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Are We Insured For That?

Just a quick minute to check in.

Class is going well. Yesterday we went over auto, property and casualty insurance and I came home still feeling as though we were vastly underinsured. But in looking at our life, home, auto and other insurance, I found that Bob has a rider on his life insurance that, were he to become totally disabled, his premiums would still be paid. Hmmmm. He is calling them today. Also, we need to add my wedding ring and his wedding ring to our personal property insurance. AND we need to adjust our home insurance to reflect current market value for replacement, not depreciated replacement costs for the items. So, if nothing else, we will be properly and completely insured.

I had lunch with some gals from the class yesterday and that was nice. Though they chose a Chinese buffet (which at least 2 of them pronouced Boofay.). Buffets aren't my favorite eating places anymore. $8.00 isn't a bad deal for lunch if you can stuff yourself full of crab rangoons and cream cheese puffs. But I had 1 cream cheese puff, 1 pot sticker, and a few bites of beef and kung pao chicken and was done. At least the company was interesting. One gal is from Brazil and has lived here 3 years. One gal is from extreme south western MN and is just salt of the earth people. One gal is a former airline stewardess and is married to a brit and the last lady is someone none of the rest of us really "get", but she's interesting none-the-less. She is very "Save the whales". She brings a mug to class so she doesn't have to use the styrofoam, paper or plastic cups. She is saving trees, she says. She is a retired Minneapolis school teacher and is just very much part of the granola set. Anyway, it was a pleasant lunch.

Today is the last day of class this week. Tomorrow I will be at work. Monday is one more day of class. Tuesday is a regular work day and the day I get my permanent crown. And then Wednesday is the test. 100 questions, 2 hours, need 70 percent to pass. Eeeekkkk!

--------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: October 28, 2003: Screech Screech Screech

Had a rude awakening this morning. Our corbon monoxide detector went off. When it went off, the level was at 75. We opened the windows, called the fire department and were directed to call our gas company. We called them and they said they would send a guy RIGHT OUT. We got up, got dressed and waited. In the mean time, the level was decreasing until it got back to "0". 2 hours later, the guys shows up and says there is nothing he can do as our "really good detector" and his sensors are registering "0". He said to call our building maintanence and have them look into it. So we did. He thought maybe the blowers on the underground parking garage we live over we malfunctioning. Good thing we have the detector.

I am all moved into my new cube. Itís lonely here. And boring. I miss my old cubemates and the little chats we would have between calls. *Sigh*

I called the therapist that is working with Sweet Baboo and she is going to have his MD doctor write an RX for the fully electric hospital bed and 4-wheel walker. They are covered 100% by my insurance. For now, SB is going to keep the loaner wheelchair and then, at the first of the year, we are going to get him a new one just for him with my new insurance. That should work out just fine. Still praying for a van.

I've been thinking alot about who I am. Why I do things. For instance. When I rearranged the living and bedrooms and power cleaned, I felt so good about myself. I began to think on that and found that I view myself as good/bad by what I do not just because I am. Work hard, complete tasks and projects, be nice...that all equals good. Put off chores, not answering the phone, dropping the ball at work...all make me bad. See what I mean? I need to work on that. God tells me I am fearfully and wonderfully made. He says He has plans for me that are good and not bad. He says He establishes my boundaries and the places I should live. He says He forgives ALL my sins/transgressions/mistakes. He says He SO loves me. Would He put so much into me if I were bad? (By the way...He says this stuff about you too!) Would He love me so much?More wrestling to follow.

Thanks for reading.

6:45 a.m. - Thursday, Oct. 28, 2004


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