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The Secret Word is Long Term Care

Yesterday was my last day of Insurance Principles. It was a good day. Not weather wise, however. It was cold, dreary, rainy, and so depressing. But class was good.

In purusing our insurance policies (because, HELLO, I'm vastly underinsured!), I found the following: Bob has a rider on his life insurance policy that if he becomes totally disabled and unable to work, his insurance company will pay his premiums. Hmmmm. A call will be made to his insurance company. Also, his chair is covered under our renters insurance policy but our policy limit for replacement is only about twice what his chair alone costs. So if we lost everything in a fire we would definitely be covered for Bob's wheelchair, but then we wouldn't have enough to cover the rest of the contents of our apartment. So, we need to up that. THEN, I was looking over our person articles insurance for my engagement ring and realized that neither Bob's wedding band or my wedding band had been added. So I called my insurance agent, found that I had to get them appraised, but that they still fall under the threshold of cost where our rates aren't raised. Yay! Finally, I found that the MN state legistlature is considering a bill that would mandate Long Term Care insurance for all residents, making it mandatory. This is because 1 out of 2 of all of us will need long term care in our lifetime. And this is the insurance that once you KNOW you need it, you can't get it. Like for Bob, I have wanted to get it for him because though he doesn't need it now, he will by the time he is 65, most likely. But knowing this, who will sell it to us? BUT if it's a state law and mandated, they will provide a way for him to get it, even if it's through a state program. Yay! I need to look into it for me too. Especially if we never have kids. But having kids doesn't guarantee you will have the care you need in your twilight years. Plus, if you need people feeding, toileting, bathing and dressing you, do you really want those people to be your own kids? I want some stranger who doesn't really know me doing that stuff, thank you very much. Anyway, Long Term Care Insurance...look into it!

I made a friend in class! Her name is Tammy and she's from Luverne, MN. I will probably never see her again, but we did exchange email addresses and phone numbers. She was fun to sit with and eat lunch with. There was also a girl named Noamia from Brazil there and another woman named Marta from Waconia. We were kind of kindred spirits and took our breaks and lunch together. The other woman, the granola-y tree hugger, tagged along with us, but we usually ended up more annoyed with her than anything. She was nice, just kind of ditzy and strange.

I took my 70 question practice test and JUST passed. If I had gotten one more wrong, I would have failed the practice test. But as my instructor says, passing is passing and no one cares if you passed by 1 or 10. So, I have to study over the weekend. Monday is my Life Insurance Basics class, Tuesday is voting day and the day I get my permanent crown and Wednesday is my test. 10-12 near the Maul of America.

Sunday is going to be a busy day for me. Church, of course in the am. After that, I will head over to the elementary school to help our church set up for the fall harvest party they are having that night. After that, I am heading over to Christ Presbyterian church for a Charlie Hall concert. It's free! And it's Charlie Hall! Wee! So, Sunday will not be a particularly restful day for me. Bob, however, will be at the Vikings/Giants game and then will come home and hand out candy to the kids. He made up treat bags for the kids in our building. So kids don't just get one candy treat...they get a whole bag of candy treats. He's so cute.

Bob is still struggling with what to name his fish. His fish is white with blue edges. He is thinking of snowy/white/icy things but can't come up with anything. Any ideas people? Have a great weekend. --------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: October 29, 2003: Lots of calls and more dreams of college

Lots going on.

Had weird dreams last night. I dreamt I was back at college (AGAIN!) and me and my best college friend JG were there. We were touring the new buildings and getting to know new students. It was kind of funny because in my dream a girl named Jessica was crowned homecoming queen and it was mentioned that she was still "going out" with her long time boyfriend Aaron. I said, "Havenít they gotten married YET?" In real life, I think they are married to each other. But itís weird that I would dream about them because I wasnít really friends with them then and havenít really thought much about them since. Whatever. Why does it seem I am constantly dreaming about college and life in Sioux Falls?

Sweet Baboo woke up vomiting this morning. He had to stay home from school and his 3rd rescheduled appointment with his respitory Dr. We will need to reschedule AGAIN! I hope Itís not residual effects from the carbon monoxide from yesterday. The detector still registers 0, so I donít think it is. I am worried though as I've tried calling him all day and there is no answer.

At lunch today I called a bunch of places. Complete Mobility has lifts and vans for sale. Goodwill/Easterseals' medical equipment pool does not have a bath transfer bench with commode seat, but they gave me the name and number of a couple of places we could rent one from. Otherwise, I can call weekly and see if one has been brought back. SB has an appointment with the Dept of Rehab Services on Thursday to see if we can get the state to help us buy a van with a ramp/lift. I am also going to write to the MD Family Foundation and ask them for help. So, we have some resources available to try.

Hey! We did not get snowfall here yesterday or the day before, but the further north one went yesterday, the more snow fell. Duluth got 4 inches and Two Harbors got 8! Before the end of October! Not a good sign for a mellow winter. Iím glad SB got the chair so we donít have to worry about him falling on the ice this year.

We filled out his paperwork for Metro Mobility and sent it in. We should hear within a week or two if heís been accepted to the program. That would be awesome. The only drawback is that you have to make reservations with them 72 hours before needing to be somewhere, so itís not very good for spontanious trips or emergencies. But it will be good for SB for school and maybe even church.

With all the scrapping the kitties have been getting into lately, I have found myself often telling Maisey she is naughty. I had to stop (At SB's reminder) and think that sheís not naughty...she just does naughty things. This goes back to yesterday and how I see myself. I think that when I do naughty things, I am naughty or bad. I find it hard to separate myself from the things I do or donít do and label myself as naughty instead of just seeing the things as separate from me. SB and I agreed that when we do have kids, we will not say that they are naughty or bad...we will separate what they do from who they are.

More wrestling and thinking on that one.

Thanks for reading.

6:32 a.m. - Friday, Oct. 29, 2004


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