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Everthing We Have of Worth Was Given To Us

Bob and I are the people who never buy anything. Actually, that's not true. We buy stuff but it's stuff we need. It's the stuff we don't need but want that we don't buy. For instance, on Sunday we went to Bob's sister's house to watch the Vikings game. On the corner near her house was a home with 2 pieces of exercise equipment on that lawn with a big FREE sign stuck to them. On the way home, I pulled the "Air Walker" off the lawn and stuck it into our pickup truck. It looks like a skier...or The Gazelle. And it works! And it's fun! And it's sitting in our living room and has actually been used! Woo!

No flip back to Saturday night. Bob's friend Mike bought himself a new leather jacket and Bob was checking himself for feeling jealous. He's never owned a leather jacket and really wanted one, but he didn't know how badly until Mikie got one. Then on Sunday in church, Bob's friend Paul came up to him and asked him if he wanted a new leather jacket? He had just bought one thinking he needed one and did not remember how last season, he had bought one on sale and stored until this year. So Bob gets a new leather jacket! AND his men's group are meeting tonight at Red Lobster for all you can eat shrimp. He never gets to eat there because I am allergic to shellfish.

So, we are the people who will take things off your long as it works, is in good condition and we have room for it. We almost don't have room for the air walker, but I made room for it.

Last night for dinner I made the Tastefully Simple white chili. I added chicken and ground turkey. It was sooooooo yummy. I have extras for lunch today. Mmmmmm, white chili. I would post the recipe, but it's from Tastefully Simple. Just buy a box from your local rep and add meat and you have a feast for your family.

Only 2 1/2 more weeks until the boutique! I am crocheting my heart out in order to be ready. I am not only crocheting regular cotton washclothes, I am crocheting baby washclothes and what I like to call "Spa clothes" which are crocheted from cotton chenille and feel so good against your skin. Mmmmmm, chenille. I hope they sell well because whatever money I make is going towards new clothes as I'm shrinking out of the ones I bought in September. But I don't know, I've been told that other ladies at the boutique will be selling soaps and lotions and jewelery and I so can't resist any of those!

************************************* About A Year Ago Today: November 15, 2003: New Zoo Review Hosted By Henrietta

You want to hear something really weird? The other night I was lying in bed thinking about stuff. I was thinking about how I have never really felt or thought of myself as pretty. My husband thinks I am beautiful. He tells me every day. He thinks I am cute, pretty, and beautiful as a rose. I love that he thinks so, but I have never seen myself the way he sees me. Anyway, as I was laying there pondering this, I was trying to think of how I see myself and I found myself remembering The New Zoo Review. Remember that show? With Freddy Frog and Charlie the Owl and yes, Henrietta Hippo. Thatís who I felt like. Oh, they tried to make her pretty by dressing her in fancy dresses and bows and making her to be the prissy Southern Belle, but she was still a hippo. If they wanted a pretty little character, why didnít they make her a Horse or a peacock or something more associated with sveletness and beauty?

Anyway, I fell asleep before coming up with anything too deep and interesting. But this afternoon I was watching the shows I taped over the week and while watching the Gilmore Girls, imagine my surprise when Rory and her newspaper editor begin discussing The New Zoo Review! Here's a show I hadn't thought of in decades and in the space of days, it is brought to my mind twice. Weird, huh?

I also watched The Average Joe. It was the first time I'd seen it. I taped the season premiere, but it got taped over accidentally. Iím not sure what to think about this show. I was telling Sweet Baboo that it would never work in reverse. There will never be a show made where some hot, hunky guy is given the chance to find true love by picking a soul mate from a bevy of ugly, overweight, and nerdy women. I see ugly guys with hot women all the time, but I canít think of one time where I've seen the reverse. Can you? Plus, the show isnít really living up to its premise. All of the men this chick has voted off are the overweight nerdy guys. Even Dennis, my fave, is gone. What an amazing man. He is kind, respectful, and has a can-do, never-fail attitude. He pushed himself to the limits and succeeded. He just didnít get the girl...much to her detriment, I think. I think Dennis should be the new Bachelor. The guys who are left now are the more good looking, normal guys rather than just the average joe. ANother thing that irritates me is that Kathy Griffin is supposed to be the hostess and yet we rarely see her. I like her and wanted to watch the show to see what kind of quippy comebacks she would have. I have been sorely dissappointed. I think I am not missing much by not taping Average Joe.

Today was just a hang out, crash day. It felt good and soooo lazy at the same time. Tomorrow is church and then meatloaf for lunch and the Vikings game. I love the weekend.

Thanks for reading.

6:37 a.m. - Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2004


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