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Short Note to Andrew

Congrats to Andrew and his Bride, Sammy for their upcoming wedding this weekend! Oh yeah...I updated earlier with current photos of the weight loss progress so, go back an entry and check it out! --------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: September 24, 2003: Sensitive Subject Matter

Happy Birthday Joyce!

Iím not sure what to write today. Actually, I know what I want to write, but I donít know whether I should or not. Since Itís my journal and you aren't being forced to read it, I will write on.


I will be writing about sensitive female issues. If you are offended by females, female issues, issues, sensitive things, or easily offended at all, please stop reading my journal now and go read something else. Thanks.


I woke up this moring from the most deliciously sensuous dream. First of all, I dreamt I was in bed with another woman and her husband. No idea why or who they were, but we were all supposed to be sleeping and he kept touching me and she kept getting mad. I found his touches exciting, but was trying to pretend I was sleeping so I wouldnít get into trouble with the wife. Whatever. I donít know. My dream continued. I then dreamed that I swapped husbands with another woman, though the husband who was supposed to be mine, wasnít Sweet Baboo, it was Tony Geary. (Otherwise known as Luke of Luke and Laura fame on General Hospital.) I havenít watched a soap opera in about 6 years, so donít know where that came from. Anyway, the man I was with was nude and tall, dark and handsome. He had to be almost 7 feet tall and strong as an ox. I donít want to get all errotic and officensive here, but I donít know how else to say this. In my dream, we were making love standing up. Him holding me and my wrapped around him. I was a skinny version of me, so it was working quite well. It was the most amazing sensation. Not the sex part, but the being held, supported, and carried. So so heady and evacotive. I didnít want to let go or have him put me down. Then I woke up.

I think that I get these very sensual dreams right around the time of my cycle. It was due yesterday, so should be making an appearance today or tomorrow. My face has also broken out in the pre-cycle zitarama and my bottom is feeling so sore as my lovely hemmoroids are acting up as they are wont to due this time of month. Aren't you glad you read on and ignored the disclaimer?

We have a ceiling fan! SB called and said it looks nice. It wil help keep our apartment temperature regulated. In the winter, the temps pretty much stay the same as we have heating vents throughout the place. But if we have windows open or have to use the airconditioner, the temp is dramatically different in the living room than it is in the bedroom or bathroom. This will help. SB also said it scared the bejesus out of Daisy when she came into the room after it was installed. He also said that while the chich was there installing it, Maisey tried to climb her ladder and climber into her maintenance cart and sniffed all her tools and utencils and marked them as hers. Too bad the maintenance chick took them with her when she left.

Tomorrow is Viva Las Vegas night after work. I will let you know if I hit it big.

I finished the book I was reading. See yesterday's entry for more info on it. It ended pretty well. The secret to this guys survival in foster care and in the outside world seemed to be mentoring and finding people that cared about him as a person. He became a fighter pilot and was in the first Desert war. He has won numerous awards and is now a motivational speaker. His story is amazing. To have come so far after such terror and abuse...well, there is a God.

It is blustery and cold here...never got above 57 today. That means I have to get out my crocheting and knitting and start some new projects. Yay!

5 more days until our second wedding anniversary!

Thanks for reading

1:19 p.m. - Friday, Sept. 24, 2004


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