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Thank God it's Friday

I got my temporary crown yesterday. Did you know that this was such a process? I have a temporary crown until November 2nd, then I get a gold crown. No tiara though. Sigh. Afterwards, my mouth hurt most of the day. I have a tiny little mouth and they had to crank that thing open for a good hour in order to get my temp crown on. And they created a small sore in the corner of my mouth where most of the instruments had to sit and be held. Thankfully I have good pain meds, so I'm OK now. I'm still taking antibiotics too so there is no infection. What a pain. My tongue keeps finding my crown and I want to rip it off. It doesn't feel like it's a part of my mouth yet.

Tomorrow is boss's day so my co-workers and I have planned a little celebration for our boss today. We all chipped in some cash and at lunch I will go and pick up an ice cream cake and some flowers for her. Last year I was new for boss's day and brought her flowers by myself. No one else did anything and then they teased me for making them look bad. This year, I recruited everyone to join in. Some people didn't want to join in because they feel like our boss isn't good at noticing the good in people...only the bad. But I have to say that I've had bosses a million times worse than my boss and I have been really happy with her. So, we'll see what happens.

So, "they" are talking the "S" word today. For you in the midwest, the "S" word at this time of year does not refer to an explative. It referes to snow. They are saying we could see snow over the next 24 hours. It has been cold, grey, dreary and blah since Wednesday. This is the part I hate about fall turning to winter. I hate the grey, the clouds, the dreariness.

I am now looking at 2 very different schools to complete my degree. Both offer degrees in communication. One school offers a one evening a week program while the other offers weekend programs. One's Communication major is mostly Communication Studies with a broad overview consisting of public speaking, writing, studying workplace and group communication dynamics. They also have some classes in desktop publishing and basic computer programing. The other school has 2 communication majors and one of them is similar to the one I mentioned above. The other Communications major is more detailed and you can choose your course of study to be more writing oriented or English language oriented. If you take the writing course, you build a portfolio and resume as you go. Both programs appeal to me for different reasons. The second school is less appealing to me as I am not sure about the weekend program thing and it costs more per credit, but I think it has a more prestigeous name than the first school. So, I am still thinking about which school to attend. I am applying to both and will see what happens from there.

This weekend...a whole lot of nothing! Yay! --------------------------------------- About A Year Ago Today: October 16, 2003: Breaking In and Breaking Even

Happy Boss's Day! I got my boss a small arrangement of flowers from Byerly's and a card and she LOVED it! The bad thing is that no one else did anything for her so I looked like a huge suck up, when all I wanted to do was make her day pleasant. Oh well.

I was home sick yesterday. NOT feeling well and something was definitely going around the office. Blech. I napped a good portion of the day and Sweet Baboo came home and said I felt really warm. I did manage to get a couple of things done around the house too though because I feel guilty staying home and not doing anything, even if I am sick.

Our friend and neighbor B caught a guy trying to get into her apartment. Apparently, he was using a KEY! She chased him upstairs and lost him. BUT she didnít call the police. Instead, she called the apartment management office. She thinks he is a guy that lives in our building. Weíve noticed a high level of unseemly types moving in lately and now there are notes all over the building to keep our doors and windows locked because of a rise of break-ins. Just great, that after we renewed our lease for another year. So far weíve been just fine, but you never know. I want to know how some strange guy got a key for our neighborís apartment! She thinks the burglar was the father of some of the kids we hang out with. If thatís the case, we wonder if we havenít been hit yet because of our amiable and generous relationships with the kids in our building. Itís something to think on.

Sweet Baboo came home from school last night just brimming with information. He loves his classes and is really learning a lot. He has read the Bible all the way through 3 times and is surprised when he learns new information. I say thatís why itís called the Living Book, because there is always something in it that jumps out at you or that you see anew. Anyway, he gave the key to the van back and said we couldnít use it. I guess there are 2 or 3 other families there that can, so yay! In addition, he talked to one of our pastors there about adoption and found out that there are families out there who will adopt 1 or 2 kids from a set of siblings but not the 1 or more left. BUT they will pay for the adoptions for the siblings that are left if there is a family nearby willing to adopt them. SB told our pastor that we have been talking adoption for a year now and would be willing to take on the siblings not adopted by a family if they are willing to pay the cost. We would still have to pay for the home study and our own legal fees, I am sure, but that would be considerably less than paying the whole process start to finish. Yay! Wait until you see what God does with this information.

Itís getting cooler and more wintery here. Todayís high is only 49 and I talked to a banker in North Dakota who says they had snow yesterday! Snow on October 15th! It melted off, but still. SNOW! Not yet ready for that. Hopefully an early winter will mean an early Spring but I know thatís not always the way things work. I have a hard time with winterÖnot so much due to the cold, ice and snow, but due instead to the dark, dark days. Glad I have a window at work with lots of natural lighting. Iím hoping that helps get me through.

Can I just say that I hate money? I do. I hate it and yet I crave it. Donít you hate it when you get paid and the money is already gone? I know I do! Whenever SB gets the checkbook and bills out, I just cringe because it usually means we arenít going to have enough money to cover the number of bills we have and then he gets all worked up. When I say worked up, I should quantify thatÖhe gets quiet. Super quiet and wonít make jokes or laugh or chat as he usually does in the evening. And the air in our living room gets thick and heavy. He starts to worry and he gets depressed and short. I try and stay upbeat and tell him that everything will be fine. Or I offer to get a part time job which he shoots down right away. Then heíll say he has to come up with some sort of money making idea so he can make enough money to pay our bills. Itís like this twice a month. Maybe I should offer to do the bills and checkbook. That way he wouldnít have to do this high anxiety task and would be better off all around. He does a great job of keeping everything balanced and paid and up to dateÖwe just have more month than money right now. I know money does not bring happiness or contentment, but I think we would be able to handle some of the other issues we are dealing with right now a little better if the financial stuff were taken care of. Who knows, maybe we wouldnít.

And SB's birthday is next week. I wanted to do something amazing for him, but I think Iím going to have to settle for OK. Thanks for reading.

6:41 a.m. - Friday, Oct. 15, 2004


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