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3 Wonderful Years Together!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

It's been 3 wonderful years since we got married and 4 wonderful years of being together.

Our wedding was beautiful. Our reception was fun. Bob surprised me by having an accordianist at the park for our reception. It was the perfect addition to our little gathering at the park. Our honeymoon was idyllic. We spent a week at a resort in Grand Rapids, MN. The fall colors were peaking, the air was crisp, the sunsets were golden. It was an amazing week of being able to spend 100% of our time together.

Our first 6 months as a married couple were amazing. People had told us the first year would be the hardest. We kind of chuckled those first few months because we thought if "this" was hard, the rest would be cake.

Then, 6 months into it, we got Bob's MD diagnosis and it seemed our new little idyllic world fell apart. Bob lost his job, his best friend had a stroke which paralyzed him from the nose down, the dept of human rights found in favor of his employer, we had to file banruptcy, Bob was hospitalized and could have, conceivably, died...but thankfully, was spared. That first year after the diagnosis was the hardest we have ever been through apart or together.

Since then, we had worked together to find a new "normal". But whatever is thrown at us becomes something we work through together. Through all of this hard stuff, we cling to God and each other. I can truly say I love Bob more today than on the day we were married (and I thought I was as in love as I could ever be). He is an amazing man.

He has a huge heart. He hurts with those who hurt and seeks ways of making their lives better. He treats me like a a fragile, valuable, delicate vase. He makes sure all our bills are paid. He rubs my back every night so I fall asleep easier. He enjoys my cooking and thanks me after I clean. He does the laundry for us every week even though it's his most hated chore just because he wants to lighten my load and feel useful around the house. He lives with pain every day and yet rarely complains and still finds energy to do the things I've written about above.

To me my husband is handsome, talented, kind, loving, sexy, articulate, sensitive, patient, tender, romantic, and so much more. The more time we spend together, the more I learn about the wonderful man that he is. I pray we get many more years together. I love him so much.

Happy Anniversary Baby!

6:32 a.m. - Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2004


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