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Stop Bugging ME!

Ever have a day when EVERYTHING bothers you? Am I premenstrual? Not that I know of. I am off caffiene, so it's not that. I'm not really worried or anxious about anything and yet, EVERYTHING is bothering me. Like what, you ask? Here's the list:

1.) Ronnie, the girl that sits across the aisle from me continuously snaps her gum. Arrrggg! Stop that!

2.) Is no one else on the phones? Why are all the calls coming to me one after the other? I can't get my paperwork done. Arg! Here comes another call! Why am I the only one answering calls????

3.) Why is this paperwork filled out incorrectly? Do bankers not know how to read? It says right here what information is needed. Why didn't they include that information? Now I'm going to have to send it back to them and they will become peeved.

4.) Why doesn't anyone use phone ettiquette anymore? Can you please tell me who is calling? Who are you? I have a Who song stuck in my head. Whooooooooo are you??? Who? Who? Who? Who? Really, I really want to know.

5.) It's 4 and it's dark.

6.) I hate the song that's on the radio right now. And this one. And this one. Why are they playing crappy songs on the radio today? There is nothing good on.

7.) I'm out of water and can't go get more because NO ONE ELSE SEEMS TO BE TAKING CALLS...STILL!

8.) Stupid questions like this: "I have a customer who wants to take systematic w/d monthly from their annuity on the 25th. I have the form right in font of me, how do I fill it out?" ME: "See on the form where it says to check 'systematic w/d' and where it says to check 'monthy' and where it says to check '25th'? You check those boxes and send the form in."

9.) I am hungry but nothing sounds good.

10.) I am sleepy.

HEY! Maybe that's why I'm so crabby and everything is bugging me! I just need to get to bed earlier tonight. I think I will try that.

4:26 p.m. - Monday, Nov. 22, 2004


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