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Still Working on Passing the Test

So day 2 of Mn Insurance Licensing regs...yeah it's LOTS of fun. Actually, the class is quite interesting and so far I come away thinking we are vastly underinsured. But yesterday, I learned that we were smart to NOT choose Medicare part B for Bob, along with a medicare sup policy. It is FAR better for us to keep him on my policy at work as that is most likely better and cheaper coverage in the long run. Whew!

On the way home from class, I was almost in an accident. If I hadn't been paying attention to the cars directly in front and behind me, I would have been crunched. The cars in front of me stopped suddenly and when I looked in the rearview mirror, I saw an SUV coming fast upon me with a distracted driver looking out her side window as she chatted on her cell phone. So I pulled off to the right shoulder and she slammed on her brakes ALMOST slamming into the car that had been in front of me. Did the chick stop talking on the phone? Nope.

I was reading my email last night and I got a message from the school I want to attend. It seems the now have all the elements they need for admission and I should hear in the next 3-5 days if I have been accepted. It's the only school I've applied to as of today. If I don't get accepted, I have 2 back up schools I will apply to, but I am just waiting to hear from them first. Whoot!

Last night I was flipping channeles during a commercial while watching my new favorite TV show, Veronica Mars. As I flipped, I came across NBC's The Biggest Loser. It was only for a moment, but my disgust with this show continues. The contestents were weighing in and most, that I saw, had lost a pound or 2 this time, versus the 12-15 pounds they lost last time. The ones I saw weighing in were disgusted with their "meager" loss and one even considered it a defeat to have "only lost" 2 pounds. Haven't these people ever tried to lose weight before? Don't the realize that muscle weighs more than fat and that the first weigh in is going to be vastly more significant than the subsequent weigh ins after? Anyone who has ever tried a Weight Watchers or any other weight loss program should know these things. And in my book a loss is still a loss whether it's 2 pounds or 1/2 a pound. I don't know why these people were so downhearted about their losses when they still lost...or at the very least didn't gain any back at all. I was so disgusted with the program last week that I actually wrote an email to NBC detailing my disappointment and disgust with the show. Bah!

I forgot to tell you that my beloved Beta fish, Myles died on Sunday. He was over 2 or 3 years old. He was a beautiful blue beta fish that used to clink his rocks against the glass of his bowl when he wanted attention. I got home from class last night and Bob had brought home 2 new beta fishes. One for me and one for him. He gave me first choice and I chose the red white and blue beta fish. He ended up with the white/opaque/blue fish. He still doesn't have a name for his fish, but I named my fish Betsy Ross because she's red white and blue. To me, she's just Betsy.

--------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: October 27, 2003: (LONG) Back from a Long Weekend

Whew! Iím back after a long weekend. Let's recap, shall we?

Thursday was my Sweet Baboo's 40 something birthday. I had off both Thursday and Friday in order to spend some fun time with my sweetie.

We both slept in and then I got a bee in my bonnet to rearrange our living room. I worked on that most of the morning. Then we both got ready and went to dinner.

We ate at a place called Shelley's Woodroast. Mmmmmmm! It was so yummy. The place is decked out like a Northwoods cabin complete with a great log fireplace that had a roaring fire in it when we sat down. They served us the most amazing popovers and honey butter before we received our main courses. It was all so good. The only negative thing I have to say is that we now have 2 charges pending on our cash card from that self same restaurant for far more than we signed our agreement slip for that night. SB is checking into that.

After dinner we went to downtown Mpls to the Musicbox Theater to see Triple Espresso. I have long wanted to see this show and was so glad SB could accompany me. It was hilarious! We were fortunate enough to see the 3 guys who originally wrote the show, perform the show. I would definitely love to see it again. I think there are 3 or 4 teams of guys who rotate perfomances and we were lucky enough to see the original guys.

Afterwards, we went home. As I was unlocking our apartment door, SB said, "Man, I kinda thought you were planning a surprise party for me." I reminded him that he had said he didnít want a lot of hoopla but then he said, "I know, but I've always wanted a surprise party." He sounded so dejected. Well, little did he know that I HAD planned a surprise party for him. It just wasnít until Saturday! More on that.

Friday we both slept WAY in, then got up and went to the bank where we converted our checking account into a joint acct. Then we converted THAT into an associate acct since I work for the company that owns the bank. So now we get all kinds of freebies and cool benefits. Yay! We were there forever and a day but now that itís all taken care of, we can rest easy. After that was grocery shopping and then home to put everything away. After that, I got it into my head that our bedroom also needed rearranging, so I did that and then cleaned until 3 am.

Saturday, the day of the surprise party. I didnít mention it here because SB sometimes reads this and I couldn't chance him seeing it. I planned for the party to be held in the party room of apartment building next door to us. Then I enlisted the help of a friend who sells S0uthern Living at H0me and said we were having a home party there because she is deathly allergic to cats. So all this time, as Iím planning his surprise party, he thought I was planning a home party with my friend.

Friday night I talked to him and said that our friend would really like him to come over and pray with her as sheís been having quite a difficult time. Would he consider doing that after we'd cleaned up the party room? Being the sweet, sensitive, ministering kind of man he is, he said he would. I set it up that I would call him when we were ready.

Saturday morning I prepared the h'ors de hourves for the party and lugged everything over to the party room. He thought our home party started at 4, so I got to the room by 3 to set up. Everything went swimmingly until around 5:30. My brother in law came running into the party room and said SB was on the phone with my sister in law and was on his way over to the party room! Yikes! So I high-tailed it over to our apartment, wondering the whole way how in the world I would explain my presence there. As I walked into one apartment door, I saw him scootering out the other so I yelled for him. He came scootering back and said my friend had called and she was running late! He then made some snide comment about her being over an hour and a half late and what were we doing over there without her. I covered nicely and said women donít need much to do with food and each other around for company. I said we were chatting and catching up and as my friend had sent out catalogs ahead of time, we were shopping too. Then I said that since she was late and everyone was OK, I had come to our apartment to get the vacuum cleaner since we would need it to clean up later. He bought that and said he would have been over earlier but that his sister had called right after my friend and wouldnít let him hang up. hee hee. So, I reminded him about our call to come over and pray and he said he still would and that she must have quite a bit going on to be so late.

I got back to the party room and he was on the phone with my sister in law again telling her what had all just happened.

More people showed up. I waited until most everyone was there and then hushed them up so I could call SB. It was about 6:30 and he said he'd be right over. I told him I would be looking for him as we didnít have a key to that building and I would let him in. Everyone got ready and in fact, more people actually showed up as we were waiting.

He scootered over, I let him in and when we got to the party room, he said, "Man Itís dark in here.", the lights went on and everyone yelled surprise and got him with silly string. He was sooooo surprised! He was shocked and delighted and just so thrilled. We had a good turn out and were able to eat, fellowship and make merry and still all be home by 10. It was awesome.

He couldn't believe he had had NO CLUE about the party. He said it hit him just as he noticed how dark the room was.

He got some fun gifties (even though there were instructions NOT to give gifts...but oh well.) and his aunt and uncle brought a wonderfully yummy cake. A good time was had by all and I gave my husband something he has always wanted.

Sunday, neither one of us was feeling 100% so we skipped church (again!) and laid low. I did laundry and made chili as itís been really cold here and we needed a good hearty warm up. We watched the Viking lose their first game this season (Argh!) and just had a nice time chilling out at home. The house was clean, everything put away, party prep all done, and we could rest and relax.

This morning was a different story. I was up by 6:30, made breakfast at 7:30 for me and SB and by 8, we had 4 people in our livingroom assessing SB for power mobility and other accessible items to make his and my life easier. They brought a power chair from the MDA equipment pool. It really is a great chair. It works well for SB right now and for now he is going to use that. There are some insurance issues we need to work out. He may have this chair until the beginning of next year, or give it up sooner in exchange for a new chair modified just for him.

He was also told he should have an electric hospital bed and a 4-wheel walker. That last item was hard for him to wrap his head around. He doesnít like to feel old and weak and feable. But he does need the support a walker can offer so he lessens his chances for falling down. My insurance covers both items.

It was a positive visit overall and he now sees the value in having the chair. He felt the difference in support right away and really likes it now. I think all the time between his first visit and the home assessment was a good thing. He had time to get used to the idea as well as to see how much he does really need it.

Now we see how much we really do need a van. Ideally we need it so SB can drive his chair into the van and drive straight from his wheelchair so he doesnít have to get up and down and in and out. Just one quick motion to mobility. We have a couple of places to call to see what we can do, but weíre not sure how that will work. So, we pray all the harder and watch and wait and see what God will do. We'll have to sell my car too...the only problem being my car isnít really worth on the street what I still owe on it. So, more prayer.

After all of that, I left for work and found out they are moving me to a different cube. I won't be sitting between my 2 good buddies anymore...I will be way far away from them. I wonder what prompted this. But the good thing is, a spot opened up on my team for the same job I do, but different hours. I will soon be working from 9-6 instead of from 10-7. I think that will be better all around. Then my boss will have to hire someone to work from 10-7 to fill my position. I still will probably work 10-7 through the end of November...maybe the end of the year. It depends upon when someone is hired and when they can start and how well they are trained, etc.

So Thatís the update. Good long weekend equals a good long journal update.

Thanks for reading.

6:11 a.m. - Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2004


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