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Welcome to Fall 2004. It was August 20th into the 21st last night and the low temp was 44 degrees. We had a frost advisory out and many produce growers and gardeners were not liking that very much. But they say by Monday and for the rest of next week, we will have highs in the 80s. Of course, because next week is the start of the state fair, and you HAVE to have steamy hot weather for the fair.

Bob and I are volunteering at the fair on the 5th, but may also go on the 4th. But we are also answering phones at the MDA Labor Day Telethon on the 6th, so we don't want to overdo. But I LOVE the state fair. Can't wait.

So, those of you who have cats, have you been to Catster yet? And if not, why? Look up Maisey and Daisy and link us as your feline friends.

Last night we were watching the Olympics. We haven't really watched them per se. Bob saw Paul Hamm's go for the gold and I saw Carly's gold winning performances. But other than that, we haven't really kept up. But last night I wanted to see the start of the track and field events. As we were waiting, they announced the beginning of the trampoline competition. Wha??? I've never heard of The Trampoline as a competitive Olympic sport. So we watched and oh my word! These girls fling themselves high in the air and then do 10 consecutive flippy type things, trying to land in the middle of the tramp each time. It was amazing! I think the whole things was won by a 31 year old chick from...Germany? I can't remember. When did this become an Olympic sport?

I'm still not feeling the best. Finally got my anti-nausea medication and that seems to be helping. My insurance license school for next week is canceled, as is my test. I guess I will go when I am feeling better and stronger. I missed 4 full days of work and that royally sucks. But I can't be in a call center taking calls when I am also nauseous and puking my guts out. THAT is not good customer service. I am feeling a tad perkier today, so we'll see how the weekend goes. -------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: August 21, 2003: Good news and The Family

Apparently there was a picnic for our entire building. Something about a tenant appreciation party. Did I know about it? I did not. Just as the guy is dishing up my meal in the cafeteria...Thatís when I find out about it. Oh well. Who wants free food anyway?

I called a few dealers yesterday and got a couple of calls back. Now I just have to call them back to see what they can do for us. It turns out that Chrysler and Ford and GM all offer a rebate on their vehicles that can be used towards making it accessible. Thatís pretty cool. I also have a call in to the nearby RollX van people. Their headquarters are in Savage, which is darn close to us. I need to call that guy back during my lunch hour.

I also called our apartment management office to see if we could get a ceiling fan installed in our eating area. Bob and I noticed one day, while out in the pool, that most of the apartments around us have ceiling fans in their eating areas. So, I called to see if we could get one too. They put me on hold for a while but when the came back, they said they could do that for us because we are such good tennants and because I took all those great photos for the national night out and gave them to the apartment manager. Yay! They will be installing it in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Yay us.

Oh the good news...I get paid on Friday as the 31st is a Sunday and the next day is Labor day. So yippee! The bad news is the next check won't come until Monday the 15th. But we shall survive.

The bad news...CM has not called back as to whether or not they will be compensating me for my overtime. I sure hope they do and soon or Bob will go into a complete power surge/melt down.

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Does anyone watch The Family on ABC? I am addicted to that show only because of my complete hatred and loathing for Uncle Mike and Aunt Donna. Also, Cousin Dawn Marie...not so much. Blech! I am rooting for Mike to win the million. Last night? I fell in love with that beautiful blue Mazaratti Spyder convertable. Sweet, sweet car. And I was soooo happy Uncle Mike lost. Try THAT one on for size. And swearing at your neice like that? Bad form! I met too many men like that when I lived in the New York/New Jersey area of the US. All attitude and nothing else. Blech. And his wife is just as bad, if not worse. I know sheís Italian, but I met a lot of Italian women who could pass as Jewish American Princesses. There wasnít much difference and she is soooooo that.

Anyway, check it out...Wednesdays at 9pm central.

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9:15 a.m. - Saturday, Aug. 21, 2004


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