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Still in the 300's

Tomorrow is the 2 month anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery. Today I went to the clinic to get weighed. I was so hoping the numbers would stop under 300 lbs. But they didn't. They stopped at 301. Which is 60lbs lost since I began this journey and is nothing to sneeze at, but still, I have to admit being a tad disappointed. And yet it feels so good! 60 pounds gone for good. Yippee!

Our cat Maisey is such a brat. I think I have mentioned before that our bedroom holds 2 beds in it. The queen that Bob and I used to sleep in together and the hospital bed he sleeps in now. Plus 2 dressers and 2 bedside tables. It takes work of many engineers and designers to figure out a way to arrange the room so everything fits and still, we can reach everything in the closet and dressers. But in that arrangement, my bed is located next to the one window in the room. Even though she is a cat and is supposed to be one of the most agile and stealthy of animals, insists on jumping on my bed and then leaping from the bed into the window. She does this with all the grace of a pack of rhinos. She weighs less than 10 pounds and still manages to wake me up every time she does this, which is about 7 times a night. I got sick of this. So I turned my bed 45 degrees so it is no longer next to the window. I thought I had outsmarted the cat. But early this morning, I feel the bumpy galump of her jumping on the bed near my head, leaping to the bedside table and then jumping into the window. Let it be known that the space below the window is completely clear. There is nothing there. She could jump straight from the floor to the window. And she has jumped to heights higher than that. I think she's trying to drive me crazy. Some people might think to just shut the door and keep her out at night. And some people would be so smart. Except the one air conditioner in the whole apartment is located in the exact opposite corner of our living room from the door to our bedroom. We have 3 fans straticically positioned to blow the cool air from the AC into our bedroom, thus making it impossible to close the door at night. When the nights are cool enough to open up, we do manage to close the door. But both Maisey and her sister Daisy have perfected the art of sliding their little fuzzy paws under the door, hooking their little fuzzy paws up, and shaking the bedroom door with all their little kitty might. It sounds like the earth is coming to an end. So, you see my dilema here. I have a cat that is a snotty, lazy, spoiled brat.

I sent out 40 letters to local businesses asking for free stuff for our United Way campaign. Next week I begin my call campaign on the same merchants to see if they received my letter and what they wanna give me. I got a dozen pens from one of our insurance companies. Whoo! I'm not hoping for a lot, but you never know.

This is the weekend of the grand purge. A gal from work is doing something similar and will be holding a garage sale in August. I asked if I could go in on it with her since we don't have an actual garage. She tentively agreed. So, once I purge, I will have to have a place to store everything temporarily. But I can't wait to get rid of it all. Then I may rearrange our apartment and clean every surface. We told our landlady that we wanted to sign a 9 month lease, so that means, in June we will have to look at where we are at financially again and see what we can do. Actually, by April as we still have to give 60 days notice. Then, if we decide to stay another year, we will move in June instead of the last weekend in September which is our wedding anniversary. The last 2 moves happened over our wedding anniversary weekend. Not fun. I did see some sweet 1 level twin homes in Plymouth on my way home from the dentist yesterday. They look a little dated, like from the late 70's, but well kept and a beautifully quiet neighborhood. There was 1 home for sale in the neighborhood, but it was a split level and it was selling for $249,000, which is about $100,000 more than we can afford right now. Anyway, we can stop looking for now and just concentrate on getting our bills in order so we are ready come June. Our place is really kind of going downhill though since we moved in 2 years ago. It's not as well cared for, and they are letting up on their standards for who they allow to move in. Yesterday when I opened our apartment door to leave, there was a pile of what looked to be vomit on the floor right outside our door! Ewww! I do have to say it was nicely cleaned up by the time I got home, but hello! Who throws up outside someone's door? Also, last night our next door neighbors had a party going on their patio from about 6 until well after 11. It's a school night people. Well, at least a work night. Thankfully, their party noise did not carry to our bedroom window, so all ended up well in that situation. But I have to say, I have had my fill of apartment living. I know condos and townhouses have similar problems. That's why a twin home in a twin home neighborhood would be ideal.

Tomorrow, photos of the weight loss.

11:47 a.m. - Friday, Jul. 23, 2004


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