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Thursday=Third Day

We had a beautiful anniversary even though I had to work all day. Bob came to my work and met me for lunch. I had brought a linen tablecloth, a taper candle and crystal holder, a crystal vase with 3 gerbera daisies, and a mushy anniversary card. Our workplace has several fundraising events going on this week and one of the events was a chili feed yesterday. So as soon as the chili was set out to be sold, I went to our kitchen and bought 2 bowls with all the fixins and set them aside until Bob got to work. (It's a good thing I did as they ran out of chili about 25 minutes later.)

Bob got to work around 12:30. I met him at the receptionist's desk. I surprized him by wearing his favorite dress, wearing makeup (which I rarely wear) and really dressing up. He told me I looked beautiful and I told him it was for him. We walked to the kitchen and I walked him to "our" table. He was surprized to say the least. Then I went and got the chili from the fridge and heated it up for us and we enjoyed a beautifully romantic lunch.

After lunch, Bob came by my work station and met all my co-workers, which I've been asking him to do since I started over a year ago. Everyone was so nice to him and it really was nice to have him there. I actually had to work the late shift since a guy had called in sick, so we postponed an official anniversary dinner until Friday.

I got home from work just after 7 and we opened gifts. I received a dozen roses from Aldi's. (A fabulous discount grocery store! A dozen roses anywhere else would have cost Bob upwards of $25...but here?? $6.00 and they are beautiful! A nice soft blush color.) Anyway, I had thought of Bob's gift a long time ago. I ordered some prints of me alone and of us together from our Snapfish account and put them in a collage frame. Then I bought some silly stickers with lips and hearts and romantic sayings on them and affixed them to the mat around the photos. He loved it. It wasn't expensive or any big deal, but it was high on the sentimental meter.

So, it was a very nice day celebrating our love and time together.

I forgot to talk about Bob being on the radio this week. Last weekend when we were at the apple orchard, part of the reason we were there was to visit with Ian and Marjorie Punnett from FM107. They are the radio show hosts that interview me from time to time about my surgery. Well, Bob got to talking to Ian about the poetry he writes and wondered if he knew of a way to get it published. Ian really didn't, but said he would love to have Bob read a poem a day for their closing wisdom segment on the radio this week. So, that's what Bob has been doing. Every day (except for Tuesday) Bob has read one of his poems on the air just before 9am on FM107. It has been really fun for all of us. Actually, Ian said he could see these poems on greeting cards. Something Bob has heard we may have to look into that.

Also, Bob got his pain meds yesterday and the doctor he is working with upped his meds by 30 more pills a month. Yay! Someone in the comments suggested the pain patch. He had tried that in the past and didn't do well with it. It made him sick. He got hot flashes and nausea and felt horrible. He does much better with what they've supplied him with now. In fact, he actually admitted that now that they upped the amount of pills to get him through the whole month without having to should work out really well. So, that's great! And he's actually seen the same guy about 3 or 4 times in a row. At first he was concerned because he always saw a different doc. So, he's more positive about the pain clinic now, which is good.

Next Wednesday my work is having our regular quarterly events and we are encouraged to dress up in 70's clothes. I have NO 70's clothes. I wasn't sure what to do. I talked with some co-workers and someone suggested ebay. I only had about $20 I could spend on anything since we are strapped, strapped, strapped. But I took a look on ebay and I found 2 things that cost under $20 total! I found a hideous polyester dress that arrived on Monday and fits perfectly! And I found a funky jointed owl necklace from the 70's...and that's been shipped but hasn't arrived yet. I will post photos after next Wednesday. It should be hilarious!

Did anyone watch Wife Swap last night? I flipped between it and CSI: NY. But what was UP with wealthy Manhattan couple? They had 3 kids and 4 nanies who worked 7 days a week! The chick spent an average of $4000 on clothes, EVERY WEEK! And at the end, everyone learned something, except for the jerky rich guy, Steven. He was a huge jerk. But I lived in the Manhattan suburbs for a while and totally saw lots and lots of people like this. People who had kids and allowed their nannies to raise them. Blech! Anyway, the rich chick ended up doing OK and even admitted to learning something and liking the average guy she was living with. Interesting show, indeed. They used to spend and hour a day with the kids, but by the end of the show, it seemed they were spending a lot more time togehter...which they admitted the kids loved! Uh...YEAH!
--------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: September 30, 2003: Another day off and a happy anniversary

OK...which of you is the one who keeps finding my diary through Google searches of Waylon Flowers and Madam and has issues with Mazarahties? (Spelling?)

Anyway, Hi! We had a lovely 2nd anniversary thank you. In fact, we had a lovely weekend.

We spent Friday night and most of Saturday at a marriage retreat at Camp Koinonia. It was a lovely setting and we had a great time. We met 17 other couples, learned their love stories and renewed the passion for our marriage and each other. It was quite refreshing though not without its struggles. Right away Sweet Baboo and I had issues. We got to the camp, pulled up to the office for info and a bunch of strong guys helped SB pull his scooter out of the truck. I then parked it and realised we had ALL our stuff in the truck and it needed to be brought to our cabin. So I alone lugged our luggage, coats, Bibles, and SB's cane to the cabin. I was mad that there was no one there to help me and that with SB's MD, I usually end up on the short end of the heavy load stick.

But we worked it out. Some of what happened was because of my impatience and my quest to get things done. In the future, I can just leave things be and let SB come help me later.

There were a couple of other issues where both SB and I felt left out and rejected. But those were worked out too and we just enjoyed one another's company and the retreat.

Sunday was church and it was good! It felt good to be back among our friends and church family. These are the people who love and care for us. We love and care for them too. I got to hold babies and tease children. I talked to my friends and people prayed for us. We caught up on the news of the week and it just felt good. The best part was the worship and fellowship of God. Amen.

Sunday was our day of rest and football. We watched the Vikings dominate the 49ers!

Monday, yesterday, was our anniversary. We slept in. A dear friend of ours brought us cake from the bakery where our wedding cake was made. Originally, we were going to go there and have a cupcake to celebrate. We mentioned this to our friend who happened to be at the marriage retreat with his wife. He works at the bakery and said he would bring us 3 of each kind of cupcake on the house and drop it off on his way home from work. When he came, instead of the cupcakes, he had a small decorated cake with him, compliments of the bakery. It was a sweet surprise!

I made heart shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then we got dressed and went to dinner. An annonymous donor generously gave us some money specifically to celebrate our anniversary in high style. So we did. We made reservations at The Palomino for an early dinner. We were the first ones there and had a lovely table by the window. We had an appetizer, salad (Which SB didnít like. It was too fancy for his simple tastes.) and then I had the herb chicken breast with rizzoto and seasonal vegetables and SB had the rigatonni bologanese. It was sooooo good. We saved half to bring home and SB had fresh raspberry sorbet and I had their famous tiramisou with coffee. A wonderful dinner at an amazing restaurant. And the waiter comped us our desserts and SB's salad. We came home, toasted our marriage and our love and spent a quiet evening in candlelight and romance. Ahhhh. It was truly a special day and evening. Last year, we didnít do anything because we were moving. We had cake and cards, but that was all. This year was awesome!

While I was lying in bed last night, I realized something about food. For me, food equals feelings. I eat what I feel. When I looked over the menu at The Palomino last night, I looked for what I was feeling. Not so much what would taste good or be healthy, though my meal was all that too. But I was looking for what I was feeling. I wanted to injest feeling. I have to think more on that before writing more. But I think itís a breakthrough.

Thanks for reading.

5:41 a.m. - Thursday, Sept. 30, 2004


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