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A Good Weekend Was Had By All

And a good weekend was had by all.

Friday night I meant to go to a meeting called Phoebe's Call. It's a ministry specifically for women leaders in the church. But for some reason, I totally spaced it out and forgot about it until Saturday afternoon. This happens almost every month and I can't figure out why.

But our friend Jorge came over and brought Bob a birthday present and that was sweet.

Ever since I got back from the hospital the second time, I have not been able to sleep in on Saturday. My body is on a pretty set schedule now and I seem to be unable to sleep longer than 8 1/2 or 9 hours. Which is not bad, but when I go to bed promptly at 10pm, I wake up fully awake and aware at 7 am at the latest...even on Saturday morning. This past Saturday, Bob was awake when I woke up so he moved to my bed and I rubbed him for a long time, hoping he would get sleepy and fall asleep. Once he did, I hopped in my car and took off. I drove to the bakery where we bought our wedding cake and purchased a half dozen cupcakes (3 white and 3 chocolate) for Bob's birthday. It was a beautiful morning. Balmy, sunny, bells pealing in the distance. So nice. On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some real potatoes, some stuffing, yogurt and super lean ground beef and ground pork.

When I got home, Bob was up and awake. He had fallen asleep, but not slept for very long. So, the cupcake surprise was a no go. But he appreciated the thought and loved having a cupcake for breakfast.

I cleaned our apartment top to bottom before we left to catch a movie. There is a theater in our town that plays older films for $2. So, we decided to see Spiderman 2 since we hadn't seen it yet. We bought 2 movie tickets, a small popcorn and a drink for Bob and still had change from the $10 bill left over! Also, I fit comfortably in the tiny movie theater seat!

I have to say Spiderman 2 was very good, but the tiny upsidedown fish-hook scar on Tobie McGuire's right cheek distracted me throughout the entire film. (That and the freckle/mole on the end of his nose.) I wondered where he got the scar. Is it from his youth? It's so distracting!

Anyway, once we got out of the movie, we found the weather had changed drastically. Suddenly it was raining, cold, super windy, and neither one of us had a coat.

Once we got home, I set about making Bob's birthday dinner. I mixed together the ground beef and ground pork with 3 eggs, breadcrumbs (I used Italian seasoned), basil, savory, worsteshire sauce and cooking sherry into 2 meat loafs. Then I peeled, cut up and cooked the potatoes I bought and added them to my Kitchenaide mixer with some butter, milk, and garlic. While that was mixing, I opened a can of green beans and poured them into a microwave safe bowl. Then I added lemon pepper and rosemary and microwaved it to heat. I opened a can of refridgerated biscuits, brushed each with olive oil and sprinkled with parmesean cheese before baking.

I set our table with place mats and cloth napkins and candles and laid out all the food for Bob. It was yummy. He loved it. I would have loved it too if something hadn't gotten stuck in my stomach. I spent the next half hour wretching over the sink until it passed. But it finally did pass. Not sure what it was, but it's the first time something got stuck since the endoscopy.

Bob enjoyed his birthday dinner immensely. He was a little bit disappointed that no one called him to wish him happy birthday. He did get a couple of cards in the mail and that was so nice. One of his sisters called on Sunday and he felt better, but he still struggled. I kept teasing him though because for a month and a half, he's 7 years older than I am. He would laugh and say he robbed the cradle. Hee!

Sunday was church, the Vikings (won again!) and just overall resting and relaxing.

A good, good weekend. Today I begin my Insurance licensing class. 4 days of Insurance Principles. Should be very interesting.

6:12 a.m. - Monday, Oct. 25, 2004


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