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Nothing Of Interest To Report

Yesterday was just a day. No big deal, no exciting happenings, nothing of interest to report. So I'll talk about TV shows!

I watched The Bachelor that I taped from last week. I am really hating this Byron guy. He went on 4 "fantasy" dates, 1 with each of the 4 women. This time, it was the women's choice to bring him to the "fantasy" suite. All but one of them invited him to the fantasy suite. Cherese talked about it with him and said that even if nothing happens, the impression to all of the TV watching public is that they sleep together if they go to the fantasy suite. And she knows her friends and family will be watching this show and she didn't want to give them the impression that she is someone she is not and decided they should spend the night in their own rooms. I have to say, I really admired her stand. Good for her. Guess who Byron cut? The gal who wouldn't put out. In voice over, he said it wasn't because they didn't spend the night together, but when he went to talk to her, he told her he thought they were having a great time and he wanted to rekindle the spark they had at the beginning of the show and then it just ended. He said if they had had more time together...maybe she wouldn't have been cut. Sounds to me like he cut her because they didn't spend the night together. What a dick. I think he should have cut crazy-eyed Cindy. She is just psycho with her wild and crazy eyes. Then she brings up his ex-wife and he gets all weird and angry and should have, at that moment realized that Cindy is an insecure whack job. But maybe they deserve each other after all. Pick Cindy!

I taped the 25 Million dollar hoax last night because the Vikings were playing on Monday Night football. Did anyone watch it and does it look good? I should have watched that instead...the Vikings lost in a heartbreaker. Boo!

The rest of this week should be interesting at work. My boss's boss is going to be in the office today through Thursday and will be conducting meetings, meetings and meetings. My boss's boss is from San Francisco and comes out about 3 or 4 times a year. Things get a little bit tense those 3 or 4 times a year. Should be interesting.

6:44 a.m. - Tuesday, Nov. 09, 2004


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