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Reminding Myself What I'm Thankful For

I think I packed one too many bites of Thai peanut beef into my new tiny little stomach because it's sitting here rumbly and full feeling and not so good. And the beef was sooo good! When will I learn what fits? How much is enough and how much is too much?

Bob and I are mostly packed for our trip up North this weekend. We are leaving as soon as I get off work and are meeting his sister and her husband at their cabin by 9 or 10, I guess. Then we are in for a weekend of fishing, cabiny goodness! Yay!

Yesterday I was NOT in a happy way. For some reason I was just so crabby and annoyed. It started after lunch and each and every call I took was one annoying matter after another. Then I got home, hoping to decompress and read for a while but Bob had slept most of the day, and had not finished folding the laundry. So I finished that and he hightailed it out of our apartment because he could sense hurricane Amy brewing. But once that was done, I read for an hour and felt much better. Then Bob came home and we trucked over to Galyans to get our fishing licenses. When we got there, they were having some huge clearance sale and everyone and their kid was there stocking up on sporting equipment. We stood in line at the customer service counter, waiting to be waited on. The lines were long and it seemed like everyone else was feeling much like I was. Finally, some dude in the front, opened his register and started motioning for the new people to come forward. I KNEW we had to get our licenses at customer service, but the guy behind us was not versed in MN nice and belts out this nasty, "Get going would you?" So I succumbed to nasty man's peer pressure and pushed Bob's wheelchair to the checkout counter where we were told we needed to go back to the customer service counter. *sigh* But at that point, God smiled on us and a young woman came and opened her register at customer service. Score! So we got our licenses and hightailed it out of there quickly.

Something so totally weird happened when we got home. Bob and I JUST stepped out of our elevator when we noticed a woman standing in our building's vestibule checking the apartment listings. When she saw us, she knocked on the door and motioned for us to let her in. Normally we don't do this because it defeats the whole purpose of living in a security building. But in this case, Bob opened it a bit to ask her what she needed and she said she was looking for a certain apartment number. The number she mentioned just happened to be ours! Then she asked if I were Lori? it took me a minute, but I told her Lori lived with us for a month last year but I haven't really seen much of her since. Then she said she had a really important delivery for her and did I have her contact info. I did, so I gave it to her. Then Bob asked what this was all about and she said she didn't know. She did know that the papers were legal in nature and she was just there to serve them. After she left, Bob said I should NOT have given her Lori's info. I got kind of mad and said they would have eventually found it and NOT giving them the info doesn't make Lori any less liable or responsible for whatever legal papers were being delivered. Plus, how random is it that this lady was there at the EXACT moment we got off the elevator? Weird.

Anyway, the rest of the night was spent packing for our trip. Also, cleaning because there is nothing I hate worse than coming home from somewhere and not only having to unpack and clean up from that, but also having to clean the house.

As I was vacuuming, I just got more and more angry. In my head I was saying, "I HATE this carpet. I HATE this apartment. I HATE living here." Then I was saying, "I wish we had more money. I wish we had our own house. I wish we had a van for Bob to get around in. I wish we had more storage space...we don't have ANY storage space! I wish we lived anywhere but here." (which is a VERY dangerour wish indeed.) Then, when I went to put the vacuum away, I accidentally rolled it over my big toe and it hurt more than I can possibly describe here. I just cried. Thankfully, Bob was at the gas station and not there to see my mini breakdown.

So, in light of my bad attitude and unthankfulness, the rest of this entry is dedicated to all the things I AM thankful for. Have a great weekend!

I am Thankful For (In no particular order):

-A husband who loves me as unconditionally as any human being has ever loved me.

-2 cute, funny and playful kitties that make me laugh at least once every day.

-A loving mother and father who love me no matter what and who have opened their hearts and home to my husband.

-Kind, funny, and loving in-laws, who are also good friends. And more brothers, sisters, neices and nephews than I ever dreamed of having.

-A warm dry, well maintained apartment to call home. Not only that, but it's furnished and FULL!

-A big warm bed to sleep in every night.

-A computer with printer and scanner and internet service.

-Electronic equipment to entertain me in almost any way I want to be entertained.

-Books, books and more books.

-The largest bathroom I've ever lived with.

-More dishes, towels, sheets, and blankets than we could ever use ourselves in a year. (Our wedding guests really set us up.)

-This diary/journal.

-2 cars that are dependable and run well.

-A great job with a good boss and fun co-workers.

-A 5 minute commute and NO highways, freeways or interstate travel.

-A cube on the 13th floor with a wall of windows directly to my left.

-A brand new bicycle.

-More friends than I deserve, all who fiercely love me and enjoy my company.

-An amazing church and church family.

-3 meals daily...every single day.

-A husband that makes me laugh every single day.

-A husband who rubs my back at night while I lie in bed so I fall asleep easier.

-A husband who KNOWS me and still loves me. (this is on here 2ce because it never fails to baffle and humble me.)

-Clothes that fit...mostly.

-The means, time, energy and support to have had bariatric surgery.

-An incredebly shrinking body.

-You guys!

-Sunny skies and clear weather for the weekend ahead.

-Fishing gear and a husband who put on my bait and take off my fish.

-I made it through this whole entry without losing my all is well.


A Year Ago Today: July 16, 2003: Pink Eyes and Housing Woes

Iím home with conjunctivitis. Or better known as pink eye. Yeah, Itís very attractive. Missed 2 days of work because of it. But itís been a nice break anyway.

At the doctorís office, they weighed me and I weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life. Itís completely shocking what I weigh right now. Something has to be done. I am meeting with my doctor again in August for a complete physical, so I will talk to her about it then.

I am still waiting to hear about that other job. Right now Iím not feeling too positive about it, but we shall see. I would LOVE to just get out of the job I have now. My bosses arenít the greatest in the area of people management and tend to treat me kind of shabbily, but Iím not guaranteed a change just because I change jobs. So, weíll see what happens. I just donít want to be stuck where Iím at forever.

Oh...I emailed our senator and representative and told them about Bobís plight with his former employer and the Department of Human Rights. Our senator is having an aid look into the matter, so we may be getting some kind of settlement soon. That would be awesome as we are starting to think of looking for a house. The bad news is that the housing market here is so out of control. Median housing prices just topped $200,000 for our area. Which means half are under and half are over that amount. We were looking at the housing section of the Sunday paper and that was a depressing venture. Most affordable homes are in scary, horrible neighborhoods or far, far away. We would like to stay where we are or as close as possible, but the housing prices here will price us right out.

Our neighbor, Becky and her son Nathan got ripped off this week. Nathan is in a wheel chair as he has Ducheneís MD. Beckyís purse was on the back of his chair and someone made off with it at the grocery store. Took all her cash and dumped the purse in the parking lot. What kind of human steals from a little boy in a wheel chair? She was so mad and scared and just plain angry. We let her vent with us and then prayed with her. Poor woman. As if sheís not going through enough right now.

Looking forward to this weekend. Itís Bobís nephewís graduation party and it will be family central. I hope to get some good photos to share.

Right now itís time to go put more drops in my beautiful pink eyes! Mmmmmm.

2:12 p.m. July 16, 2003: I Got It!

I got the job! I got the job! I got the job! Whooooooo hooooooo! I start August 1st and make a little bit more than I am making right now with a review in March. Yay! Now I just have the break the news to my current employers and train my replacement. No biggie. I got a new job! Yay!

ED: I am SO thankful I don't work at my former employers anymore.

12:43 p.m. - Friday, Jul. 16, 2004


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