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Loving the Razor's Edge

So I went and saw the dentist yesterday. She took more x-rays and examined the tooth area only to say that the area must be bruised. So I have some pain meds and antibiotics and am having a crown put in tomorrow. When I touch the area with my tongue, the gum tissue is sensitive and sore, so it's probably the tissue that is bruised as she said. Blah!

After getting my tooth poked and prodded and X-rayed, I went and did what any normal, red-blooded American woman would do...I went to the salon. My hair was driving me crazy and I needed it to not be driving me crazy. There was a salon next door to the dentist and their sign said they took walk-ins. So I walked in and had a marvelous haircut. My stylist, Staci, washed my hair and the scalp massage she gave me was worth whatever price she saw fit to charge me. Mmmmmm. Then, she cut my hair with a straight razor! Never ever has anyone cut my hair with a straight razor. I LOVE IT! It's short, feminine and whispy.

After that, I came home and my husband never even noticed. Hee.

I wasn't home long before I had to leave again. I was driving to a town in South East MN to meet my dad for dinner. He was there because he sells seed corn and soybeans and such and there was a party for people who sell seed corn and soybeans and such. I got there right at 6 and saw my dad's car in the parking lot. I walked into the restaurant and saw him right away at the bar. We hugged and then he paid me a compliment on how good I look. I tell you, I never get tired of hearing it, but there is something about it coming for one's dad that makes it more special and somewhat blushing inducing as well. We sat and talked and waited for more people to arrive and dinner to start.

One of the people we were waiting for was a gal named Julie. Julie works for a company that supplies companies like the one my dad works for with treatment options for their crops. Dad sees her several times a year at functions like these. Julie had bariatric surgery 2 years ago and dad put me in touch with her when he learned of my interest in the surgery. Since then...probably in February...Julie and I have chatted on the phone and emailed back and forth but had never met in person. Dad thought this would be a good time for that since he company was the one putting on the dinner.

Right before dinner started, Julie came in and we finally met face to face. It was a nice evening of great company, good food and wonderful conversation. Not to mention that I got to see my dad too. It was very interesting seeing him in this context. He is always funny and charming and I like to see others enjoying his company and humor. I sat by Julie and her co-workers and Dad sat elsewhere, but I could hear his laugh from time to time and it never failed to bring a smile to my face. He introduced me as his daughter to several people and I got the discinct feeling that he was proud to do so. It was a nice evening.

Here are a couple of photos from last night. One of me and dad and one of me and Julie. I think you will know which is which. Hee.

It was interesting eating dinner with someone else who had had the surgery. We actually should have shared the meal, but it was so good. They were serving prime rib but the 4 of us women at the table all asked for the chicken breast instead. It was yummy. And served with a small baked potato with REAL sour cream. Yum! And for dessert, cheesecake. Both Julie and I ate 1/2 the potato, bites of the chicken and about 2 bites of cheesecake. Enough to taste and be satisfied.

Dad left first since he was driving to my grandma's house and wanted to arrive before she went to bed. (Dinner didn't start until well after 7:30!) I told him to drive carefully and he "yea, yea, yea'd" me good naturedly before hugging me goodbye. I left about 20 minutes later and got home around 10:30...just whiped out.

All in all, it was a good day, toothache notwithstanding. Tomorrow, I receieve my crown! I wonder if they'll trade me a tiara? -------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: October 13, 2003: Itís all Getting Better.

Iím Back. Happy Birthday yesterday Jennifer!

Last week was all weird because I had a couple of days of customer service training. The training started at 7:30am sharp and Iím not usually in until I was off for most of the week. But the training was good and I really needed the refresher.

Also, Sweet Baboo and I met up with a bunch of people I work with after work on Thursday night for Happy Hour at a local Mexican place. We had a blast! It really was lots of fun. I was able to introduce SB to all my work friends and them to him. We were loud and obnoxious...just the way I like to be. I took photos with the digital camera and when I posted them, everyone agreed that we had a lot of fun and will have to do it again soon. Yes sir!

I also found out last week that SM and CM from my old job are out. The Divisional VP is cutting his losses, getting rid of the dead weight and putting in some new blood. I guess their official last day is the 15th and a new guy will be coming from Iowa. Things aren't that great there and I got out just in time! I talked to another administrator and she says stuff is just awful and no one is listening to the administrators. At first, when I heard that CM and SM were out, I felt if only I had stuck it out, I would have been OK. But now that I know things are so bad, I canít help but see God at work moving me just before the ship sunk. I think Thatís why I felt like I was abandoning ship at the time. I feel bad for the new gal, but not bad enough to go back or anything.

Things at the place I work now are just fine. This week is United Way kick off week and we have lots of fun things planned. This is one company that really knows how to take care of its employees. Itís been a good move for me.

Here's some news! Someone gave our church a van and they offered it to us. A 1995 Mercury VillagerÖfree. We looked at it yesterday and it is nice. It has all the bells and whistles; electric seat adjustments, outside temperature gage, electric windows and door locks, etc. It also has 135,440 miles on it.

We took a couple of days to think and pray on it. I wanted to say yes right away and Sweet Baboo wanted to say no right after he heard the mileage. We went home and called his sister and brother in law who own their own repair shop. We also called my dad. My dad said to take into consideration how mobile we would be with it. Would we travel the US or just in town? If we were only going to put 5,000 miles on it in a year, we could probably keep it up for 10 years. But if we were going to put 50,000 miles on it per year, we would only get a couple of years usage out of it. Then we heard from our sister and brother in law. It seems that itís considered a domestic import and the parts are super expensive and itís hard to work on. They would not be helping us with repairs if we did get it, which is totally understandable. They would be shelling out hundreds in parts and wouldnít be making a thing. Thatís not really what we wanted to hear, but we took what they said under advisement.

This morning I called our local van conversion place to ask what conversion would cost. They said they donít convert anything other than 2001 and newer vehicles, so this van wouldnít even qualify for conversion. Plus, conversion costs between $12,000 and $15,000! I talked to my insurance agent and the cost to insure the vehicle is less than what weíre paying on my car now. In fact, there is a $12.00 monthly differenceÖwhich adds up to over $144 per year! Still probably not worth it. And Iíd have to sell my car which would be a giant pain in the butt, but we would be less one car payment and that would be awesome! As it is though, it looks like we will be passing on this particular van. We are going to keep praying though. God is bigger than our needs.

I also found out that at the end of the month, we will be re-enrolling for health care benefits. I compared plans and we will be switching to another plan after the first of the year. I found out that this plan DOES cover DME and power mobility! So, we will have to see what the new year brings as far as getting SB into a power wheel chair.

So, all in all, things are good...better than expected really. Thanks for thinking of us and for praying.

Thanks, too, for reading.

2:27 p.m. - Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2004


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