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Finally, an Update!

I've been meaning to come here all day and update, but it's been a crazy day.

First off, I had my doctor's appt for my 5 month checkup. I'm a little early for the 5 month...but no biggie. I got weighed and I weigh exactally 270. That means I am back to the exact place I was when I had to go into the hospital last month. It also means I have lost 80 lbs since surgery, but 90 altogther. So that's good news. I need to get on the stick and start walking more. I had a good talk with the nutritionist about developing good habits now while the weight still comes off relatively easily. I still have to eat protein first, but now that I'm a little farther out, I can eat (as if I wasn't) lot of other things too. My body still craves tomatoes in all their forms, as well as cheese and yogurt. But now I don't have to eat just protein or eat yucky stuff just because it has protein in it. Yay! So, my appt went well and she is happy with my progress. Oh! Also, she looked at the photo I was given of my endoscopy and it would seem that I had that stricture for probably a month before it caught up with me. The opening at the exit of my stomach was closing and by the time I ended up so sick, it was about the size of the tip of a pen. After the endoscopy, it was back to being about the size of a small marble! It's like going from a pea to a watermelon! My next appointment is at my 6 month anniversary on November 24th. They will take a new photo, do new BMI, and new measurements.

After my appointment, I bolted home for the phone interview. I have to say I don't think I did well at all. I know I wouldn't move me on after hearing what I had to say. Mostly because my resume is not all that impressive and because I didn't know what I wanted to do and hadn't finished school, I just kept jumping from job to job to job and didn't stick anywhere for a long period of time. I expect I will get a "thank you but no thank you" email in the next 7 to 10 business days. They did say they keep resumes on file for 6 months and if something on the resume changes after that, reapplying is considered good form. So, maybe after I'm out of school and more certain about the career path I want to take, I can look at them again.

After the phone interview, it was time to boogie on to work. I stopped and got a decalf skim hazelnut capiccino from Caribou on my way. It was my first one! I can't remember, but it tasted so good! But I can't seeing doing that very often as a small cost almost $3! So, that was just a treat. I had another treat at lunch. My boss gave me a $10 gift certificate for Macaroni Grill so I called in a "to go" order for chicken parmesean and let me tell you! That was THE BEST thing I have eaten since I had surgery. It was succulant and tender and smelled SO good! I have enough left over for supper tonight and lunch again tomorrow. I hope it translates well into leftovers. Mmmmm. Plus, it had a yummy chunky marina sauce covering it. Remember, all things tomatoes are my new best friend.

Speaking of Boogy-ing...our event last night was SO much fun! I haven't laughed that hard in so long. I will post photos...I promise, but I took so many, I have to weed through them to find the best ones. I will also post a photo of the fabulous prize I won. At this particular event, they have it set up like a casino where we can play various casino games in order to win tickets. Then you take your tickets and put them into buckets in front of various and sundry high-end prizes. If your ticket is drawn, you win the prize. You can only win one prize though...which isn't usually a problem, but if your name is drawn again, you have to choose between the 2 prizes. I won't tell you yet what I won, but I had so many tickets, that I put some in for a digital video camera, a pair of walkie talkies with an 8 mile range, a pair of high end binoculars/camera, a DVD recorder, and a 5 quart Kitchenaid Mixer. I won one of those prizes! Whoot!

It was just so much fun. We all dressed up in our 70's best and had a great laugh at all our outfits. They really spanned the gammit. From disco, to polyester pantsuits, to hippie and was all represented. We had a nice meal of grilled chicken, beef wellington, wild rice, au gratin potatos and salad. Not to mention yummy dessert choices of chocolate cheesecake or apple turnovers. There was disco music and dancing. There was MUCH socializing and laughing and just all around general commaradarie. It was a BLAST!

But what was most fun about last night was that I went and I didn't worry about how I looked or what I ate. I wasn't self conscious (I maybe should have been during the prize drawing as I was ROWDY! But it was just too much fun). And men other than my husband were paying me compliments and it felt good! Before you comment on that, this was a work thing and it was all in good fun. A lot of the people that were there were people who only see me once a quater and the last time they saw me was JUST before my surgery. So, compliments were passed both ways. But at one point, this guy I speak to on a weekly basis, walked up to me, put his arm around me and said, "Hey baby, come here often? What's your sign? Wanna boogie with me?" And he walked me to the dance floor. That has NEVER happened to me in my life. In the past men have danced with me because their best friend was dating my best friend and we were together out of pity. Or they saw me sitting on the side of the room and felt sorry for me. This was all new and so fun. But not at all sexual or sensual or remotely romantic. It was fun. It felt good. It felt like me. The me I was supposed to be all along and finally get to be.

Photos soon!

-------------------------------------- About A Year Ago Today: October 06, 2003: No More Money Talk

I’ve been sitting here contemplating what I should write. After my last entry, I’m not sure how to jump in. I can say that I’m feeling better. Not much has changed. We still make what we make and have the bills we have. Somehow, we are doing better. Both of us, though Sweet Baboo has been feeling poorly all weekend and into today. He hasn’t slept much and has had a lot of pain. It’s peculiar when the pain occurs in otherwise pain free areas as has been happening lately. He wonders if it’s all MD related. He is actually talking about seeing another doctor who may be able to tell him if it is or not. I want him to wait until after he’s been in his power wheelchair for at least 2 weeks in order to see if that helps, but I don’t know if he can wait that long.

We had an interesting…not argument exactly this weekend. More like a difference of opinion. He wanted me to stop writing about our finances, good and bad. When I asked why, he said there are some members of his family that think we are wasteful or maybe immature with the resources we’ve been given due to what they read here. Even though what they read here is only a snapshot…a fraction of our actual lives, they apparently have been talking amongst themselves about our lack of frugality. So, I will stop writing about our finances…good and bad. They are ours to deal with after all and I think we have been doing pretty well. We both came into this marriage 2 years ago with bad habits and due to circumstances beyond our control, have had to learn to live with substantially less than when we first got married. I think we’ve been hanging in there just fine. After all, our resources are not given to us so much through our jobs as much as they are entrusted to us by God and we answer to Him primarily. We are learning and though we make our share of mistakes, we are by no means down and out. However, to save the peace in my household, no more financial info of any kind. This should make part of our lives easier in the end.

There are approximately 27,548 ladybugs hanging out on the window outside my office. It’s so weirde specially since we are on the 13th floor. Don’t you think they would rather be in flowers and trees closer to Earth?

The weather is all-weird too. Last Thursday I had to turn the heat on in my car and scrape frost off my windshield for the first time. Today it got to over 76 degrees and tomorrow will be well into the 80’s. Maybe the weather is why the ladybugs are amassing in numbers too big to count.

Our office is one big electro magnetic static electricity generator. I am sure we could manage the state of California’s power shortage on the voltages generated just by walking from my cube to the bathroom. Of course, every surface is either carpet/fabric or metal. I am jolted awake about 47 times a day by the electric current flowing from my fingers to my cube walls. Can’t wait until winter really hits. I am going to have to buy stock in static guard just to walk from my cube to the fax machine, I think.

Daisy was soooo cute this weekend. She sleeps on my bed, curled up against my back, spooning me as it were. On Saturday morning, I was half-awake. Sensing this, she thrust her head into my hand and proceeded to rub along my arm. I halfheartedly pet her and then fell back to sleep. Only to be awoken by her sandy pink tongue licking my nose, cheeks and lips! Argh! If it wasn’t so gross, it would be cute. Actually, it’s still pretty cute. The same thing happened Sunday morning except she licked my closed eyelid! Yuck! That freaked me out because I have an aversion to eye things. She is such a love bug. I started calling her Daisy Doodle, which has morphed into Doodle Bug. Sometimes I called her Oopsy Daisy too. Or Daisy Doodle Bug.

Maisey is still not happy with Daisy’s presence in our lives. Daisy will be sacked out, sleeping soundly and Maisey will stealthily sneak over to where she’s sleeping. She will watch her for a bit and then bring the smack down on her. Much hissing ensues which usually ends up with SB or I squirting Maisey with the water bottle. The other thing Maisey does is to back Daisy into a corner to keep her from eating or using the litter box. There is more hissing and growling than with the sleeping smack down and again, Maisey gets in trouble for bullying the new kitty. I hope things calm down soon. I have to say, though, that Daisy has been out of the bedroom more and is bolder about exploring and looking around our place. So, maybe things are a little better. She used to just hide under our bed in the bedroom all the time.

Thanks for reading.

5:04 p.m. - Thursday, Oct. 07, 2004


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