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Don't Turn Off Your Car, Just Leave it Running

Our neighbor Becky came over last night. We asked her if she took the car keys to the soccer players and she said she had. Then she told us what they said to her about why the car was left on all night inside an enclosed garage space. They said a friend had borrowed the car and left it running. Becky asked why it was left running as that was dangerous and people die from that. They said that their battery was low and it's been hard to start so it's easier if they just leave it running until they need it again. Becky was incredulous and repeated that PEOPLE DIE FROM THAT. They just shrugged and said they would turn it off next time. Sheesh!

Bob and I went to Aldi's last night to get some refreshments for my Southern Living at Home party. I have a love/hate relationship with these home party things. I love them because usually there are lovely, lovely items for sale at these things. But I hate them too because I have never, ever had a well attended, big sale party myself. In fact, there are only 4 people coming for sure to tonights festivities. But we surely will have enough food, that's for sure. I bought brownie mix, an apple pie, and we will have chips and salsa, meatballs, and queso. I have to be there by 6:30 and the party starts at 7. I hope I can at least do well enough to purchase the candlestick I fell in love with last month.

Last night I had a slightly naughty dream about Christopher Meloni. I lust Christopher Meloni and I think he is a beautiful specimen of a man. I saw him a Regis and Kelly one morning and was mesmerized by his beautifulness and bright, happy smile. In my dream, I was single, but he was married but apparently, neither one of us cared. The only thing that bothered me was that I was so lonely when he left. He wouldn't give me his contact info, though he had mine so he could call me when he was alone. It's a sad dream really, but he was just so beautiful and yummy. Too bad someone else has dibs on him. Wanna trade?

Someone left a comment yesterday asking me why I post the year ago today entries at the bottom of my journal. She didn't leave any contact info, so I will explain it here. I used to have another diary under the name "Amiebea". My family and In-laws read it and around Christmas time, there was a fracus around an entry I wrote. So I ended that journal and started this one, but didn't tell my family about it. But they still found it and now they read this one too. But they read it with the understanding that what I write here is my perception and opinion. Anyway, I had saved all my former entries before deleting them from Diaryland. I wanted to preserve them in some way though, so now, I add the entry at the bottom of my current journal. I hope that explains it well enough.


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