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I'm a Free Woman

No more PICC line! The nurse was here at 11 and took it out just like that. I'm free! I'm free! Yay!

This week I have read 3 books, started a 4th and finished the 12th crocheted dishcloth. Too bad I can't get paid for reading, crocheting and knitting.

One of the books I read was amazing. It's called "Peace Like a River" by Leif Enger. It's his first novel and I certainly hope it's not his last. He is a writer from Osakis, MN and still lives in MN today. He writes in a lyrical, imaginative and peaceful way. The story is weaved and crafted and almost comes across as trying to hard...but doesn't. It was a joy to read and painful to finish. Pick it up, or ask to borrow mine. I loved it. The next book I'm reading is by another MN author. It's called "I'll Watch the Moon" by Ann Tatlock. If anyone knows of any other MN writers...send them my way. I am into reading things by local authors lately.

It's another beautiful day here today, though warmer than earlier this week. Maisey is outside on her lead, enjoying some warm sunshine. It's been weeks since we've allowed her outside. The one week we would have let her out, the grass people came by and sprayed all the lawns, so we couldn't let her out that week. But she's loving it now.

Now that my PICC line is out, maybe I can enjoy the pool before they close it for the season. Usually, they close it up tight after Labor Day. But for some reason, it's still open and accomodating. We've only used it 2ce this year, and it seems a shame to let it get closed up without one more dip.

Next weekend we are going to WI to visit my family. Can't wait. It's just been too long. I think the last time we saw them was in June. We will stay with my mom and dad and will also visit my brother and sister in law and see their new house. My eldest nephew wants us to come to his football game, so I'm sure we'll do that. Other than that, I'm not sure what else we will do. Most of the friends I made there have moved on to other locales. But it's ALWAYS nice to see my family. Just can't wait. The only thing is the drive down is so stinking long. I wish we could just think ourselves there instantly. Of course, if we could do that, I'm sure we would see each other more than once every 3-6 months.

No more PICC line! Yay! ------------------------------------- About A Year Ago Today: September 08, 2003: Laying low

Had a nice weekend. It was quiet, but nice. Part of the quietness of it was because Sweet Baboo was hurting. Not just physically this time either. He has a broken heart and is struggling to come to grips with it. So, we just laid low.

I did manage to get some cleaning done this weekend. I really like where we live. I can clean most everything in about an hour and I just feel so good when Itís all done. I told Sweet Baboo that I want to get a slipcover for our sofa and I want to repaint a couple peices of our furniture. We have a trunk in front of our sofa and a TV stand that are currently painted in that old country look that was in about 10 years ago. I would just like to paint them a nice solid color that goes in our room so it doesnít look like all our furniture is from the thrift store. After all that gets done, I will work on our bedroom:-)

We skipped church again on Sunday. Not sure why. Bob skips because he often gets no rest or sleep on Saturday nights for some reason. I skip because I won't go without him and because, though I LOVE the people in our church, I haven't felt comfortable there for a while. I donít know why...just donít. We are trying to work through that. I am glad that Bob is going to school there starting the end of this month.

A little girl in our building had a birthday party yesterday evening and she invited me and Sweet Baboo! She actually turned 10 in July, but was visiting her father then. All the kids in our building were invited and 2 hours before the party was supposed to start were about to climb the walls. They were so excited they were vibrating with glee. Once the party started, there were kids bouncing off the walls everywhere. It was so much fun. It was a nice way to meet and get to know more of our neighbors and to play with all the kids in our building. We had such a good time. After the party, all the kids came to our apartment to see the photos I took on the digital camera on our computer. They played with Maisey and ran in and out of our sliding glass door. It was just so cute. They really like us and like hanging out at our place. Sweet Baboo said it was a little loud and maybe too many kids in a room at one time, but he just loves the kids and had a great time too.

We donít have a lot of big plans for the week or weekend. Maisey has to go to the vet for shots and a check up. Another little girl in our building is having a birthday on Wednesday, so we will have to get her her present. We are kind of in the midst of healing and just getting ready for the fall.

Oh...we did hear from the MD Family Foundation. They have had to cut their budget but hope to help SB if they can. Since we have our new insurance info, SB is going to have his wheel chair assessment sooner rather than later. We donít know what to expect, but we hope Itís good. After that, we will know more about what we need in the way of transportation and lifts and stuff.

Thanks for reading. September 09, 2003: Fall TV, Kids in our Building and the Workplace

The new fall TV line-up looks interesting. There are many shows I want to check out, but I wonder how good they will really be. I am interested in seeing Miss Match on NBC. I really like Alicia Silverstone and am rooting for that to be a good show. I am also interested in Joan of Arcadia, Tarzan, and maybe even The Handler on CBS. Although what is up with Joe Pantiliano and that hat he is wearing in the ads? It reminds me of Ducky from Pretty in Pink. Nice statement in the 80ís, but does not go very far here in the early 2000ís. Itís not like the baseball hat that balding men wear to hide their hairlessness, so who knows what statement heís going for. Itís just kind of off-putting. Itís like finding a typo in the middle of a suspenseful book you are reading. Iím just saying.

The other day my shirt, or skin or hair smelled like perming solution. Remember that stuff? It made me want a perm again. No one is perming anymore, but I want my waves to be more defined and my hair to be curlier. It bugged me that I smelled like the perming solution all day though. I could not figure out what had caused that smell, but it wafted around me all day long.

I found out that our outdoor swimming pool is closing for the season today. What is up with that? It was almost 90 out yesterday and today is supposed to be just as warm and humid. When I called the main office last week to inquire about the pool closing date, they said they usually closed it after the first cool weekend. UmmmÖwe havenít had that yet. Summer JUST ended. Itís supposed to be warm tomorrow too. After that they say we are too get storms and cooler weather at the start of next week. So, maybe itís time, but I still think itís premature.

Sweet Baboo did enjoy the last night in the pool last night. He met the mom of a boy thatís been coming by our apartment regularly to play with Maisey. Neil and his mom live on the 2nd floor with her boyfriend. Neilís a good kidÖkind of a loner. He also seems to take great delight in teasing the younger boys. Heís in 8th grade while most of the other kids around here are still in elementary school. Maisey really likes him though. Heís really good with her and has been over the last 3 days to play with her. Sweet Baboo likes having him over and feels itís his responsibility to be a positive male influence on him.

I have to say I really enjoy working in stagecoach land. Itís nice to be working at a place that seems to take care of their employees. They offer great benefits, they are helpful when new employees are looking for answers to their HR questions, and they do things like treat for lunch, have 3 to 4 recognition parties a year and just genuinely make the work place a good place to work. There is free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and ice. There is a large eating area for lunch complete with 2 full size refrigerators, a dishwasher, 2 microwaves, and an ice chest. There is a recognition party coming up at the end of the month. Itís only for the people who work in my department. We will be getting off early and heading to a country club where we will be fed, entertained, and can win fabulous prizes such as spa packages, TVs, and DVD players. I am looking forward to that, though I wish I could bring SB so he can meet my co-workers and they can meet him. I just have to say that working here is so much better than where I used to work. At least here there is an impression that the employees are recognized and appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

1:27 p.m. - Thursday, Sept. 09, 2004


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