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Reflecting on a Beautiful Day

Sunday was a very nice day.

Bob wasn't feeling well at all, so I went to church by myself. Normally I hate that, but for some reason, yesterday, I didn't mind the alone time.

We had a guest speaker at church who has been spending time in Iraq. He has STORIES and said what most of us suspected...that most of what you see on TV and hear on the news...forget it. It's what's not being reported that is really the news. Anyway, this guy has been bringing food and medicine to the sick children and their families in Bagdad. His organization also brings in backpacks for the returning school children. He had some amazing stories.

After church I went to an open house at my former counselor's office. Every year his counseling center hosts an open house and every year, it's a lot of fun. This year, no exception. I was able to sit and chat with several women I rarely get to see outside of church. It was so much fun. Also, I won a doorprize! A brand new coffee maker. We don't need it. We have one we got 3 years ago as a wedding gift and we only use it for guests as neither Bob or I really drink coffee any more.

I ended up taking the coffee maker to Target to see if we could exchange it for more clothes. Clothes! At Target Online, the coffee maker priced at $39.99. When I took it to Target, it priced at $15.00. And without a receipt, they will only let you exchange it for something found in the same aisle. After purusing all small appliances (Including but not limited to an electric jar opener!) I decided on a set of 3 Pyrex measuring cups. The set cost $15. It's not clothes, but it's something we needed and I've been coveting since we registered for them 3 1/2 years ago. Yay!

I came home from all that running and made me and Bob some homemade pizza, Yum!

The Vikings won! (but so did the!)

Then, when watching the evening news, we heard that some St. Paul man had gone on a shooting rampage in Western WI and had killed 5 hunters and injured 3 more. What is up with that? It was reported that he had turned his hunting jacket inside out so the camoflage part was showing. He was tresspassing and sitting in someone else's deer stand. He was using a high power semi automatic hunting rifle and when confronted with his trespassing, he started shooting. So sad. Apparently, his wife and child have been taken into protective custody so there is no retaliation on them. That was a very sober ending to a very beautiful day.

Wednesday is my 6 month anniversary of the gastric bypass. I have an early morning appt at the doctor's office for weigh in, measurements and blood drawn to check my vitals, etc. I can't wait to see what my "Official" weight loss is now.

6:23 a.m. - Monday, Nov. 22, 2004


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