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Photo heavy entry about the cabin visit

OK, so I decided to update anyway. Actually though, this update is almost all photos (sorry dial-up people) from our trip to the cabin up north. Just wanted to share the cabiny goodness.

First, I need to describe my bike ride in detail because I didn't bring my camera with me. It's too hard handling a new bike, biking for the first time in actual years, and biking on gravel to worry about my cute little camera. So imagine you are with me.

You start out biking down the grassy driveway. There are 2 dirt paths parrell to each other all the way down the driveway where cars have made their impressions in the earth. There are trees on either side of you. It's shady and cool, but also buggy. Occationally, there are dapples of sunlight streaming through the few open spaces in the woods.

There is a hill. You feel your heart begin to beat faster. Should you brake the whole way down the hill like an old fart? Or ride the hill like you did when you were a kid, hoping the momentum would propel you well up the other side? In this case, you do both. You ride the hill well down, but near the bottom, you notice a soft, muddy area and to avoid getting stuck or a spin out, you brake a bit. But you have enough momentum to get you up the hill without having to get off and walk it up.

You pass your BIL and SIL as they are still working on the broken fence. They ask where you are going and you say, "Where ever the road takes me" and you turn left onto the yellow gravel road.

The gravel is mostly even with several bumps in the middle that are somewhat difficult to avoid. There are piney woods on both sides of the road with the occational birch dotting the landscape.

It feels so good to ride. You test out the gears until you find one that feels good and you pump, pump, pump your legs. It's like you've been riding all your life without a 10 year break since your last bike ride.

There is a 4-way stop coming up. Choices! You decide to go straight. Ahead of you on the left is a home and a vast field of newly baled hay behind it. On your right there is some swampy land and a view of the lake. It is sunny and there are sun dappled sparkles on the water. People are out there boating, fishing, enjoying the day. As you bike across the intersection, you are reminded on the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz and that song they play when she is the teacher or librarian or whatever, goes through your head. You pump your peddles in time to the song in your head.

Soon, the lake view gives way to more woods and that's when you feel the heavenly fingers of coolness reaching out invitingly towards you. The woods smell of must and loam and earth. It's good to be outside.

Up ahead you see a guy on an ATV. He gives you the friendly "Hey" wave and you wave back. You wonder if he thinks you're a dork for riding a bike. Then you realize, even if he does, so what. You're having fun.

Then you see something in the middle of the road. It looks like an inner tube. Upon closer inspection, you see it's a garter snake. It looks alive, but doesn't move at all. You leave it alone and try to forget it's there.

You reach a home's driveway and realize you were riding down a dead end road. Oh well, you just turn around and ride back the other way, passing the same stupid snake. Still not moving...thank God.

Now the field is on your right and it smells like hay and clover and newly mowed grass. So sweet and comforting.

You pass the guy on the ATV again. He is sitting still, looking out over the field. Maybe it's his. Or maybe he is just sitting there enjoying the smell of the field...drinking it in. Who knows. As you pass him, you hear him rev the engine on his ATV, but he never passes you again, so he must have taken a trail. Or maybe he went out in the middle of the field to roll in the grass and hay. Hee.

As you are peddling, you realize you are tired. So tired. You don't know if you can peddle any more. You coast a bit until the bike stops. You get off and decide to walk the bike back to the cabin. You road your bike 3/4 of the way back, so it's not far. And you are so thankful you already passed the snake. The rest of the walk back is peaceful, filled with bird songs, frogs and crickets. It was a good ride.


Now onto the photos!

This is the cabin as viewed from the boat.

This is the view of the lake as seen from the cabin. Note their wood swing in the lower right hand corner? That's my favorite spot to hang out.

This is my favorite spot on the lake. The grassy part reminds me of Little House on the Prairie.

Is it a lake or a mirror?

Waiting for a fish to bite can take a long, long time.

This is where the frogs hang out.

My first catch of the day. Just a tiny sun fish.

See how tiny they can be?

This is Bob with his big catch of the day. Another little sun fish.

This is the crappe (crapy? Crappy?) I caught when we went out the second time. Note that Bob is holding it because I won't.

The sunset while we were still on the lake fishing away.

Bob's favorite to fishing. Not really, but doesn't he look so cute!

Just some berries on a bush in the yard.

Some pretty flowers my SIL has potted on the stairs.

So that's it. That's our annual visit to the cabin. We had a great time! Hope you enjoyed it too.

12:30 p.m. - Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2004


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