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Crown Day!

It's a sign of the apocolypse...last night I was watching TV and I saw my first Christmas shopping commercial. October 13th...a commercial for Christmas shopping. It was for Fleet Farm or Farm and Fleet...I can never remember which is which. One is here and one is in Wisconsin. Anyway, they were advertising their Toyland opening this Saturday and how they will have all the hot toys and you should come down and get all your Christmas shopping done early. Gah!

I received a letter yesterday from my school of choice. They have already received my college transcripts and a total of 102 credits transfered! I still need 1 credit of basic computer applications (which I am hoping to test out of) and speech, which I can satisfy through the program by taking Public Speaking. I only need 47 more credits within the program, which should take me 4 semesters (about a year and a half in this program) to get my degree! Whoot! So excited! The letter said they are also still waiting for my high school transcripts. I better call that school and get them on the stick.

Have you seen the new Burger King breakfast sandwhich commercial where the guy wakes up in bed with the large headed burger king? What is that all about? That's the creepiest thing I've seen in a long, long time. Plus, the voice over guy sounds all sensual and creepy with his, "egg, meat and cheese, meat and cheese". Bah!

Today is crown day. The tissue around my tooth is still sore but the tooth itself it fine. But while it's sore, it's not painful...just feels bruised like the doc said. I still wonder if I could request a tiara rather than a crown. When I said as much to my sweet husband, he didn't get it. He thought maybe I was requesting something else that's out on the market that he didn't know about. Hee.

When I met my dad the other night, he passed off a gift to Bob and I. He and mom had an extra TV and wondered if we wanted it. We did! We had been watching my old 13 inch TV since we've been married. Renting movies was the hardest because of the tiny screen. The TV Dad gave us has...I think...a 27 inch screen. Oh BOY is it big! It's the difference between peering through a porthole vs a sliding glass door. We like it but are having a hard time getting used to it. Thanks Mom and Dad! --------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: October 14, 2003: Heaven is a Wonderful Place

Happy Birthday Jorge!

I am just not catching a break lately. Sweet Baboo and I purchased something last week that I was offered an employee discount on this week and no matter who I call, they all say the same thingÖitís non-transferable. To get the discount, I would have to take back the item we purchased last week and purchase it anew with our employee info. Sheesh! A week late and a dollar short. Itís not that big of a deal, but if we had waited a week, we could have had a nice little discount. Oh well.

You know, I cannot imagine the pain Sweet Baboo has to endure every day of his life. It affects everythingÖhis sleep, his energy, his stamina, etc. He is the bravest man I know for having to endure so much and still manage to go on. That said, I feel so silly for complaining about my little aches and pains. However, complain I must! I have had this twingy pain in my right elbow for several months now. At first it just felt like I bumped it good and had some bruising, even though no bruising ever appeared. As time went on, the pain got more intense to where now, my arm feels weak if I pick up a heavy jar or lift a heavy object with just my right hand. Last night, I could not fall asleep because my arm was throbbing so badly. SB says it might be bursitis otherwise known as tennis elbow. I really need to get it checked out because it really hurts!

The cats are still battling it out. We are now putting Maisey in our bathroom whenever she attacks Daisy. Poor Daisy will be soundly sleeping; all curled up into a cute fuzzy ball and out of nowhere Maisey will run up, smack her hard and run away. It is funny to watch once or twice, but poor Daisy is all shook up. She cannot eat her food without check her surroundings between every bite just to make sure she is not under surprise attack. She startles at every little noise and is very jumpy. Last night when I got home from work, SB was already gone to his menís Bible study group. Maisey was in the bathroom and Daisy was nowhere to be found. I sat down in the recliner and out of nowhere, a playful little Daisy came romping into the room. She jumped on my lap for petting and then meandered around the room, sniffing and exploring. She eventually found a toy mouse and began to play with it and it was so adorable. With Maisey out of the way, Daisyís personality is starting to come through. We are hoping that Maisey will get the connection between ambushing her sister and banishment to the bathroom. We love them both and want them both to benefit from spending time with each other and SB and me.

This week is promising to be fun. Itís the United Way campaign drive week. To raise funds other than through collecting through donations made through our paychecks, we have several fun events lined up to liven up the week. I have been participating in a silent auction in the hopes of garnering a good birthday present for SB. Yesterday we had a potluck lunch, today was a pancake breakfast, and Thursday is build your own sundaes! There are other little things going on as well like raffles and games to win small prizes. I won a calculator and a travel ID holder by throwing darts at balloons yesterday. I do not donate any money from my paycheck to the United Way. Instead, I designated my donations to Reaching Arms International, the adoption agency we support. Since they are a non-profit organization, they qualify for donated funds through this campaign and will benefit directly!

You know, sometimes I get so tired. I am not writing this because Iím depressed right now. Just that there are so many things to think about and consider re: Sweet Babooís health, independence, and our life together. Sometimes I get tired thinking about it all. However, if we donít think about it, no one else will and he wonít benefit from whatís out there to help him/us. Sometimes I cannot wait until this life is over so we can commence with our next life in Heaven with Jesus and be free from worry, pain, and limitations. Sometimes I feel as though this life is one giant rousing game of tag, or kick the can and Heaven is our Goul. Our safety zone. Our place of peace and rest. The Bible says it is the life that really matters. That what goes on down here is nothing compared to what goes on ďupĒ there. In Heaven, we will have continual, uninterrupted communion with God. We will never be separated from Him. We will have no pain, no tears, and no needs unmet. We will be in new bodies, new dwellings built just for us by The Carpenterís hands. We will not fear. We will not worry. We will not ache. We will know perfect love every day for the rest of eternity. God decides the time when we will get there, but sometimes, I just cannot wait. In Heaven, we will not need wheelchairs, handicap accessibility or money. Sweet Baboo will be out of pain and will be able to run and jump and leap again. His friend Jimmy will be able to move, talk, walk, and hug again. We will be in sweet communion with Jesus and other believers. We will be safe from all that plagues us in the life we live here on Earth. Heaven is where I wanna be. Just not until God calls me home. Sometimes, I hope itís soon. And Iím not writing this today because Iím depressed and looking for a way out. Iím writing this today because Iím tired and homesick for a place Iíve never been but one I know exists.

Thanks for reading.

6:41 a.m. - Thursday, Oct. 14, 2004


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