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First Thing in the Morning

*Blushing* You guys always say the nicest things! No wonder I like to come here and tell you everything. Hee.

For the record, I am 5'7" and I am not sure what my goal weight is yet. I've been heavy my whole life and anything under 200 sounds good to me. The weight calculators I use tell me that my ideal weight is between 118 and 160. That's quite a wide range. I always though 175 was a good number.

(A guy just rolled past our apartment on a large office chair!)

Anyway, since this entry isn't very scintliating, I will leave you with a photo. A while ago, Kathy showed us her "first thing in the morning" face. Well, here's makeup, no hair combing, shiny face, bad breath (thank you God for not giving us scratch and sniff computeres!) and bushy, untamed eyebrows.

Me in the morning! Woo. ************************************ A Year Ago Today: July 25, 2003; Hiring, The Black Hills, and Lori

Thank God Itís Friday! This was one long week my friends. no more training Victor. We have a candidate we would like to hire but we are waiting for her background check to come back before we can get her in to fill out paperwork and get started. We hope she can be here training by Wednesday.

CM and SM are officially on vacation. I wonít see them now again unless I run into them at Caribou.

Do you know about Snapfish? It is a great photo developing/storage/printing place on the web. Check them out at I have stored many photos there and they have great sharing capabilities too. I just put a bunch of photos I had on disk onto the service so I can share them with my family and friends. Once they sign up, they can order copies of the photos they like.

This weekend is looking to be kind of busy. Tonight I will finish making the table centerpieces for Bobís parents 25th anniversary. Tomorrow is the party for them. Sunday is my turn to teach Sunday School. So it will go by kind of fast.

Bob came to me the other day and said he wants us to go to the Black Hills for our fall vacation. We want to take the week of our anniversary and go away. We were thinking of heading north to Duluth but now he wants to go west to the Black Hills. Itís about a 10 hour trip. I have not been there since I was 7 or so, even though I lived in Sioux Falls for 3 years. But it should be fun. I already mapped out our route too! Itís over 600 miles one way!

Luka Worldís Producer, Darcy, called me yesterday. I had sent an email to them about my friend Lori. They wanted her to be on the air! They want her to tell her story and will use the airwaves to network and find her a job. Originally, they set it up for this morning. After listening for an hour and not hearing her, I called Darcy to see if they bumped her for something else. It appears that Lori did not call in and they cannot reach her. Darcy asked me to call and see if I could get a hold of her. I know she went out with her boyfriend last night, so I went through a mild panic thinking that maybe he did something to her. (I have not met him and he is a relatively new relationship for her.) Then I thought maybe she did herself in. (She has had a huge load and many challenges and has been really struggling lately.) I did not think that was likely because of her daughter, but it entered my mind. It just was not like her to be so irresponsible.

Finally, she called me at work to say she was OK. She had overslept. She was out too late last night and when her alarm went off this morning, she turned it off and went back to sleep. So she was going to call Darcy and see if she could reschedule her radio debut. Man, I hope so. I was just so worried! This chick needs a break.

Did I tell you that she and Lyndsey are house/dog sitting this week and will move out of our place into the place they are house/dog sitting this weekend? If not, I just did.

Thanks for reading!

9:45 a.m. - Sunday, Jul. 25, 2004


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