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Sending Out a Prayer Request

Just a general entry that I wanted to write and ask for your prayers. For the past 8 days I have had extreme nausea and have not felt well. I have not been able to keep food down though liquids have been fine. The thought or smell of food cooking makes me nauseous. I saw my primary care physician on Thursday and she gave me some anti nausea medication and took some blood. I have missed 4 days of work due to the nausea and weakness. I went all weekend and am still not feeling better, so I called my surgeon tonight. He thinks that maybe I have lost too much weight in a short period of time (roughly 85-90lbs) and maybe my new stomach has shrunk and that's the problem. So first thing tomorrow morning I am to call the clinic and schedule a GI scope with the gastroentologist. I am not thrilled with this bit of news. The thought of them shoving a scope down my throat squicks me out, but they say I will be pretty much out of it. This means another day lost from work. If my stomach has shrunk, they will have to insert a balloon to expand it and then they will put me on some nutritional supplements to slow the weight loss and replace the nutrients I have lost this week.

So I just ask you to pray for me tomorrow. For healing and that I would get better soon, though I don't think this is something that can really be rushed without a miracle of some sort. Thanks everyone!

------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: August 22, 2003: Good God Thatís A Lot of Money!

The newness is wearing off. I am still liking my job, but I am now in the midst of the bright shiny newness wearing off. I am now seeing the dull streaks of employee grudges and managment unfariness. But it doesnít make me like things here less. Itís just losing itís sheen.

I just talked to a guy at Roll-X vans. They convert vans into handicap accessible vehicles. It sounds like the ideal solution for us. The vans are Dodge/Chrysler vehicles converted. They drop the floors, add a ramp and the driver and passanger seats are quick release should the wheelchair bound want to drive. He would just press a remote, the back doors would automatically open and the van would lower. He could wheel up into the van and, if he so desires, up to the wheel to drive right from his chair.

Now the bad news. The conversion itself costs about $15,000. The vans range anywhere from $40,000 brand new (including the conversion) to $13,500 for a 1994 used with 84,000 miles. Yikes! They have financing up to 10 years. We aren't sure how much Bob's wheel chair will end up costing, but this venture could end up costing us thousands of dollars. His sister suggested putting a ramp/lift thing on his truck and getting a cover for the chair. That would work fine, but not if he needs to drive from his chair. Right now he seems to be able to get in and out of his truck on his own OK. But last night, he got stuck because he slid in too far to the right and couldn't quite get himself righted back. I had to give him a small push for leverage. So, we donít know what is going to happen.

I keep thinking maybe we should have some kind of benefit or fund raiser for him. But Thatís where the ideas stop. I donít know what we would do or how we would go about doing it. If we could raise $50,000 to $100,000 just for Bob and his needs, we would make sure he has what he needs when he needs it. I am not ready to sacrifice my husband's independence and mobility just because my paycheck won't cover his needs for accessability. But I will ponder that some more. He has lost so much in the last 2 years. His heart is so heavy with the losses. I canít bear him to lose any more.

So, Thatís where we are at right now.

Last night Jorge and Carla came over. We have really missed them. Bob got Jorge a butterfly net from the wedding we went to last weekend. Jorge likes bugs and Bob thought it would be a fun way for Jorge to catch his bugs. We got Carla some bubbles so she wouldnít feel left out. Jorge caught a huge dragonfly right away! The gift was a success. We really love those kids. They stayed at our place until 9 and left reluctantly. We only said they had to go because I was tired and wanted to get to sleep and Bob won't hang out with them when itís just him for propriety sake.

I woke up this morning and Bob was awake. He said he had never fallen asleep! He was up all night though tired. I guess his pain meds, though they are supposed to make one drowsy, actually hype him up. They work as far as taking away the majority of his pain. But they are not letting him sleep. He is afraid to talk to his doctor about it though because he is afaid that she will put him on something that doesnít work as well. I told him he HAS to talk to her as this one might be working to take away his pain, but in the long run, Itís not working because Itís not letting him get the rest he so desprately needs. He said he would talk to her this week. Either he will or I will.

Thanks for reading

9:15 p.m. - Sunday, Aug. 22, 2004


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