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Test Results Are In

I passed! 84% y'all! I can now apply for my insurance license in the state of MN.

More good news? I have been accepted to the continuing ed program at the college I wanted to attend. My program officially begins in May, but I need one more general ed course in public speaking and can take that beginning in February. Yay!

Today is a day of good, good news...all around. *sigh*

--------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today:November 03, 2003: Itís a White Out!

Hey! Welcome to November 3rd! Yes, we got snow. On November 3rd.

I had a dentist appointment this morning. 2 cavities, thank you very much! And it started to snow while the hygenist was cleaning my teeth. On my way to work, I hit a couple of slick spots on the road and had a couple of heart stopping fishtails. Thankfully that was the extent of it all, but MAN the roads are slippery today. And all I an see out my window here at work is white, white and more white. With a little grey thrown in for good measure.

The snow seems to be sticking for now, although we are told to maybe expect rain, freezing rain or sleet as day turns to night. Mmmm..donít you wish you lived here?

Had a VERY uneventful weekend. In fact, it bordered on living from the bedroom weekend (and not in the good way). Sweet Baboo still isnít sleeping well or normally and though his pain has subsided quite a bit through use of the power wheelchair, he still gets a bit achy. I was feeling quite depressed myself. All I wanted to do was sleep and I ended up doing much of that this weekend. Though on Sunday I did get my big butt in gear and picked up and cleaned a bit as well as made a roast and mashed potatos for dinner. I also did laundry this morning before leaving for my dental appointment. The clothes were merrily tumbling away in the dryer when I left so all SB had to do was power down to the laundry room and get the freshly washed and warmed clothes from the dryer. Saved him some work today and thatís good for both of us. He is supposed to have men's group tonight, but with the roads the way they are, he will most likely be staying home. If he were to get into an accident, there is no way he could get help. And once he got to the church, he has no way to get from his truck to the building without slipping and possibly falling. We really need that van. Itís more than obvious that that is the needed piece to the puzzle of SB's independence and mobility. Thatís kind of what I was depressed about this weekend. He is missing opportunities to get out and get stuff done because he has no way to get out. Especially now with the snow and slick.

We received some distressing news last night. My former roommate called me to say that our friend (the same friend who had been living with SB and me for a month this summer and was now living with her) had moved out and left only a key and a note. I knew things were bad between them, but not bad enough to warrent this kind of subterfuge. Thankfully, everyone is safe and healthy. Unfortunately a friendship has ended over this. I hate when that happens. I was hoping that as mature, Christian adults, they could work it all out, but it looks like thatís not to least for now. Thatís too bad.

So thatís all thatís going on right now. I am excited about Average Joe, premering tonight on NBC. I have lost interest in Joe Millionaire. That David Smith guy is dumb as a post and those women are simpering dolls who are only looking for a man to pay their way through the spas and boutiques of Europe. Blah! Although, I was dreaming the other night that the joke is actually on the American public and this guy really is a rich, smart dude and will turn the tide on everyone at the end. That would be too good to be true. Average Joe, you are my new reality love! Before I leave, I must add this...Average Joe only works because of how women work. Women will date and fall in love and even marry a less than aesthetically pleasing man. But there is no way this show would be able to do what Itís doing with the roles reversed. No attractive or handsome man would be able to go on and pretend to even be interested in an ugly woman. It just wouldnít happen. Thatís one reason why women rock!

12:48 p.m. - Wednesday, Nov. 03, 2004


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