting a new car. Bummer! I was all psyched! Maybe we can still do it though. I love me some van.

Bobís birthday is in 3 months and I had an awesome idea for a party for him. He mentioned that he never went to a dance when he was in high school. Actually, he went to one when he was a freshman, but his mom made him take his sister and he was teased so badly that he never went to another one. He said he missed a part of his childhood and he felt cheated. I thought I would throw him a dance for a birthday party! We could rent the party room at our apartment building and everyone could come in dress up clothes. We could load the stereo with 70ís and early 80ís compilation cds and have a dance! The only thing I canít decide is whether or not it should be a surprise party or not. And if it isÖhow do I get him to the party room of the other building? These are the things I will be pondering this next month. I am excited about the possibilities though. We could decorate in ďschool danceĒ with streamers and a disco ball and even a background for couples to get their photos taken in front of ala prom! Everyone could bring an appetizer and we will have punch and cake. Yay! I was thinking of having people come in the clothes they wore to dances during their high school days, but Iím not sure I could find a ruffled shirt and prairie skirt. Or a shaker sweater (worn backwards of course) and pin striped jeans. So, weíll see. But I am definitely having a dance party for my man.

Tonight is the party planning dinner for Bob and his siblings. They are planning their mom and stepdadís 25th wedding anniversary. Itís in 2 weeks. I hope itís nice and that they have an enjoyable time. Their kids are really giving it their all. Such an awesome family I married into!

Thanks for reading.

12:42 p.m. - Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2004


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