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2 Months From Saturday is 2 Months Since Surgery

The humidity has finally broken. It's still hot, but now it's not so oppressive.

Yesterday I wore my favorite red dress to work and it just HUNG on me. I had more comments about the weight I've been losing yesterday than in the 2 months combined since surgery. My 2 month surgery anniversary is Saturday. I want to get weighed tomorrow and Bob will take my photo on Saturday. I did try to weigh myself on our bathroom scale to see if it will register my weight yet. (It only goes to 299lbs) I think it did looked like it stopped on 298 or 297. But it's not digital, so the accuracy could be off. So, tomorrow before work I am going to stop by the bariatric clinic and get weighed on their scales. Oh man, if I am under 300lbs, that will be a day to celebrate! That will be 61+ lbs never seen again on my body. Whoo hoo!

I want to take a minute to "publicly" apologize to Kathy at Kitchen Logic. I left a comment after one of her entries yesterday that, while totally NOT my intention, came off as sounding flip and sassy towards her. My intention was to tell her how her entry reminded me of a news story I had seen that week based on something she had written weeks before. I meant to sound flip and sassy towards the news people. Kathy's got enough to deal with without people leaving sassy comments in her comments section, so I just want to say I am sorry and it was a misunderstanding.

Yesterday I went to 4 businesses to solicit free stuff for our fundraiser. I got 3 sassy looks of "why are you asking us for free stuff?" and one guy who said they would for sure, but his dad was the big whig and wouldn't be in until next week. This is from the fancy jewelery store in our building. They other three businesses were, a snack bar, a hair salon and the cafeteria place. For sure I expected the jeweler guy to laugh me out of the door, but it went really well there. I think my strategy has changed though. I will send a personalized letter, introducing myself and our cause with an instruction that I will stop by or call later in the week. That way, I know I am not bugging them in the middle of a busy time and they will be prepared to deal with me. Who knew getting free stuff could be so hard!

So this weekend is purging weekend. I am going to go through all our closets, cupboards and storage and get rid of everything we no longer use, need or remember. I am not sure if I will hold a yard sale or just take it all to goodwill. A yard sale is a pain in the behind. But it would make us a little bit of cash, which would come in handy right about now. But taking it all to Goodwill is so easy and simple. Maybe I will decide when I see what our pile 'o crap looks like. But I MUST purge. I have cabin fever and it's still the middle of summer. My fondest wish would be to get rid of the sofa in our living room. It's hideaous, completely uncomfortable, and so heavy to move. But we have nothing to replace it with, so that's not an option. But it takes all that's in me not to chuck it out the front door. *************************************** A Year Ago Today: July 22, 2003 A Crazy Day and Hoping For No More

Oh man. Another day like yesterday and I will need a weekís vacation to recover.

I have never been soooooo busy. I was training Victor, our temp and never once was I able to complete a task start to finish. We were always interrupted by the phone, by an agent, by CM and SM all day long.

I took 30 calls for the administrator position. We scheduled all the interviews for today and tomorrow. I JUST found out that SM and CM are going on vacation at noon on Thursday and wonít be back until August 4th. So we are interviewing 25 people in the next 2 1/2 days. Plus training Victor.

Then I got home and Bob hadnít done laundry. I needed clothes for work so I had to do 4 loads of laundry last night plus make dinner for the 4 of us. I worked from 7:00am yesterday until 9:30pm. I went to bed exhausted and woke up this morning exhausted as well. Good practice for when we have kids, no doubt. Just not used to it.

So today is just a short entry to say hi and itís crazy, but Iím still writing.

July 22, 2003 What They Are Willing to Pay

Someone found my site by searching for "Horse Birthday Cake". Too funny.

I just found out what they are going to start someone with 5 years administrative experience at in my position! $13.60! Thatís $28,288 a year. I make more than a dollar an hour less than that right now with 7 years total of administrative experience and 2 Ĺ years in the actual position! Thatís so cheap. I canít believe it. I only got a 0.03 cent raise per hour at my last review and the next person coming in, will make over $3,000 more a year than I currently do in the exact same position. I am sooo glad to be leaving.

No more Victor and No More Interviews

Whew! I feel like I can finally breathe. Weíve interviewed 16 people in 2 days! Plus received several more resumes. Itís been crazy. And as if I donít have enough to do in training Victor and my regular duties, SM passed all the interviews on to me today. She said if there were any good candidates, she would talk to them, but otherwise I was to tell them about the position/expectations/duties/needs/pay and answer the applicants questions. Okkkaay.

So I brought a woman into her office who seemed OK. I couldnít really get a read on her and wanted SM to meet with her and see what she thought.

As soon as they were done meeting, SM gives me the stink eye and once the woman was gone, SM took me to her office and said she wasnít a great candidate and why didnít I just tell her weíd call her? Well, maybe because hiring and interviewing arenít on my job description. AND Iíve never had to interview or hire anyone before! Iím not paid managerial money! I didnít say that of course. But I did tell her about not getting a feel for the woman one way or the other and wanting her opinion, which is what I got. Plus, I have NO experience in this.

So on the next woman, I was more careful and came away with a really good feeling about her. I brought her to SM and she ended up being the one we all agreed to offer the job to if her background check comes back OK.

So, I had to let Victor go because weíre not going to need him. I will train this new woman as soon as her background comes back OK and her paperwork is in our administratorís hands. It could be Tuesday! Thatís 4 days of training on a job it took me over a year to get down and still there are things I donít know how to do or have forgotten how to do them. The nice thing is, there is always someone to call for help.

I have a much better understanding of the interview process now though. Itís not so much what you know but who you are. You could be the most qualified candidate in the bunch but if you donít click with the interviewers or you come across as wired up when they are looking for laid back, you wonít get the job. Itís not personal at all...not really. Itís just that they are looking for a good fit.

Which makes me feel doubly good about my new job and the interview I had there. Yay!

Last night was the first night Bob and I slept in our own beds again. It felt good to be back. At least until 4am when I woke up and couldnít get back to sleep. I hate when that happens. Itís a bad feeling. I just got up and finished reading "In Her Shoes" by Jennifer Weiner. Great book! I really liked it. It was similar to "Good in Bed" by the same author, but not so much so that you felt you were reading a sequel without the characters from the first book. I like how she writes in flashback and I like her story arcs. And her sense of humor is one of the best. I could do without some of the more vulgar language and adult "situations". But for the most part, I have come to really enjoy the books written by this author.

Lori and Lyndsay are now house/dogsitting at our friend Debís house. When Deb gets back from gallivanting in LA, Lori will move the rest of their stuff over there for good. I think itís a good situation for both of them as they are both single moms with daughters. If they can get along, it will be a good situation for all.

My last day here is in a week in a half. Yay and sadness. I am excited for my new job but itís always hard to change and I know my way around this job so well.

Before he left, Victor gave me a wonderful compliment. I told him I was nervous about the new stuff and he said, "Oh I wouldnít worry about it! You are so organized and so good with the computer and so professional, I am sure you will do just fine." Sweet!

Thanks for reading!

12:32 p.m. - Thursday, Jul. 22, 2004


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