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Tomorrow, photos. Today, none

Can I just take a moment and tell you how much I LOVE D0n P@blos Mexican Restaurant? I DO love them! For lunch on Tuesday...or was it Monday? I can't remember. Anyway, they have an appetizer called their dip sampler. With their dip sampler, you get 5 small bowls of their dips, which include, tomato salsa, regular queso, queso blanco (made with white cheese), artichoke dip, and a fiery bean dip that is truly firey. Plus a big bag of chips. And how much does all this mexicanny dippy goodness cost? A mere $3.50 and some change for tax! That's all! I have made 3 meals of this dip spectacular. It is yummy beyond measure.

I caught the new CSI-NY last night and can I just say, what happened to the regular crime drama? Why does every crime show have to have a GREAT BIG DISTURBING crime? This one last night was so creepy, I actually changed the channel in the middle of it. I caught the very end so I know "whodunnit" but still...ewwwww! And it's always beautiful women and little kids who get these horrible things done to them. I know we are desensitized to things, but for heaven's sake...can we just see some normal CSI crime solving techniques?

I also watched a new show on...I think it's on UPN, called Veronica Mars. It was an OK show, but very ADULT themed. I was actually shocked by a couple of things and scenes. TV is getting VERY progressive these days I guess.

Oh and speaking of which, I was watching Father of the Pride the other night and was doubly shocked by a scene on there! I hope parents aren't letting little kids watch this thinking that because it's computer animation and made by the makers of Shrek that it's good family fair...because it so isn't. The scene in question was that there was a grandma who had moved to Las Vegas and was messing up the strip with her wholesome family goodness. They tried to get her to move out but nothing was working. So Sigfried said he would do ANYTHING to get her out. Cut to next scene showing him in bed with the octogenarian and all their clothes on the floor. This is the same show that advertised that "Donkey" from Shrek would be on that night as well. I wonder how many little kids had to have the Sigfried thing explained to them? Sheesh.

Enough about TV. I watch too much.

Tomorrow is the 4 month anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery. I will write an entry tomorrow explaining how I feel since having the surgery. I will include photos and stats.

Saturday, Bob and I are going to an apple orchard nearby. The radio station I listen to is doing a promotion there, but I would want to go anyway. It's fall and we won't be getting very many more nice days around here, so I thought it would be nice to be outside at the orchard. Whee!

That wonderful, beautiful and talented Kathy at Kitchenlogic invited me to participate in her boutique this year! I will be bringing crocheted and knitted items. If you live nearby, keep the weekend of Dec 3rd open so you can partake, not only of my craft goodness, but of Kathy and her friends. Bring lots of money to buy Christmas presents for your friends and family. But I can't start ANYTHING for that until I finish the scarf I was supposed to finish for my mom last January. I am working on it!

--------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: September 23, 2003: A Really Good, Though Disturbing Book

Happy Birthday SuAnn and Happy 3rd Anniversay to the Rosses!

Itís definitely sweater weather! Brrrr! I canít believe that at this time two years ago, we had our wedding reception outside. Our second anniversary is only 6 days away! Woo hoo!

I am reading the most interesting yet disturbing book. Itís an auto biography of a boy who has the 3rd most violent, documented case of abuse in California history. The boy is all grown up now and has written an account of the abuse, his freedom from it and the subsequent life he led in the foster care system. Itís called ďA Child Called It and The Lost Boy.Ē I cannot believe the horrific things this mother did to her own child. And yet she didnít do anything to his 2 older brothers or 2 younger brothers. He alone was singled out for her violent and pathological abuses.

This poor little boy was terrorized from the time he was finishing kindergarten until 5th grade! Her abuse grew in form and violence. He was made to sleep in the basement on a cot without a blanket, was not given food, once for 10 days in a row! He was left in a closed bathroom with a mixture of Clorox and ammonia, as well as left in a bathtub of cold water for hours on end and then sent to the back corner of the yard in the cool of the night. She made him eat his own vomit and she made him vomit every day after school to make sure he hadnít eaten anything or been given any food away from her sight. She made his eat excrement, both human and dog, and she refused to call him by his name, instead referring to him as The Boy or it. She beat him with the dog chain, the broomstick, made him drink dish soap and shoved a cake of soap so far down his throat, he choked. She made him eat ammonia and Clorox and even put food she knew was old and moldy into the garbage where she knew he was forage for food. She punched and kicked and even stabbed her own little boy. All the while calling him a bad boy and making him stare into the mirror daily saying, ďIím a bad boy, Iím a bad boy.Ē

His school principal, teacher and nurse finally rescued him when he was in the 5th grade. I havenít finished the book yet, but he became a ward of the state and bounced around various foster homes. As an adult, David Pelzer has an amazingly positive attitude. He took his past and learned what he needed to learn and put the rest behind him never to hinder his further growth and development. He broke the cycle of hatred and violence in his life and is a father himself. I highly recommend the book if you can get past the horrific descriptions of violence to a child. I cried so many times while reading it. I just wanted to reach out and rescue this poor little boy who only ever wanted his motherís love and appreciation.

OKÖno real segue from that, is there?

In 2 more days, there is a work recognition event where we get to gamble and win chips which we can trade in for tickets. We then put these tickets in a bucket to win wonderful and fabulous prizes. I canít wait. I hope I win something fun and exciting! The only negative is that I have to be to work by 8amÖthatís about the time Iíve been getting up in the morning so Iím thinking it might be hard to be up and out and at my desk at that time of day. I have to do it Thursday and Friday. Friday I am leaving early so I can get home, pick up Sweet Baboo and we can make it to the Marriage Retreat. I am off Monday and Tuesday! Anniversary celebrating time.

Sweet Baboo and I had a nice talk with our neighbor across the hall. V is a single mom who told us that her husband had led her to believe that they were all moving here to MN from NM to start a new life with new jobs, etc. He sent her up her with her kids to find housing and get started and he would follow in a couple of weeks. Only he never followed. He just left her. What a jerk. She is a very nice woman and her youngest daughter is just a dear. While SB and V were talking, her daughter and a friend managed to wrangle me to the bathroom where they proceeded to apply the most sparkly make-up to me. When I was done, I went and gave SB a big ole smacker of a kiss and the girls just hooted! It was fun. V is also a believer and we had a nice talk about faith and the provision of God. I am glad we are getting to know them better.

There was a call on our voicemail saying the maintenance team will be installing our ceiling fan tomorrow! Finally. I think I only called about that a month or 2 ago.

The cats are learning to live and let live, though Maisey is the one who constantly pushes her boundaries. I think we will be OK with them, though.

Thanks for reading!

11:51 a.m. - Thursday, Sept. 23, 2004


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