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I am so glad it's Friday! Even though the weather here has been amazingly gross. Today it's foggy, misty, drizzly, grey and damp. Blah.

Work this week has been about the same as my description of our weather. I don't know if it's because of the weather changes around the nation, but I have never dealt with such rude and sassy bankers as I have this week. Yesterday I was speaking with a banker who was trying to locate our website so she could find the most current interest rates for our annuity product. I directed her to our company intranet site and then to the A-Z site list and then to the letter I. At that point, she stops me with the snottiest tone and says, "The letter I? Why the letter I?" And I say, "Because that is where you will find the link to our INSURANCE INTRANET website." "oh." I don't know what she thought it would be under or why I'd direct her somewhere on a wild goose chase, but seriously, who gets snotty about the letter I?

Then, later, I took another call from the most arrogant and condescending SOB I've ever had the privilege of speaking to. He wasn't even a licensed banker. He was the assistant to a licensed banker. When I asked to speak to the licensed banker, as is my job to do, he literally said this: "I'm sorry, but he has better things to do with his day than speak to you." Ohhhhh. OK. What? Anyway, all of this just adds to my happiness of it being Friday. Yay! Also, next Monday-Thursday I will be in Insurance licensing class and won't have to speak to snotty bankers or their snotty assistants.

Tomorrow is Bob's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! I'm not sure what we're doing. Maybe taking in a movie. But I am going to make him his favorite dinner...meat loaf, mashed potatoes and green beans.

****APPRENTICE SPOILERS****Last night was the most satisfying episode of The Apprentice that I have ever watched. When Stacy got fired, I actually pumped my fist up into the air and shouted, "YES!", scaring both of the cats. But she so needed to go. I have never seen anyone so young be so sour and critical as much as they made her out to be.

The satisfaction I felt over the Apprentice episode was erroded after watching Without a Trace though. In synopsys, a young couple with a young baby wakes up to find both nanny and baby missing. What ends up really happening is that the young mother nursed her baby while in a drunken stupor and smothered her. The father, upon finding them, carries the mother to bed so she doesn't wake up and discover what she's done and then pays the nanny to run off while he buries the baby in the back yard. It turns out that the mother is also post partum and takes anti-depressants. So what I want to know is A.) What NURSING mother drinks like a fish AND still takes anti-depressants? and B.) Who nurses their baby like a cow? That was how they showed her nursing. With the baby laying her her back and the mother above her with the breast hanging down to the baby like the udder of a cow. Yeah, that's plausible. Whatever. It was a stupid show.

Another stupid show I watched this week was The Biggest Loser. I will NOT be watching it again. I thought it was going to be a "reality" show along the lines of those Dateline NBC shows where they follow several people through a period of weight loss. I thought they would give them all the tools they needed to succeed and then see who does the best. But no. This is a horrible, horrible show. First off, the trainers aren't really helping the people. Who works out for 5 hours at a time? How can that prepare them for life outside the show? Is that reality? If you work an 8 hour job and have a family, there is NO WAY you can fit in a 5 hour workout into your day as well. Also, one woman had a complete breakdown because she didn't know what to eat. She didn't want to eat at all for fear of ruining the progress she had made so far. Did they show someone coming to help her through that crisis? No. Did they show what she eventually ate? No. What would have made for a better show is if someone had been sent in to see what was wrong and then show them sit down with her and go over her options and have her pick from there. That would have been teaching her how to eat healthy and how to develop new and healthy habits. But they didn't do anything. Also, at the end of the show, they weigh everyone and the one who has lost the least, gets voted off. How is that healthy? First of all, all these people have lost 8-20 pounds in ONE WEEK which isn't healthy at all, but it's mostly water weight, so it's not devestating either. But my assumption is that these people have come on the show to learn how to lose weight in a healthy manner and manage their weight loss. Instead, they are pitted against others and penalized for their success because it's not as good as the others. How is that helping? These people will end up being more of the sad statics of overweight people who lose the weight and gain it all back within a year. I only say this because they are NOT being given the tools to succeed over the long term. What they are doing right now are developing bad weight loss habits that just go to harm their bodies even more. And the red teams' trainer chick is psycho, I must say. It could have been a better show and disappointed me greatly. I will not be watching it anymore.

Enough about TV. Here is the most recent photo of me and my weight loss. I am going to compare it to the photo we took the morning I left for the hospital to have the surgery so you can see the truly dramatic results. The 5 month anniversary of the surgery is Sunday. 5 months and 100 lbs is quite the journey. Have a great weekend!

8:23 a.m. - Friday, Oct. 22, 2004


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