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Doctor Update.

So I went to the doctor and they said it is highly improbable that I'm pregnant. I thought so too, you know? After all I am on the pill and we aren't at a stage where we are trying. They are ruling it out as of now. What they said was the most likely it is a stomach bug of some sort that, due to my surgery and different GI tract, is just taking longer than usual to heal. They were going to perscribe me an anti-nausea suppository...ugh...until they saw that in the Physician's Desk Reference, the same medicine also came in a liquid. Yay! BUT, the pharmacy has to order it so it won't be in until after 10 tomorrow morning. Boo. They also took some blood just to check my levels. She also told me to stop drinking water and to drink more things like Gatorade and tea and flat soda, just to get my electrolites up and get a little carbs into my body. Still off of work. She said it's not unusual to have a stomach bug like this for 7-10 days, especially when still healing from stomach surgery.

By the way, I know to wait at least 2 years before we try to get pregnant. I have heard the horror stories, but I have also heard the success stories of many women who thought they were infertile before the surgery but late had babies just fine. My body needs time to heal and adjust to its new stomach and weight. I had just mentioned pregnancy in my last entry because of the nausea and others had asked me if it could be a factor. We are not trying to get pregnant right now, no. Hence the birth control pills. But I do appreciate y'alls concern for me. Thanks!

OH! When they weighed me, guess how much I weighed???? 274! That's 13 pounds away from having lost 100 pounds! By my 3 month check up (which isn't until September 7th), I will have most likely lost 100 pounds since beginning the process of the surgery. So of course there are pictures!

Today from the front:

The day of surgery from the front:

Today from the side:

Day of surgery from side:

See any difference? Also, remember, I lost 10 or so pounds before the surgery, so it's not just after surgery weight, it's all the weight lost combined.

Also, I have photos of my crocheting projects. My cats Maisey and Daisy have lovingly agreed to model the products, so here we go.

Here is Daisy modeling a lovely Ecru dishcloth.

Here she can be seen enjoying the soft cotton fibers of an olive dishcloth.

Here is Maisey marveling at the beauty that is a chenille dishcloth.

Maisey is partial to this green dishcloth because it sets off her eyes quite nicely.

Finally, here is Maisey modeling a lovely blue scarf/boa made of the softest yarn she has ever felt.

Hope you enjoyed today's Doctor Update and my cats modeling crocheted items --------------------------------------- About A Year Ago Today: August 20, 2003:2 Things We are Planning For

OK...things in the works that won't be immediate, but are pending.

1.) We need a van. Currently we own a pickup truck without a topper or an extended cab and a tiny little Hyundai. Bob canít get into or out of the Hyundai without pain and a lot of contortions. Plus itís a manual and he canít drive manual vehicles. If we had known then, what we know now, we never would have purchased this car. We want to trade or sell my car and get a used (2000) Dodge Caravan-type vehicle and put a lift into it. Weíre not sure if we should purchase from a dealer and put a lift in ourselves or purchase from a specialized van dealer who puts the lifts in the vans themselves. But after this trip to WI, we know now that we really need a van. We canít lift Bob's scooter on our own anymore and once he gets his chair, we won't be able to lift that at all.

2.) We have to think about moving sometime in the next 3-5 years. Bob cannot handle the winter weather here in Minnesota. The snow and ice keep him confined much of the time. If he slips and falls, he is not able to get up on his own and therefore is scared of going out on his own. That really limits his independence. So, we are thinking of moving somewhere warmer. Currently in the running are Texas and Tennessee. Weíre not sure why. Itís probably because we donít hate the thought of moving to either of those states. We just have to move somewhere where there isnít snow/ice in the winter and where we can find jobs, a church home, and where they have an active MDA. We have time...itís just something weíre putting down in the plans for our future.

So, Thatís what is new for now. I canít believe that the weekend after next is Labor Day weekend already! Where does the time go? Schools are starting all over already. Time sure does speed by with each and every year.

Oh! Someone got to my site today by searching for "The Cutest Couple Ever". Too funny.

Thanks for reading.

12:19 p.m. - Thursday, Aug. 19, 2004


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