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Hi, Give Me Some Free Stuff

I am on a committee at work that plans our United Way week of caring. During that week, we have devised all kinds of ways to raise funds for UW. There are raffles and auctions and games and whatnot. Being part of the committee that plans it means that I get to be going from merchant to merchant beggin...I mean asking for donations from them to use as prizes. I am such a whimp, I don't know that I can pull that off without running off crying if they decide not to donate.

"Hi, I'm Amy and I'm with Big Bank Co down the street. Ummmmm, you don't know me, but we want free stuff from you for a fundraiser we're doing at the end of August....please give me free stuff!"

I tried Petco last night but the manager was out, so I left my official letter and will have to call her back later. I'm such a whimp.

Last night I went to a Southern Living at Home party. Though the stuff is on the expensive side, I did manage to find a couple of things I liked that were more affordable and will be well utilized in our home. I even signed up to have my own party because in August, the special is on a candlestick I MUST have. It is beautiful. The only bad thing is that half the people I want to invite to my party were at the party last night. Doh!

I also enlisted the SL@H gal to possibly join us during the United Way week of caring. Score!

So, this weekend was going to be one big purging party. But now I have to collect free stuff from area merchants. And of course, every store, restaurant, and gas station now becomes, in my mind, a potential place to hit up for free stuff. I don't want to limit myself don't you know, but I should also give myself some kind of limits so I don't go crazy knocking myself out every night and weekend until the Week of Caring. But the possibilities are endless!

I got a little shock last night. I opened my email to see that my brother and his family are moving. At first I thought he was joking. I scanned the whole email to find the punch line, only to find none. It's not a big deal, except that it came out of nowhere. The last I heard from my brother's family is that they are getting ready for a trip to California. Then all of a sudden, BANG! They are moving. It's just to a town a few miles south of where they live now, so it's not like they are moving to Seattle or anything. Still, I didn't know they were looking for a house, had put their house on the market or anything like that. But good for them! A new house, new community and all the fun new things that come with moving. Now that I've had some time to digest it a bit, I am excited for them. Can't wait to see their new place, I just don't know when I will next be in WI as the weekends I have wanted to go have been thwarted by other events. But it looks like I should make a trek sometime in September, huh? ************************************* A Year Ago Today: July 21, 2003 Training and a Sad Husband We had a really nice weekend! I think it helps to know that I will only be at my current job for 2 more weeks! Yay!

We spent most of Saturday at Bobís nephewís graduation party. It was a nice way to spend a beautiful day. We saw both sides of his family; and had good visits all around. The funny thing is, we will see almost all of these people again next weekend at Bobís parentsí 25th anniversary party.

Sunday we ended up oversleeping! I cleaned and did some work I brought home and then we ran some errands. We are in charge of the centerpieces for the dinner next weekend. We ended up buying stuff to make them. I hope they turn out as neat as they are in our head. We spent too much as it was, but we need 16 centerpieces and they didnít have enough in the store.

Today I am training a temp and scheduling interviews for administrators for the rest of the week. Itís weird. The temps they send me are always men but the calls Iím getting for the position are all women. Donít know whatís up with that.

Bobís supposed to be doing laundry today but when I called, he was back in bed. He sounded good when I left this morning. Donít know whatís going on with him. Heís been so sad and depressed and down on himself lately. Wish there was something I could do to help him feel better. He says he feels like he is useless, weak, and worthless. I tell him he is not useless and worthless and that his strength is not in his muscles, but in his heart and character, but he does not seem to believe me. He had to cancel another appointment with his counselor because we cannot afford it right now. I would rather send him there than buy table centerpieces, but that couldnít be helped this month. I will be glad when his classes start again. Maybe that will perk him up.

Back to more training! Thanks for reading.

6:51 a.m. - Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2004


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