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Culvers is the 7

I actually managed to keep a whole Culvers chicken tender and some mashed potatoes down last night! Woo! I love me some Culvers. I even snuck a sip or two of Bob's root beer. Mmmmm...root beer! It's so weird though. My head and body wanted all 4 chicken tenders and all the potatoes and all the cole slaw. But my new little tummy would only take 1 (the smallest) tender, a few tiny bites of potatoes and even fewer bites of slaw. But oh was it yummy.


Yesterday had to be the suckiest day that ever sucked a least work-wise. Here are some examples:

Banker: Hi, I need help filling out the paperwork to make the trust the owner of a new annuity.

Me: Sure, I can help you with that. First of all, do you have your red training guide/book with you.

Banker: NO! I know how to do it, I don't NEED that book to tell me how to do it. Now tell me what to put in the first line.



Banker: The customer opened an annuity this week with $100,000 because he likes the 5.5% interest rate. What happens if he pulls all the funds out a year from now?

Me: He will forfeit all of the interest he just earned over the last year. If he is wanting to pull out all the funds after just one year, the annuity probably isn't the product for him.

Banker: Well, he likes the 5.5% interest rate but is afraid after the first year, it will fall and he doesn't want it to fall.

Me: But that's the product he's invested in. It doesn't make sense for him to invest in it for one year because of the good interest rate for that one year, only to lose all the interest earned by pulling out all the money. He would be better served by a CD or savings acct.

Banker: But he likes the annuity interest rate.

Me: But it doesn't matter what interest rate he's getting if he pulls his funds after the first year because he will lose everything he just earned.

Banker: But he doesn't want the rate to change after the first year.

Me: But that's the product he's buying. We can't change the fact that it changes after the first year. If he doesn't want the rate to change, he shouldn't buy the annuity.

Banker: But he likes the rate.

Me: Which won't make any difference if he pulls his money out after a year. He will lose all the interest he JUST earned.

Banker: (huffy) Fine, I'll talk to him I guess.

Me: Ok. Great. Thanks for calling.

Off the phone: Arrrrrrggghhgggghhh!


Banker: Hi, I have a customer that needs to get some money out of her annuity.

Me: OK, just fill out the withdrawal form, have her sign and you notarize it and then send it to me.

Banker: But I only have an old form.

Me: No, you have to use the correct form. I can fax you a new one.

Banker: But she came in yesterday afternoon and already signed! I can't call her and ask her to come back. Can't I just attach the signed form to the right form?

Me: Let me call the Ins. Co to see if that would be OK.(Thinking..sure it would be OK if you want to do it WRONG)

Sir? No, the insurance company needs the customer to sign the correct form.

Banker: But that means I will have to call her to come all the way back in just to sign the form.

Me: Yes it does. Otherwise they won't accept the request and would just end up sending her the correct form to sign, thus slowing down her request.

Banker: I'm just going to send it the way it is and have them send her the correct form to sign. *hang up*

Me: Arrhrhhhghghhghghghghghghhh!


Today I got into my car and was driving a bit before I began to wonder why the steering wheel seemed so far away. I was sitting at a stoplight and's because I AM so far away! My seat was at the furthest setting back from the peddles. My gut used to touch the steering wheel at this point. But now, there is a good 6 inches of space between my gut and the steering wheel! Yay! When did that happen? I drive that car everyday and never noticed it until today.

And then, another co-worker came over and commented on how much weight I've lost. She said she could really tell from behind. Oh, goody! She was checking out my butt y'all! Hee.


We're getting ready to go camping this weekend. Can't wait although they are calling for showers with possible thunderstorms for tomorrow afternoon and evening. Bah! Not good tent forcasts people. We will only be gone 1 full day. We are leaving Friday after work and coming home Sunday afternoon. Still, we are bringing my bike, our fishing gear, our swimming stuff, Yahtzee, and our campfire chairs. Think that's enough stuff to do considering? We can't wait!

A Year Ago Today: July 29, 2003: Moving On and Training Up

And we have a winner! Yes! We have hired a person to replace me. Actually, I can say, I hired a woman to replace me. I interviewed her. I got all the info on how to hire her. I got all the paperwork ready for her to fill out. I OKd her salary and I offered her the job and will be spending 3 days training her. Sheesh! But thank God we have someone here now. I think she will do really well.

Another administrator from our St. Cloud office surprised me this morning. I had been trying to get a hold of her all morning and at 11am she walks in with a beautiful gift basket from Bath and Body Works. She came to take me to lunch:-) Since 2 of our agents had already arranged a lunch date with me earlier, we all went together and had a really nice time. She is as unhappy with her boss and her position as I have been here with mine. Although, to be fair, her boss sounds much worse. Shes worked with him for 15 years though! Shes looking for something else too. I am so going to miss her. She is the one who trained me. She is the one I call when I dont know how to do something or have a question on something. She is also the one I call to vent as she understands like no one else. And it goes both ways. What a nice surprise.

They are paying the new gal $2.10 more an hour than I get now and I got a raise in March! They are paying her $.50 more an hour than my co-hort in St. Cloud makes and shes been here for 15 years! So not fair on so many levels.

I finally did get the scuttlebutt on SM and CM and how they met and what happened. It seems that he was a regional VP and she was an administrator. They had an affair and he became the branch manager here and trained her to be an agent. They would go to trainings together and someone caught on (they shared a room, I guess.) and alerted his wife of 25 years! They agreed to both divorce their respective spouses and get married right away, which they did. I knew some of that, but not all of it. I dont have a lot of respect for them now, not that I did anyways. They seem to only care about themselves and how others can serve to meet their needs. I wish this new girl well and hope she can succeed where so many others have failed.

Thanks for reading.

1:29 p.m. - Thursday, Jul. 29, 2004


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