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I haven't got time for the pain

So I had my root canal yesterday morning and really, it wasn't all that bad. I took ibuprofen before the novocaine wore off and felt pretty good.

Pretty good that is, until I ate dinner. I chewed something in just such a way that caused a lot of pain on the temporary cap. Ever since then...oh the pain! I woke up in pain around 1:30 this morning and have not been back to bed yet. I called my dentist and left a message to have her call me back. Is this normal? I am going in to have the tooth crowned on Thursday, but oh my goodness, the pain! I also asked her if she could call in an RX for some liquid vicodin. I hope she does because the ibuprofen works OK, but is not very long lasting. Oh the pain! Not good.

I am regretting my decision to leave my former downtown dentist for this particular dentist. I never had pain or problems of this caliber with downtown dentist. Maybe it's just the timing, but I miss downtown dentist. We'll see what happens after the crown on Thursday.

I am supposed to meet my dad for dinner tonight at 6:30 in a town south east of the cities. I probably won't be going to work today but hope I feel better in time to meet my dad. I've looked forward to this for weeks. I am also going to be meeting a gal he works with who is about my age and who had gastric bypass surgery a couple of years ago. He put me in touch with her after he learned of my decision to have the surgery and she and I have chatted and emailed regularly since. This will be our first face to face meeting and I was looking forward to that as well.

I hate having stupid tooth problems! Maybe dad had the right idea all along. Just have the dentist pull them all and have false teeth instead. Anything to get rid of this pain!

5:37 a.m. - Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2004


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