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Bad Hair Days Ahead

OK all you Twin Cities metro area mavens. I need your help. My hair is falling out in handfulls, which is to be expected. I have LOTS of hair, so I don't have bald patches or anything. What I need help with is finding a salon/stylist who can cut my hair short, feminine, and cute in order to try to hide the thinning that's taking place. I can't pay an arm and a leg...maybe up to $40, but I need this done this week and don't know where to go. It is too hard trying to take care of my long hair with a PICC line in one arm.

The other thing is that I am intimidated by the usual salon. I guess it comes from being a fat girl trying to look pretty but always feeling like I'm playing dress up. Anyway, I would appreciate any help y'all could send my way. Thanks! -------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: August 29, 2003: The Fair, A Play and MDA

Only 2 more days until the MDA telethon.

Our plans have changed. This weekend is turning out to be quite busy. Saturday has become the day of the fair. I was given a pair of tickets to see Pride and Prejudice at the Gutherie Theater Sunday, so we had to switch fair day to Saturday. Monday is still phone day at the MDA telethon. I will be taking lots of photos and hope to post some here.

I upgraded to a Supergold membership and hope to get to doing some changes on my site this weekend. Sweet Baboo upgraded to a Gold membership and has started writing a regular journal and not just submitting poetry. I also submitted some new banner ads to the site, so if you're here because of them, welcome!

This morning Maisey joined me in the shower. Not by choice, but you would think a 2 year old cat would learn that a wet shower makes for a slippery landing pad. She jumped up on the side of the tub to view my showering activity and didnít get a good grip due to the wetness of the tub and slid right into the tub. She didnít make any noise, but you would have thought an electric shock had gone through her. She jumped about a foot off the ground and streaked straight out of the tub and bathroom. Now she is sitting on Sweet Baboo's chair grooming herself. Her perfect fur has been defiled by the water so she must groom herself back to purrfect kitty perfection.

Ooooh. I just found out that the porkchop on a stick guy isnít at the fair this year! Bummer! I guess there is one guy there but the main guy isnít there. If you havenít ever been to the MN State Get-together, everything is on a stick. The Pokchop on the stick is one of the most succulant and tasty "on-a-stick" itmes. I heard they have pizza and mac-n-cheese on a stick too, though I havenít experienced those items myself. They also have deep fried stuff...deep fried twinkies on a stick, deep fried candy bars, deep fried Oreos. Ummm, I havenít tried any and probably won't. I will probably have a Pronto Pup (A corn dog) and some mini donuts. I donít go all out, but I also donít go as far to eat the far out weird stuff. Part of the fun of the fair for SB and I is the food. But I am also excited about seeing the animals. I love the animal barns and am excited about seeing the birthing center. Thatís the barn where they have all the pregnant animals in hopes of showing live births! Fun! I hope to have photos, but you never can tell

I work for the best company in the whole world. First of all, we got pizza at lunch today. Free pizza and soda. And not that yucky cheap pizza either. Really good gourmet pizza! So good! Then, an even bigger surprise...we all got to go home early. The first shift left at 3, others at 4 and finally, I left at 5. What a blessing on a holiday weekend. Getting off 2 hours early really added to our evening. SB and I went out for dinner, bought some cat food and got our prescriptions. Dinner was a loverly meal at Champps. SB had the meatloaf meal and I had penne pasta with chicken and pesto. So good, but extremely filling. Why in the world do restaurants have to give you such large portions? If Sweet Baboo and I had known this ahead of time, we would have ordered one thing and shared it. As it is, we brought home 3 boxes of leftovers. So thatís our day today. Tomorrow the to follow. Thanks for reading

2:32 p.m. - Sunday, Aug. 29, 2004


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